Improve Wi-Fi Performance With The Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps

Are you searching for different ways to maximize Wi-Fi connectivity on your network? If you’re nodding, then you need to check out this guide to find the Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Android and iPhone to help troubleshoot the bad Wi-Fi connections & signal dropouts!

What Does Wi-Fi Analyzer Do?

If you want to troubleshoot a chronically slow Wi-Fi network at home, Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps is what you need to use. If you are someone who lives in a densely populated area like in an apartment, there’s a high probability that all the nearby Wi-Fi networks, in all the different units would end up on the same channels and compete for the same airspace. However, using a dedicated Wi-Fi Analyzer tool, one can locate the least densely populate Wi-Fi channel & can get their router out of the fray.

These applications are designed to help users examine the wireless spectrum to view network, channels & signal strengths. You can even gather the info related to access points & various channels on your network.  Using secure Wi-Fi Analyzer apps, you can identify problems for whether you should switch to another channel to reduce congestion.

Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Android & iPhone Apps To Look In 2020

There are various apps and tools available for your Android & iPhone device, to figure out which Wi-Fi Channel in your area is the best. Check out the top choices right below!

Top Wi-Fi Analyzer Android Applications

Listed are five best applications for Android:

#1 Wi-Fi Analyzer

One of the most widely-used Wi-Fi analyzing applications available on the Google Play Store is Wi-Fi Analyzer. It won’t overwhelm you with an abundance of features or options; it simply helps you locate the less crowded Wi-Fi channel for your wireless router. As soon as you launch the app, you’ll notice a dreaded channel overlap & observe which channel is used the least.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

#2 OpenSignal

OpenSignal is a great application designed for testing mobile connectivity and network signal speed with just a few taps & swipes. It works well to identify the download, upload & latency for 3G, 4G, 5G & Wi-Fi networks. OpenSignal is the top Wi-Fi Analyzer Android app to locate the best network provider nearby, check streaming experience for Netflix, YouTube & more. Additionally, the app even sends Signal alerts when you have no data or call connectivity.


#3 IP Tools: Wi-Fi Analyzer

Here’s another powerful network toolkit to set up networks & check their speeds. The application is compiled with all the essential network utilities that are usually found on desktop PCs.  These tools come with the capabilities to fix common network issues, optimize connections (when you are miles away) and get essential info related to internal/external IP, geographical coordinates, country, region, broadcast address & more.

IP Tools Wi-Fi Analyzer

#4 Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer by Jiri Techet is another powerful application designed to diagnose various problems in Wi-Fi network setup, Internet connectivity & other issues on remote servers. The app comes with a Wi-Fi Discovery feature that lets you know information related to the LAN device’s address, manufacturer’s & more. With Network Analyzer, identify those freeloaders in your network who are using your bandwidth without permission.

Network Analyzer

Top Wi-Fi Analyzer iPhone Applications

Check out the best choices for iPhone users:

#5 Speed Test SpeedSmart Internet

It’s an ultimate iOS speed test utility for evaluating your cellular (3G, 4G, LTE) & Wi-Fi connection on your devices. As the name indicates, the application not only lets you analyze the speed but also compare, share & store the results as well. You can even test your download, upload & ping in real-time using the One-touch testing under 30 seconds feature. What else? The Wi-Fi Analyzer for iPhone supports Siri Shortcuts for quick speed testing.

Speed Test SpeedSmart Internet

#6 Fing – Network Scanner

Fing is one of the most popular iPhone application, used by over 35 million people worldwide; the app helps to find out: Who’s using their Wi-Fi?  If anyone’s stealing their Wi-Fi? Is their ISP providing the accurate speed for what they are paying? The application also allows users to schedule network speed tests and compare reports for benchmarking ISP performance. Fing is packed with other essential tools like Connectivity Checker, Subnet Scanner, Intruder Detection & much more.

Fing – Network Scanner

#7 Speedtest by Ookla

Meet another simple yet secure Wi-Fi Analyzer iPhone app that offers fundamental troubleshooting features to perform accurate, quick & one-tap connection speed tests. It shows real-time graphs showing connection consistency, track past tests & easy sharing of results. The multilingual app works great to make the Internet faster by providing real-world Internet speeds insights. You can even measure jitter and packet loss using Speedtest.

Speedtest by Ookla

#8 iNetTools – Pro

Compatible with both iPhone & iPad, iNetTools offers a complete suite of network diagnosing tools to manage and troubleshoot the most common issues related to the Wi-Fi network. iNetTools Pro boasts tools such as Ping, DNS Lookup, Trace Route, Port Scanner, LAN Scan and more. Using this best Wi-Fi Analyzer app, you can identify a complete list of frequently used servers & enjoy 24*7 Email Tech Support.

iNetTools – Pro

Final Words

Stop switching on/off the Wi-Fi button on your device to see if that improves the connection speed.  Try using these Wi-Fi Analyzer Android & iPhone apps to identify problems, find the best Wi-Fi channel in your area & tweak your network to an extent. Do you have some other apps to fix the Wi-Fi issues? Mention them in the comment section below to help us improve our article!

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