How to Activate and Make Calls Using Wi-Fi on Android

In these fast moving times, we certainly do not have time to personally meet each and every friend or relative. The easiest way to stay connected is via calling and sending text messages. Now you do not need to travel to stay connected as cell phones do that all for you. Just dial a number on your mobile, and get instantly connected with anyone.

However this would become a problem if your cellular signal gets weak. Thankfully, this problem too has a solution. If you are in a location where there are no network towers but Wifi is available your problem is resolved. Wi-Fi calling is a feature which will make that happen, and it is available on the latest Android devices.

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We will give you step by step instructions on how to activate and use Wi-Fi calling on Android devices.

What is Wi-Fi calling? How is it different then normal calling?

Before we proceed further, let us understand what is Wi-Fi calling and how is it different from a regular calling. Wi-Fi calling as the name means it uses a Wi-Fi connection to make calls in comparison to regular calls which uses your network provider services.

With Wi-Fi calling you can make calls even when there is no or minimal signal. SMS communication can also be streamed through Wifi after the feature is activated.

Check if your phone supports Wi-Fi calling

High-end Android phones support Wi-Fi calling, also you can check your phones specifications to confirm the same.

How does it work and will it work when Wifi not in range?

Wifi calling uses Wifi to connection to connect to your cellular network.

Network providers and mobile devices automatically shift to regular network when no longer connected with Wi-Fi, whereas others need you to enable and disable the service manually. If your carrier provider has the option to automatically switch from Wifi to mobile network it will work.

How to Enable and Use Wi-Fi Calling on Android

Now it’s time to finally follow the steps and activate Wi-Fi calling on your Android device.

The steps may slightly differ depending on the device, but most of them will be same.

Mostly this feature is found on high end phone with Nougat.

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Steps to Enable Wi-Fi Calling:

  1. Come on your phone’s Home screen and swipe down to expand the Notification bar.

home screen

Img src: tech-recipe

2. Now, tap on the Settings icon present at the upper-right corner of your device.


Img src: tech-recipe

3. Open the Connections option from Settings.


Img src: tech-recipe

4. Next hit the Wifi calling option

Wifi calling

Img src: tech-recipe

5. By default, Wi-Fi calling is disabled. Toggle to enable it.

wifi calling off

Img src: tech-recipe

6. You will receive a message to confirm if you agree to share your location. Tap OK if you agree and wish to continue.

tap ok

Img src: tech-recipe

Once you agree, Wi-Fi calling will be enabled on your device. Most of the devices  automatically switch on the connection. However, you can also choose you preferred network to connect.

wifi calling preferred

Img src: tech-recipe

You are now all set to use Wi Fi calling feature to stay connected even when there are signals.

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Wrap Up:

By following these simple steps you will never miss out anything. Wi-Fi calling has made it too easy to stay connected at any place. As there are different devices available that let us to be online even in the remotest location. When you are on road trip and have no mobile network but can be online then this feature turns out to be a boon.

Hope you like our article.

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