Make Your iPhone Or iPad Choose The Right Wi-Fi Network

Want to download a file which is more than 100 MB and your iPhone or iPad suggest to switch your connection from mobile to Wi-Fi . Every time you turn on Wi-Fi , you get a list of Wi-Fi connections available in your nearest vicinity. Often your iPhone or iPad gets connected to a shady Wi-Fi in the neighborhood instead of your own router, which irritates you!

If you have faced the same issue and want a fix for it, you have come to the right place!

In this post, we have listed steps to make your iPhone or iPad choose the right Wi-Fi network always. Moreover, if your iOS device gets connected to an unknown and local Wi-Fi network, it might be fishy. To know all about it, let’s know how your iOS device selects Wi-Fi network.


Your Apple device comes with an inbuilt preprogrammed hierarchy which helps to choose a Wi-Fi network. There is a set sequence in which your iOS device selects a network to get connected:

  • The network that you prefer most
  • Private network connected to last
  • Another private network
  • A public network

There is a criterion due which is used by iOS devices to choose a private or public network. As per Apple, iOS assigns a “score” to known networks. When you choose a certain SSID, the score of the same increases. The same thing works if you disconnect from an SSID, the score decreases.

After scoring the suitable networks, iOS sets a priority on the basis of the security level and arranges them on the basis of security level and orders them by the type of network security setup. If there are a lot of networks with the same security level, then preference will be given to the network with the most robust signal.

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Well, you can connect to the WIFI network that you want manually as well. If you get connected to an unknown network, make sure you disconnect from the network that you don’t want to join.


To get connected to a network manually, follow these steps:

  • Locate Settings from your Home screen.
    iphone settings in iphone7
  • Navigate to WiFi and tap on it.
  • You will get the list of nearby networks and tap on the network you would like to connect.
    change wifi settings iphone
  • As you tap on the network, it will prompt for a password if any.
    wifi network change iphone

Note: If your iOS has ever joined a network before, your device might already have a password stored on the network and it will get connected automatically.


To disconnect Wi-Fi network manually, follow these steps:

  • Locate Settings from your Home screen.
    iphone settings in iphone7
  • Navigate to Wi-Fi and tap on it.
    change wifi settings iphone
  • Tap info button beside a network which you want to disconnect. (Info button is a symbol blue ‘i’ in a blue circle.
    wifi network change iphone
  • You will get an option ‘Forget This Network’. Tap on it to disconnect and forget the network.
    forget iphone wifi network

So, in this way you can make your iPhone or iPad choose the right network. If you have any questions and issues while following the steps, you can let us know in the comments below.

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