How To Fix Wi-Fi Not Working Issue?

Our lives have been made so easy with Wi-Fi connections available every place we go to. People often have a Wi-Fi network at home, as it makes connecting multiple devices to the internet easy and cheap.  Despite being commonly used, we all face connectivity issues while using the Wi-Fi device. Having said that, Wi-Fi devices come in various models, designs, and therefore the router hardware could be different as well. Therefore in this article, we will discuss a bunch of common Wi-Fi not working issues that most of us face.

Along with that, we have listed solutions to each of these problems step by step for both phones and laptops.

Why is Your Wi-Fi not Working?

The reasons for ‘Wi-Fi not working’ issue could be as trivial as a loose wired connection on your Wi-Fi router. Other known reasons like problems with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and wrong Wi-Fi password in your device.

We are here to discuss the most common issues faced by many users and the solutions to them.

Enable Wi-Fi on the Device

If you’re using a computer or laptop, turn on the modem/router and go to your computer’s taskbar where its indicated if you are connected or not. Next, open Wi-Fi network settings page and try connecting. You can check if your device is on ‘Power saver’ mode, which interferes with the connection and that’s why Wi-Fi is not working.

For phones, click on Wi-Fi in the Settings and choose to turn it on.

Problem with the Modem

This is very important to check your modem when Wi-Fi stops working. When you are unable to connect any device to your Wi-Fi, check the router. First, make sure all the wired connections are correctly plugged into the correct ports. Second, try to restart it and see if it can connect with the devices. If it still does now work, try to connect to the internet via Ethernet on your laptop/PC.

You can check the router for a Reset button if the problem still persists. Take precautions in this step, as it will require you to know how to set up a Wi-Fi router. If this does not fix your issue, you would be required to get this checked by a technician or buy a new one.

Losing Connection Repeatedly

This calls for checking up your ISP and also a thorough check of your device, it might be overheating and disrupting the Wi-Fi connection.

You can contact the Internet Service provider if it happens more often. Disrupted signal, broken cables and any other reason is to be dealt with by the Service provider.

Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Bluetooth works on the same frequency as the Wi-Fi, i.e. 2.4 GHz. It can be responsible for interfering with the Wi-Fi network. It can slow down the Wi-fi speed or kill the connection entirely.

You can put your Wi-Fi to test by turning Bluetooth OFF while using the internet. This will clear it out if this is not an issue, and this is then to make sure to not use both together. Another change you can do here is to switch the bandwidth of your router.

Reboot Your Devices

There could be a chance that even after you see the modem/router working correctly, you’re still unable to connect to the internet. In such cases, you should try rebooting your device be it phone, tablet, PC or laptop. It can be an internal issue which stops your device to use the Wi-Fi. This hardly takes a few minutes, and we can find out if this resolves the problem.

Wi-Fi Password

When you can’t connect to your home Wi-Fi, you should try removing it. Go to the settings, Wi-Fi connections and check your home Wi-Fi, press on “Forget the network”. It will now remove the Wi-Fi connections from your saved list. Refresh the page and now go back to Wi-Fi connections.

You can see your Wi-Fi connection in the “Available networks” list. Click on your connection and enter a password in the prompt box. This will immediately connect your device to the Wi-Fi.

On a laptop, we can check the SSID and security key to be sure this isn’t the reason for WiFi not working issue.

Check The Drivers (For Windows)

If the WiFi is not working for you on your PC. It could be an issue on your desktops, as an out of date driver is not capable of working with the router of the latest technology. You can look for the faulty drivers in Start menu> Search> Device Manager> Network adapters. Right-click on it gives an option to update them manually. To make your life easier, we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater. It is a tool which is dedicated to updating the device drivers in your system.  It will automatically look for all the latest updates online by the manufacturers of the devices. Thereafter, install it on your computer so that the device can communicate with the system once again.

Insert Advanced Driver Updater button.

DHCP settings:

The dynamic host configuration protocol is used with the broadband firmware usually. The in-built DHCP server in the router can assign an IP address automatically. So, you need to check your TCP/IP settings to be sure it’s ON or else this causes the Wi-Fi to not function properly.


On the computer, you can utilise the Troubleshoot feature to find a solution. Go to Control Panel from the “Start menu” and head to “Network and Internet”. There you will see the option of “Troubleshoot problems” to diagnose the issues.

To Sum it Up

Several things can cause the interruption with your connection to Wi-Fi. We all need solutions for these issues as it can be frustrating when we need the Wi-Fi to work. Let us know in comments if you face any particular issue while connecting to Wi-Fi. We hope these common fixes will help you with the problem of Wi-Fi not working on your device.

Please let us know if you have any other method which you have tried to connect back to Wi-Fi. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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