Tips And Tricks For Best Bluetooth Pairing Experience

“Connection Unsuccessful!!

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and in range.

Isn’t this the most annoying thing you encounter when you try to connect with other devices via Bluetooth? Well, you are not alone. Though Bluetooth has completed 20 years in the market the technology still lacks prominent updates and is largely unreliable. On top of that, most of the leading companies like Google and Apple have already switched to wireless headphones, further making the process complicated.

With progression in wireless technology, the dependency on Bluetooth is growing as there are no alternatives currently available in the market. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth technology is continuously worsening as it has short-range coverage, random disconnection of devices and is a battery exhauster. Bluetooth also transfers data at much slower rate than WiFi. Well, there is no permanent fix yet, but here are some tips and tricks to ensure the improve your Bluetooth experience.

Bluetooth Pairing
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Stay Away from WiFi Router While Connecting

WiFi router acts as hindrance while you try to establish a successful pairing. The interference is largely due to the fact that the devices uses the same spectrum as of WiFi router. Though, WiFi has been designed to handle such issues, but it would be better to avoid putting your devices directly on top of the router.

Keep Distance from a USB 3.0 Port.

Intrusion from USB 3.0 is also possible as new laptops or related devices generally have higher-speed USB 3.0 port. Hence, if you are unable to develop a connection, try pairing Bluetooth gadgets away from the computer.

Downloading a Driver

One of the most common problems of Bluetooth pairing is the absence of correct driver. To fix this, simply download a driver online and enjoy pairing.

Clearing Bluetooth Cache

This is strictly for Android users. Sometimes apps interfere with Bluetooth operation and disturbs pairing. But if you clear the cache, you can resolve the problem. Just go to settings, take backup and restart the app and then reset network settings.

Updating the Hardware’s Firmware.

Bluetooth drivers in some automotive audio systems don’t work with Bluetooth 4.0 and hence pairing becomes difficult with phones. If you are not aware about the latest firmware for your hardware and is planning to get one, contact device manufacturer.

Avoiding More Than One Connection

Don’t let your device to connect for more than one mode of connection i.e. messages, music, phone, and address book. Try avoiding certain modes on connected device and explore if that helps your problem.

Updating Your Software

Keep all your devices i.e. computer, speakers, phone, headphones, tablet and car up-to-date in terms of software. Latest versions of Bluetooth might not support your phone if your software is not updated.

 Bluetooth pairing
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Also, try keeping devices as close as possible and reset your connections on daily basis. You can also use a device that amplifies Bluetooth signal. Well, these are temporary solutions and no permanent fixes are available for now. Meanwhile, companies like Apple are taking these issues seriously and are working on developing alternatives to Bluetooth. The road ahead is certainly patchy for wireless technology and all we can do is to wait and watch.

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