13 Best Instagram Scheduler To Schedule Instagram Posts In 2023

Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users, making it an excellent platform for building an audience. To maintain brand authenticity, one must post consistently at the right time to attract new people and retain existing audiences. Posting regularly might seem like a straightforward process. However, sometimes due to tech issues or time crunch, you might get inconsistent, resulting in a loss of followers or interest in your profile. Don’t worry; this problem can be easily fixed by using apps to schedule Instagram posts. This article will review the list of the 13 best Instagram schedulers to use in 2023.

Before we examine the apps with their respective features, pros, cons & more, you should list features that you want in your Instagram scheduling tool because everyone’s scheduling needs are different. So, ask yourself these questions before investing in the right tool:

  • What type of content do you need to schedule?
  • Which social media platforms do you want to post on?
  • Do you work with a team? If yes? Then, how many users are you going to have?
  • How many clients are you going to manage at a time?

Evaluate the tools according to your needs. You should prefer the tools packed with all the essential features with an affordable price range.

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A Pro Tip:

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13 Best Instagram Schedulers & Planners To Schedule Posts Regularly (2023)

Scheduling Instagram posts is one of the biggest time-savers for social media managers. Here’s the list of best apps to schedule Instagram posts for free. Most of them have free & paid editions with dozens of advanced features available.

1. Pallyy


Pallyy is a wonderful app for scheduling Instagram posts in a couple of clicks. The application offers tons of features to schedule & plan your social media strategy at an affordable price point. It supports scheduling to all social media platforms to get in-depth analytics for your posts. One of the most liked features of Pallyy is its saved layouts that enable you to make presets for posts, including caption templates, relevant lists of hashtags, and set different time zones for multiple clients.

Features: Pallyy

  • Its scheduler works with visual content sharing, particularly on Instagram, with support for grid preview, hashtags, and more.
  • It facilitates publishing content to apps like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business.
  • Manage your posts effectively & efficiently with an in-built social media calendar and design Instagram posts with a Canva integration.
  • Provides access to a media library and supports previews of your Instagram feed.
  • Has a content curation tool built solely for Instagram, enabling you to search content you might want to repost while giving credits to the actual creator.
  • Features an Instagram bio link tool and the capability of Instagram comment moderation, etc.

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2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a prominent entry in the category of Best Instagram Schedulers to use in 2023, which is hugely recommended for freelancers & small/mid/large businesses. Its distinctive feature is the automatic scheduling for different social media platforms. Moreover, it allows content curation, provides analytics reports and monitors its performance. It provides a brief overview of all your social media channels at one place. It also provides great collaboration capabilities to respond to queries and share messages with teammates.

Features: Hootsuite

  • With this best Instagram scheduler, you can easily perform functions like uploading, editing, and scheduling social media posts in CSV format.
  • It provides a media-rich planner enabling you to view your scheduled posts at once and collaborate with your team in real-time.
  • It allows searching streams via hashtag or location. Moreover, it has a huge content library for content curation.
  • Allows you to manage over 50+ popular social networks with Paid versions.
  • Enables you to export reports in Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV file formats.

Pricing: Hootsuite

Hootsuite has four plans – Professional ($49), Team ($129), Business ($739) and Enterprise (Contact the company for pricing) with the first two plans available as free trials also. And for the later ones, you need to request a demo.

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3. Sprout Social


Here comes another brilliant app to schedule Instagram posts for free – SproutSocial. It’s a great tool designed for all types of business users and freelancers. With the Instagram Scheduler, you can efficiently perform posting, scheduling, drafting, and queuing functions. You can plan, organize, and deliver social content and campaigns with cross-network scheduling. Additionally, it will help you with review management and monitoring of multiple social media profiles, keywords, and locations.

Features: SproutSocial

  • SproutSocial provides both free and paid social media scheduling for Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • It provides all the essential features related to content publishing, management of campaign performance, customizable reporting tools etc.
  • Offers the ability to personalise and respond to incoming messages quickly and maintain the reliability of the brand.
  • It provides analytics and provides actionable insights from social conversions for better marketing.
  • It enables managing posts across multiple profiles, networks and campaigns with a visualised calendar supporting long-term strategy in mind.

Pricing: SproutSocial

SproutSocial offers a 30-Day free trial and has three plans named as – Standard, Professional and Advanced, costing $89, $149 and $249 each month, respectively.

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4. Later

later social media scheduler

You probably saw this coming, right? Well, reviewing the list of Best Free Instagram Schedulers and not mentioning Later is certainly not possible. The platform is highly suitable for personal users and small to large businesses managers. It works beyond being the best Instagram Scheduler and provides a dedicated community of socially active people who want to meet like-minded individuals in their industry. It has a wide variety of features and allows the scheduling of photos and videos in a jiffy.

Features: Later

  • It enables scheduling and shows analytics, user-generated content etc.
  • Supports visual planning, so that you can easily plan your posts in advance.
  • The tool allows previewing your feed before posting.
  • It provides hashtag suggestions.
  • Besides Instagram, you can also use it for platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Its advanced Instagram analytics reports provide a useful set of information about engagement rates, best times to post, etc.

Pricing: Later

Later offers a 14-Day free plan and three different pricing models- Starter, Growth and Advanced, costing $15, $40 and $80 respectively, monthly. Paying annually saves 17% monthly.

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5. Combin Scheduler

combin scheduler

Combin is undoubtedly one of the best apps to schedule Instagram posts for free and can be used for your personal needs and by Small to Medium-sized businesses. Its simple-to-use UI and hassle-free navigation make it a fantastic Instagram scheduler to use in 2023. The app is dedicated to Instagram users and does not let people schedule on social media platforms. It offers analytics features, excellent editing options, and the ability to tag locations.

Features: Combin Scheduler

  • It supports Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms.
  • It has features such as image size editing, location/user tagging, put hashtags & supports uploading stories in bulk.
  • Post your photos/videos/reels with high accuracy and provides a useful analytics feature.
  • Comes with a sort and filter feature that arranges your posts based on hashtag, location and other parameters.
  • Its most liked feature is Insta Check, which runs a thorough analysis of your account, shows a preview of your live post, and shares valuable tips to boost your performance & engagement.

Pricing: Combin Scheduler

The free plan is limited to one Instagram account management, 3 Instagram posts, and 15 stories per week only. The free Instagram scheduler can use features like location tagging, multiple image uploading, etc. With the premium plans, you can share unlimited stories, posts, etc.  $15/Month with a Personal Plan & $30/Month with a Business Plan.

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6. Buffer

buffer social media platform

It is highly compatible with Freelancers and Small to Large businesses.

It is a Social Media Management platform to schedule posts, tags, advanced reporting, in-depth social analytics, strategy suggestions, etc. In addition, it will let you create a pre-set publishing schedule for each social media account as well.

Features: Buffer

  • It provides functionalities like drafting posts, coordinating with team members, and orchestrating the social media marketing campaigns for creating remarkable content.
  • It allows planning posts in advance and gives notifications correspondingly.
  • Provides features for team collaboration in drafting posts and account management.
  • can be used on other apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • It has a social media calendar that shows all social media updates on a weekly or monthly basis.

Pricing: Buffer

Buffer offers a 14-Day free trial and has three plans with one of the best free Instagram schedulers. The paid plans named Essentials and Team cost $6 and $12, respectively, each month. Paying annually saves money for two months correspondingly.

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7. Iconosquare

iconosquare social media management tool

Iconosquare is an all-in-one social media management tool equipped with the ability to perform social listening and create in-depth analytics. With this best Instagram Scheduler, you can easily publish on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, LinkedIn is only included in the analytics dashboard, and one can’t post to it. It is one of the apps to schedule Instagram posts for free. Let’s take a look at what all this Instagram scheduling app has to offer.

Features: Iconosquare

  • The dashboard revolves around visual content. Therefore, it’s mainly optimized for Instagram. It lets you post regular images, carousels and stories.
  • It allows you to prepare a complete approach t,o schedule & manage your profile with an in-built visual calendar.
  • It has an attribute via which you can schedule a first comment and hashtags. The Instagram scheduler app allows you to monitor and add your most or recently used hashtag to your caption.
  • Provides a distinct library to keep captions in advance and select them when you publish new posts.
  • One of its notable traits is the future grid-preview that displays the Instagram profile’s layout in advance & then you can decide whether you want to publish it or not.
  • It also has an Instagram bio link tool, a random comment picker to help you run Instagram contests, and a nifty tool that creates Instagram posts using your posted tweets.

Pricing: Iconosquare

Iconosquare offers three plans named Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise, with pricing models of $59 and $99 for the first two, with custom pricing for the third. Paying annually saves 22% of monthly pricing each month.

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8. Agorapulse


Considered as one of the best social media management and scheduling tools to use in 2023. Agorapulse is undoubtedly a suitable option for small & mid-sized teams and social media marketing agencies. One of its useful features includes its customised moderation rules that never lets you see spam in your social account. It has a built-in CRM dashboard as well that tells you about the people who regularly like and engage with your posts and more.

Features: Agorapulse

  • It enables you to respond to comments on multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can even add comments and allocate profiles to different team members.
  • Allows you to publish content on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • It allows you to crop images, save the most common hashtags and preview your posts before scheduling them.
  • It has an advanced Analytics tool to view detailed reports on your performance, keep track of trends in your industry and monitor your team’s response times.

Pricing: Agorapulse

With this free Instagram Scheduler, you can enjoy a limited trial period with all the functionalities. Besides this, it has four models- Free, Pro ($79), Premium ($99), and Enterprise, being a custom plan. Paying annually saves up to 20% monthly.

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9. Tailwind


Tailwind is considered one of the best Instagram schedulers used by freelancers and small to large businesses. Its distinct characteristic is its nine-grid preview, enabling you to schedule Instagram posts weeks before posting them. One of its most liked features is its Instagram post and Story Creator, which provides multiple customizable templates and editing tools. Additionally, it supports posts consisting of both images and videos, making it one of the best apps to schedule Instagram posts for free

Features: Tailwind

  • It is compatible with desktops, mobile apps, or tablets.
  • Supports drag-and-drop functionality to manage calendar and schedule Instagram posts, stories, and videos easily.
  • Has a wise scheduler that selects the best time of maximum audience engagement for your posts.
  • It analyses trends, discovers content, monitors comments, and tracks results.
  • Features a reliable Hashtag Finder that will suggest the most engaging hashtags for your posts.
  • Allows you to drop pre-saved lists of hashtags into posts, making it the best Instagram scheduler to use in 2023.

Pricing: Tailwind

Tailwind offers two plans named Pro and Advanced. The latter has more features than the first for managing multiple clients. The annual Pro version costs $119.88, and the Advanced edition is $239.88. The annual plan saves $120 and $240 for Pro and Advanced, respectively, than getting monthly editions. It also has a forever-free plan making it one of the best free Instagram Schedulers.

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10. Promo Republic


With the main aim to manage multiple social media platforms, build & maintain its brand integrity and improve its online brand reputation, Promo Republic stands out as one of the best Instagram schedulers & planners to try in 2023. Besides Instagram, it supports multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Additionally, it provides a wide range of analytics and collaborative features. The only downside is that it only supports publishing regular posts, not stories or carousels on Instagram.

Features: Promo Republic

  • It has a user-friendly image-based social media calendar.
  • Has a huge content library used for storing the brand’s assets.
  • Though it focuses on several apps, it has features specifically designed for Instagram users, such as a graphics editor and numerous premade templates for creating graphics without integrating third-party services.
  • Allows you to repost evergreen content within a 99-day timeframe.
  • It provides powerful analytics and the ability to manage social inboxes with most of its plans.

Pricing: Promo Republic

It has three pricing models, namely Small Business, Agency and Multi-location costing $49, $79 and custom, respectively. Paying annually saves 25% monthly.

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11. Sendible


Freelancers and small to large businesses primarily use this Instagram scheduler. It manages and enhances brand engagement on social media without much effort. Sendible offers all the essential functionalities for planning, collaboration, etc. For example, it allows you to schedule posts individually, in bulk, etc. It also has an automatic sentiment analysis feature to know the audience engagement as positive, negative, and neutral.

Features: Sendible

  • It provides insights into the most engaging content, web traffic, etc.
  • The tool will enable you to send automated reports to prime stakeholders, team members, or clients daily or weekly, or even monthly.
  • Provides the facility to see the posts before posting. These features will help you personalize text, find the right text length, and ensure that your pictures look dazzling.
  • It reports on your progress by automatically emailing useful metrics to your clients.
  • Lets you connect all social media platforms- Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in one place.
  • Supports direct access to Canva, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Pricing: Sendible

It offers four pricing models – Creator, Traction, Scale, and Expansion, costing each month $29, $89, $199, and $399, respectively. Paying annually saves 15% each month.

12. Semrush


Semrush is one of the best apps to schedule Instagram posts in 2023. Its social media tracking feature evaluates your competitors’ social media to know the audience’s preferences and discover new ways to enhance engagement. Moreover, its keyword research suggests the best keywords per past engagement records, making post creation a bit simpler.

It helps you reveal your competitor’s social approaches. Additionally, it provides functionalities to schedule and post to five social networks.

Features: Semrush

  • It automated posting, tracking, promotion, and analytics across primary social channels.
  • Incorporates a built-in image editor and link shortener.
  • Helps plan and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Allows you to save posts as drafts to use afterward.
  • Its competitor analysis feature tells the winning strategies of competitors.

Pricing: Semrush

Semrush has options to pay monthly and annually. There are three plans- Pro, Guru and Business in ascending order of team members at $119.95, $229.95, and $449.95 monthly. By paying annually, you can save 17 % of each plan per month.

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13. eclincher


eclincher is best for Agencies, Franchises, and Small & Mid-sized enterprises. The social media management tool assists you with all the tools you need to schedule and automate your posts on Instagram and get the most out of your campaign on the platform. It stands out among its competitors due to its visual calendar that eases the planning, generating, and scheduling of content, all in a single robust platform.

Features: eclincher

  • It enables you to add and tag posts to the campaign to analyze results quickly.
  • Uploads and schedules content in bulk.
  • Rearranges Instagram posts with Drag-and-Drop capabilities.
  • Helps you discover the latest trends and track any keywords, hashtags, and phrases across the web.
  • Discover how people feel about a brand via sentiment analysis (positive, negative & neutral).

Pricing: eclincher

eclincher offers a 14-day free trial and has three plans- Basic, Premium and Agency, costing $59, $119, and$ 219, respectively. Paying annually saves 15% each month.

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To sum up

Instagram is an excellent tool for improving brand visibility, and posting regularly is critical to increasing audience engagement. We have discussed the 13 best Instagram schedulers that do more than just schedule Instagram posts. To choose the Instagram scheduler for you, you need to check on many factors such as your team size, budget, post feature requirements, etc.

We recommend Pallyy, Hootsuite, and Combin Scheduler as the best apps to schedule Instagram posts. Additionally, you should also take out some time to clean your Instagram profile and free it from potential spam accounts, ghost profiles & their associated activities. We highly recommend SpamGuard for this purpose!

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1. How do I schedule my Instagram posts for free in 2023?

You can use a dedicated Instagram scheduler application to do this. Pallyy, Hootsuite, and Buffer are one of the top recommendations to schedule and plan social media strategies.

Q.2. Does Instagram have a scheduler?

No, Instagram does not have a built-in scheduler.

Q.3. What is the best time to post on Instagram?

This can be known via reports showing the time most users are engaged. In one such report, early morning is considered the best time for user engagement.

Q.4. Which apps are good for scheduling Instagram posts?

Many apps are good for this. But you need to choose the one that suits you as per your needs and the price you will pay for it.

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