How To Delete Duplicate Photos Of Different File Formats

Duplicate photos have become a common problem for all those using smartphones. These duplicate or near identical photos get accumulated as a result of using the burst mode in camera or through shared images via social media. The solution here is to get the best duplicate photo remover that can scan, detect and delete different image file formats from your PC. Here are some of the best image duplicate finders that will help you.

List of Best Applications to Delete Duplicate Photos Of Different File Formats

To remove all the duplicates of different image file formats and at the same time get an image duplicate finder for free is somewhat of a next to impossible task. However, here is a list of few applications that can actually do that for you without any charge.

1. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder
Image Credits: Duplicate-Finder

One of the best duplicate photo removers with an intuitive interface is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder that is very easy and simple to use. It informs the user about the percentage of similarity between a duplicate and original image. Although it does not have automatic deleting features, the manual delete functions ensure that all delete files move to the Recycle bin. Some other features of this app other that the fact that it deletes different image file formats are:

  • Compares resized, edited, and rotated images.
  • Advanced algorithm to identify & remove exact & near identical photos.
  • It can scan hundreds of images in one go.
  • Compatible with network drives & external devices.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is an image duplicate finder for free and can deliver results that most paid software fail to offer.

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2. VisiPics

Image Courtesy:

The second app to make it to the list of best duplicate photo removers is VisiPics that has a simple interface and at the same time boasts of a large number of options that can deliver precise results. The scan results have been really impressive as it can display all the duplicate images spread all over your computer under different names, sizes and orientations. Other features of this image duplicate finder for free are:

  • Free tutorials to help users choose the correct options.
  • Different modes that differ in results based on depth of coverage and scan time.
  • Supports all popular image formats known.

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3. CloneSpy


Image Credits: CloneSpyCloneSpy has a unique feature that allows users to identify duplicate images and then either delete them or move the similar images to a new folder. This way you can decide what to do with them later. It also detects zero size files that should have some sort of image in them but are currently blank or corrupted. There are other features included as well making this application one of the best duplicate photo removers:

  • This application provides remarkably fast scan speeds along with multiple options.
  • It contains guides that explain the entire functioning of the application.
  • It supports different image file formats.
  • It is one of the few image duplicate finders available for free.

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4. Duplicate Image Remover Free

Duplicate Image Remover Free

Image Source: Duplicate Image RemoverAs the name suggests, Duplicate Image Remover Free is an image duplicate finder for free that offers specialized scanning capabilities to identify duplicate and near identical images. It finds duplicates based on various criteria other than name, size, format etc. For similar photos, users can change the filters and broaden the search process. This app is one of the best duplicate photo removers as it can scan different image file formats.

  • Different Comparison
  • Halt and resume the process anytime you want.
  • Compatible on previous versions of Windows.
  • Swift & Efficient

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Bonus: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Delete Marked

Although, I have listed four of the best duplicate photo removers that are available at no charge, but the free apps do have certain limitations as compared to the paid ones. One major drawback of using image duplicate finders for free is that these apps do not receive regular updates. If you are looking for a paid app then there is one and only one app that I would recommend and that is the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Here are some of its features:

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Offers different modes of scanning with multiple filters to choose from
  • Scans different image file formats.
  • Smart scanning engine based on advanced algorithm
  • Auto Mark all duplicates and delete them with two clicks
  • Multilingual with support over 10 languages
  • Supports internal and external devices
  • Offers a preview of images before deleting them

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The Final Word On How To Delete Duplicate Photos Of Different File Formats

There are not many applications that can identify and delete different image file formats for free. This guide lists four of the best software that can help you recover storage space on your hard disk and organize your photos collection. But as free apps do not get updated or have technical support, it is recommended to get a paid alternative that is reliable and is one of the most popular apps across the globe – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

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