How to Save Money Spent on Data Charges?

The rise in the number of mobile devices and online streaming services is no secret. But managing data charges due to them is undoubtedly going to be a problem. To overcome this, we set a data usage limit and monitor roaming usage, but we miss the most important thing in doing so.

Wondering what that might be?

Data management. Yes, you read it right. Uploading duplicate data also makes you pay unnecessarily for data charges.

So, to save money on data charges, you need to manage and organize data.

How do uploading data count towards data charges?

When we think about monthly data usage, uploads probably don’t play much into the equation. Generally, people only think about online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But the truth is, depending on your lifestyle, uploads too can take a chunk out of your data cap. Hence, paying attention to what data you backup or upload is essential.

For example, if you have hundreds or thousands of duplicate images and videos and are backed up, you know what is happening? Right, you are spending unnecessarily on uploading duplicate data.

Therefore, before you upload data or set an automatic backup schedule, managing data is important. This means you need to sort the important files and delete the duplicates and similar files.

How to take control of uploads and delete duplicate data?

There’s a solution for everything. And for this problem, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on finding and removing duplicates.

The first thing to manage and deduplicate data is to use an excellent duplicate finder and remover tool. For this, we will use Duplicate Files Fixer, a fantastic tool that helps find all file types. You can locate duplicate images, videos, files, documents, and all other files using it. Not only this, if you are multilingual, but you can also change the language too.



Available for all major platforms Mac, Windows, Android, this top duplicate cleaner works seamlessly.

To download it, click here.

So, this was a small introduction to the tool that we will use. To know more about Duplicate Files Fixer, read the complete review.

Now, let’s learn how to use Duplicate Files Fixer and save money spent on data charges.

Best Ways to Save Money on Monthly Data Expenses

1. Download and install Duplicate File Fixer.

You can also visit Google Play Store to download it.

2. Once installed, tap Open and launch this excellent duplicate file finder app.

3. Now select the category, however, to scan the complete device, tap Full Duplicate Scan > Scan Now.


Duplicate Files Fixer


4. Wait for the scan to finish.


Duplicate Files Fixer


5. Once done, you will see a list of detected duplicates. Duplicate Files Fixer will automatically mark duplicates leaving on a copy in each group unselected to make the process simple.

6. Tap Delete Now to get rid of duplicates.

7. You’ll now be asked if you are sure to delete the selected items. Tap Ok and proceed


Duplicate Files Fixer


8. Wait for the process to finish.

9. To delete files, you will have to grant permission to Duplicate Files Fixer. To do so, when prompted tap Grant Permission.


Duplicate Files Fixer


10. Tap, Allow Access


Duplicate Files Fixer


11. Now, wait for the process to finish. Once done you will get the success message showing the amount of space recovered.


Duplicate Files Fixer


12. That’s all your device is now duplicate free.

Using these simple steps, you can not only clean duplicates but can also recover storage space.

Once you run this tool, you will get to know the amount of money you were spending unnecessarily on data charges.  Not only this, but Duplicate Files Fixer will also boost your device performance by making space on it.

This is the best method to keep unwanted uploads in check.  The point here is to think about uploads too, as they also add to the data charges. If you think by focusing on just one thing, you will be saved, you are wrong. You need to pay attention to uploads, online streaming, downloads, and everything else only; then, you will save on data charges monthly.

If the post makes sense to you and you think your friends and family are also making the same mistake, share with them. Sometimes, we overlook the things that are right in front of us. So avoid doing that and get rid of duplicates today. They are worst for your device performance, speed, data management, and even money spent on data charges.


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