10 Best Free Split Screen Video Editor for Windows 10 in 2024

Searching for the best split-screen video editor? Well, your search is over!

In this article, we will discuss the best paid and free split-screen video editor tools. Using them, you can easily add multiple screens in a single frame, and create professional split-screen videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels. 

That said, visual content has always been popular and appreciated by people. That is why social media platforms give ample options to create and post content with moving images and sound. But the option to create split-screen videos, putting multiple videos on one screen is missing. 

Fortunately, using the best split-screen video editors can be achieved.  In this post, we’ve handpicked the 10 best video editors for multiple screens.

So, just read the write-up till the end and find the one that suits you best. 

Fact Check – 90% of the information registered by the brain is visual and it is 60,000X faster than the text. 

Recommended – Best Split Screen Video Editor – Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Now that you have understood what a split-screen is, let us learn how we can create powerful split-screen videos using the best video editor

Available for both Windows and Mac Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is our recommendation. This robust video editing tool is packed with advanced features. Also, when compared with popular names like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X it stands out. Using its built-in split-screen feature that offers 30+ creative presets, you can easily join multiple videos on one screen. 

Best Free Split Screen Video Editor

What’s more, it allows playing back up to 6 clips at the same time, adding a border around the clips, balancing color, and tone, applying 3D LUT effects, and more. 

10 Best Split Screen Video Maker for Windows 10 – 2024

The below list focuses on versatile split-screen video editors. As every user has a different need and purpose to create a video, this guide helps pick the right video editor for multiple screens.

tipsAdditional Tip

Tip: When using a video editor to join multiple videos on one screen make sure the length of all the added videos is the same. Failing to do so, will ruin the video viewing experience. Also, multiple videos should be placed on the same level on the timeline. 

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor – Best split-screen video editor

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free (for 30 days) $9.99 monthly

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Want to display angled shots in one video? Try Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor that allows comparing two clips and adding them to one footage. Using this best split-screen video editor for Windows, you can add up to 6 clips and can choose from around 30 split-screen presets. 


  • Lightweight video editor for multiple screens
  • This multi-screen video editor allows adding up to 6 videos 
  • 30+ split-screen presets


  • Need to open different windows when working on creating split-screen video


  • 4K editing support
  • Color tuning, noise removal, audio mixer
  • GIF support
  • 300+ stunning effects to edit video

How to use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for creating split-screen video?

1 Download and install a multi-screen video editor.

2 Create a new project and import media files.

3 Click Split-Screen from the standard toolbar and select a split-screen preset.

4 Click Advanced from the bottom right of the Media pane. Drag the videos from the left pane in sequence. 

5 Adjust the timeline > ok 

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2. Adobe Premiere Pro – Professional split-screen video editor

Platform – Windows, and Mac

Price – Free (trial version) $239.88/yr 

Credit – MotionAlly

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a well-known video editing software that allows editing footage of any format.  Also, it works seamlessly with all Adobe Apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Stock and more. What’s more, to make the tool better new features are rolled out frequently and Auto Reframe helps accelerate workflow and optimize footage for social media. 


  • The efficient video editing tool
  • Use an unlimited number of videos for split-screen
  • First choice of professionals


  • Subscription-based product


  • VR editing, rotating, sphere, & audio editing 
  • Automate titles to the sequence. 
  • Transform raw footage into an incredible video.

Integrated with Adobe products.

How to use Adobe Premiere Pro video editor to join multiple videos on one screen

  1. Download and install the tool. 
  2. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Add video to timeline. 
  4. Select first video >Effect Controls > position slider to set the position and crop the video.
  5. Repeat the process for other videos.
  6. Tada, you have your split-screen video ready.

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3. Movavi Video Editor Plus – best multi-screen video editor

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free (trial version) $59.95

Movavi Video Editor Plus – best multi-screen video editor

Turn your ideas into absorbing videos, create challenge videos, split-screen videos and more with Movavi Video Editor Plus. This video editing software offers titles, filters, and transitions that allow creating of eye-catching videos. 


  • Quick and easy video editing
  • Comes as a free online video editor
  • Merge, crop, reverse or flip video


  • When rendering heavy files Movavi Video Editor slows down

Features :

  • Supports 50+ formats and 400+ effects.
  • Set aspect ratio according to the platform you are uploading videos on.
  • Smooth videos by removing camera shake.
  • Add video commentary to existing videos. 

How to create a split-screen video using Movavi Video Editor?

  1. Download and install Movavi video editor 
  2. Launch the multi-screen video editor
  3. Select Create a project in full feature mode > import files and place the video on Overlay Track. 
  4. Double click video to access editing mode 
  5. Click the down arrow located above the preview window > choose Side by Side
  6. Select from four option to decide where you want to place which video > Apply
  7. Save and export video

4. Shotcut – the best video editor for multiple screens

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free 

Download – https://shotcut.org/download/ 


Shotcut is an excellent, free, open-source, multi-platform video editor. It supports hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs. Also, you don’t need to import anything, this means native editing, multi-format timeline, everything is added to the free split-screen video editor. 


  • Various file formats, including MLT, XML are supported
  • 3-way color correction feature
  • Powerful free split-screen video editor


  • No support for 360 VR or 3D


  • Three interface color themes: dark, light, and system
  • History panel to show actions in the editor
  • Provides WYSIWYG handles for resizing and moving the picture in picture
  • Offers a large array of output options.

How to create a side-by-side video using Shotcut split-screen video editor?

1. Download and install Shotcut

2. Launch the tool 

3. Import video > click Add a filter > Size and position > select Distort > set the size of the first video. 

Tip: You can cut the specified size in half. 

4. Add the next window just below the first one and add the same effect, resize the video to fit side by side. 

5. That’s all you have the split-screen. 

6. Export it and save the video.

5. VSDC – free split-screen video editor

Platform – Windows

Price – Free 


VSDC - free split-screen video editor

Free to download and use, VSDC is a powerful split-screen video editor for Windows. It can be used to put multiple videos on one screen. What’s more, you can add an unlimited number of videos on the screen. 

Note: The latest version of VSDC doesn’t run on versions older than Windows Vista. If you are a Windows XP user, download VSDC version 6.4.2


  • Free split-screen video editor for Windows 10.
  • Allows adding unlimited video clips.
  • Offers both basic and advanced video editing features.


  • Doesn’t offer a present split-screen template.


  • Modern and highly intuitive interface
  • Virtually supports all popular video formats and codecs
  • Allows applying audio filters and sound effects 
  • Different blending mode and Instagram like filters 

How to place videos side by side using VSDC video editor?

  1. Download and install VSDC
  2. Launch the split-screen video editor Windows 10
  3. Import video files or drag and drop them into the software. 
  4. Right-click the video > Properties > Common settings > Coordinates > Width.
  5. Reduce the frame width to half. 
  6. Now add the second video, resize it and drag it to the other side of the scene. 

Note: To duplicate the original video, right-click it > select Duplicate > paste the copy onto the timeline. 

7. The split-screen video is now ready. Click Export project > save it on the PC in the required format.

6. DaVinci Resolve – Powerful split-screen video editor Windows 10

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free 


DaVinci Resolve

World’s only solution that offers video editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio postproduction. With an elegant and modern interface, this best split-screen video editing tool makes learning quick. Also, it offers a dedicated workspace and tools for a specific task. 


  • Best free split-screen editor
  • Mask tracking and color correction feature
  • User friendly


  • Consumes too much processing power


  • Add multiple parameters at once.
  • Works with third-party plugins and storage
  • Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. 
  • Wide-format support

How to use DaVinci video editor to get multiple videos on one screen?

  1. Download and install DaVinci.
  2. Launch the tool.
  3. Add the video clips to create a split-screen.
  4. Drag them one by one on the timeline.
  5. Select and resize clips to 50% from the Transform tab. 
  6. Position the video by clicking the position box and using the mouse to shift the video.
  7. Do the same with the second video 
  8. Right-click video and select editing options
  9. Save it and you are all done, you now have the split-screen video.

7. Lightworks – the best video editor for multiple videos on one screen

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free (trial version) $24.99 monthly

Download linkhttps://www.lwks.com/ 


With powerful and advanced features, Lightworks is another great free split-screen video editor. Using this amazing video editing software, one can access several editing features. Also, the split-screen presets make putting multiple videos on one screen easy. 


  • Powerful video editor
  • Free split-screen video editor
  • Allows adding up to 4 videos on one screen


  • 4K video is supported only in the paid version


  • Simple and intuitive interface
    Free video editor with the only restriction on output formats
  • 100+ music and stock video
  • Supports almost all video formats.

How To Use Lightworks Video Editor To Split Screen?

  1. Download and install Lightworks
  2. Launch the tool
  3. Add the track and apply the DVE Effect from the DVEs category
  4. Position the video or right-click video clip > configure to get controls
  5. Repeat steps for other videos and edit them to get desired results.

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8. Openshot – Open Source Split Screen Video Editor

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free 


OpenShot is another entirely free and easy-to-use video editor. Using this split-screen best video editing software, you can easily add effects to video. Also, this free editor knows how to maintain a balance between advanced and simple interfaces. It allows real-time preview when transitions between clips are created. 


  • Best free split-screen video editor for Windows
  • Add unlimited layers
  • Advanced timeline to scroll, pan, zoom and snap


  • Video tutorial is missing


  • Trim and slice video
  • Cross-platform
  • Add unlimited tracks 
  • Edit titles, visualize audio files as waveforms and more

How to use an Openshot video editor to split-screen?

  1. Download and install the video editing software
  2. Run the tool 
  3. Add video to timeline > right-click > Split Clip 
  4. Crop the video and follow the same steps for other video clips
  5. Close the dialog box > save the video

9. VideoStudio – Easy to use multi-screen video editor

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free (30 days trial) $59.99

Download Link https://dwnld.videostudiopro.com/trials/2021/4RhsZXmAVg/VideoStudio2021_Installer.exe 


Split-screen videos are fun. Let’s add our creativity & make mesmerizing videos with VideoStudio, one of the best split-screen video editors. This easy-to-use split-screen video editor allows sharing videos, editing 360 videos, converting 360 videos to standard, and more. 


  • Over 10000 filters and effects
  • Easy to use
  • Great video split-screen video editor and video trimmer


  • No zoom feature to adjust tiny things


  • MultiCam Editor 
  • HD, 4K, 360 video editing 
  • Split-Screen editing 
  • Premium effect collections

How to use VideoStudio?

  1. Download and install VideoStudio 
  2. Click Edit workspace > Instant Project. 
  3. Click Split-Screen Template creator from the list of options available at the bottom. 
  4. Drag the thumbnail into the Timeline that you want to use.
  5. Add the video or photo from the library. To replace the placeholder, press Ctrl. 
  6. Using options given in the player panel, resize, or crop the video.
  7. To add more videos, click another track and adjust it

That is how you can add multiple videos and create a split-screen video using VideoStudioPro 

10. Blender

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price – Free 


Blender is one of the most popular free video editors. Essentially, designed as a 3D animation suite it works great as a split-screen video editor. The tool offers enough features to meet everyone’s needs. Moreover, it allows performing tasks like video slicing, video cutting, and more. This flexible split-screen video editor for Windows 10 is best for both beginners and professionals. 


  • Perfect for creating 3D animation
  • Best free video editor to join multiple videos on one screen
  • Skin modifier feature that allows drawing shapes and generates a simple base mesh


  • Most tutorials are centred on 3D animation. 


  • Live preview, histogram display, chroma vectorscope and luma waveform
  • Up to 32 slots to add effects, videos, images, and audio
  • Options to control speed, adjust layer, set transitions and more are available 
  • Offers audio mixing, waveform visualization and scrubbing

How to create a split-screen video using Blender

  1. Download and install Blender split-screen video editor 
  2. Launch the tool 
  3. Import multiple video clips that you would like to join to create one video

Note: Using videos of the same length helps create appealing split-screen videos.

  1. Select the video click right-click > left-click Add option present in the bottom > from the context menu click effects > select Transform 
  2. Look for the Blend option in the left pane > click the down arrow and select Alpha Over
  3. Drag the slider and look for Effect Strip > check the box next to Uniform Scale > mention the scale

Note: We are doing this as we want all videos to have a uniform length. 

  1. Adjust the videos by mentioning X and Y under positions
  2. Follow the above steps for all the clips. 
  3. Render the video, you will now have the split-screen video ready.

Best Split Screen Video Maker

So, these were the top paid and free split-screen video editors for Windows 2023. We hope you enjoyed the post and will give any of them a try. Do let us know which one you picked and why in the comments section. 

If you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest Filmora Wondershare Video Editor. It has all the tools that one needs to edit video and create a split-screen or any type of video. Whether you have video editing needs or want to remove noise, Filmora Wondershare Video Editor is the best. 

If you like the post, share it with others and let us know your opinion in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I make a split-screen video for free?

To make a split-screen video you can pick from any of the best free video editors listed above. 

You can use Blender, Shotout, DaVinci Resolve, and Openshot to create a split-screen video for free. 

Q2. How do I record a split-screen video?

Using Wondershare’s Filmora video editor, you can both create split-screen video and record it. 

Q3. How do I put two videos together side by side?

To put two or more videos side by side you need a professional split-screen video editor. To learn about the best editing tools, read the post. 

Top mentions are: 

  1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor 
  2. VSDC – free split-screen video editor
  3. Movavi Video Editor Plus – best multi-screen video editor
  4. Shotcut – the  best video editor for multiple screens
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro – professional split-screen video editor

Q4. Is there an app to put two videos side by side?

There are several apps to put videos side by side. The best among all that offers advanced features and works great is Wondershare’s Filmora video editor. 

We hope you enjoyed the post. Do share your feedback with us. If you like, do upvote. 


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