Best 360 Video Editors And Maker Software

Do you know what is a 360 video and which is the best 360 video editor ? A 360 video or immersive video is one that covers all the directions while filming. Also known as spherical videos, these are made with the help of a 360 camera that has multiple lenses inbuilt of them. It can also be recorded with a rig of multiple cameras. It is a great way to capture the full view around you in a video.

Although, the most popular way to capture 360 videos is by using a specific device with multiple cameras lens in it so that the videos are captured in a form where it overlaps another from different angles. Later on, the video immerses after a process of stitching which will form the final 360 videos. It is typically built-in equirectangular projection. This is available in two types- monoscopic which allows the same images for better vision and Stereoscopic which shows a different image for each eye for a 3D effect. As the use of 360 videos is gaining popularity, we are in constant need of 360 video editing software for PC.

Best 360 Video Editor

Let’s begin by discussing 360 video editing software for Windows and Mac.

1. Magix Movie Edit Pro (Windows)

Magix Movie edit pro  

Magix Movie Edit Pro has a specified feature to edit 360 videos. You can choose an option to get the video filmed by a camera which is only made to capture 360 videos. With this option, you can get to create the effect of other cameras in panoramas. It is called camera pans for this tool. You can always look forward to using it to cut the video short or to trim and add effects. This is also effective in editing different cameras at the same time which can combine to create a 360 video.

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2. MolanisVR (Windows)

Molanis VR 

MolanisVR is a perfect tool for your system which is devoted to editing 360 videos. The software explains very well in the tutorials that how it is to be used for editing. The video link will easily teach how to edit the 360 videos. It also offers another feature to synchronize the audio with 360 videos. Convert your 360 video to 2D with features named Little Planet and OverCapture. Text and images can be added to it and adjusted according to the video. With its use, you will be able to manage several audio, videos together into a project.

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3. Final Cut Pro X (Mac)


Being an Apple product, this is best for editing the final product before release. Final Cut Pro X  uses all the features required to edit the video along with its 360 videos. It is ready to edit both types of 360 videos – monoscopic and stereoscopic. This includes all the tools available to import the video, edit it and add effects in it. Easily removes the camera rigs and straightens the horizon. Apply blur effects on the video or add a 2D or 3D text. Tiny Planet effect to add spherical looks and animations to 2D videos to make it 360 videos. So it is also a 360 video maker tool for Mac.

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4. Mocha VR (Windows & Mac)

Mocha VR 

Mocha VR is another 360 video editing software, which will solve all your troubles related to 360 videos. It has been a good tool to be used for your Windows to create effective projects on 360 videos. The tool is capable of creating stuff with tracking, editing, and spherical video post. It can also analyse and remove object from the video along with masking and nadir patching. Color grading in rendering is much easier with this 360 video software.

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5. Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows & Mac)

Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing tools ever. It has been long enough that it was introduced to be 360 video editing software. The video can be imported on this tool and easily used for editing tasks like adding logos and texts. It has all the relevant options to choose from as an Equirectangular projection from VR effects. Later depending on your 360 video type, make a selection from Monoscopic or Stereoscopic in the Layout section. Apply various effects and edit the 360 videos with ease on your computer.

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6. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (Windows)

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a great 360 video editor to add audio files to it or to trim the file. This can be used to put filters and add a title to your 360 videos. It provides tools to add transitions, correct colors and create the best for your captured footage. Creating content with the help of the specific 360 video maker results in appealing videos. It can also be used to merge two or more 360 videos together to complete one project.

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7. VSDC Video Editor (Windows)

VSDC video editor 

VSDC Video Editor is one such free-to-use 360 video editor. It has many options to edit the video after you import it to the tool. It will help you with the basic use if you have a homemade video or are just a beginner on your 360 video camera. This is can be a really good option to try out for learning to edit 360 videos. This is the best free 360 video editing software for Windows to trim the video or to add texts and images on it.

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Wrapping up:

If you want a 360 video exported in the form of DVD, Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD with Magix Movie Edit Pro. And for Mac, the best option to go with will be Final Cut Edit Pro X. There are other options too which are quite effective such as Mocha VR and Molanis VR. Try out these 360 video editors to form something good out of the original videos. Try them out and let us know about your experience. Also let us know if you have used any other 360 video editor and maker software for Windows and Mac. Please share your ideas in the comment section below. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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