6 Best Free Coding Websites In 2023

There has been a significant change in the past decade with our laptops and smartphones becoming the most important object in our life. The rise in the use of smart gadgets has been exponential, and a significant change in the technology behind smartphones and computers can also be seen. But behind every successful hardware, there is a successful software that has been developed by some serious coding and programming.

Thus, we can conclude that there is a constant increase in the use of smart gadgets, and the technology behind them is also upgrading regularly.. And, this leads us to the fact there is and will be a high demand for people with Coding and Programming skills. And what better than to teach our kids to code with the best free coding websites for kids.

Don’t worry, these websites and apps are designed for kids and do not involve any of the fearful and complicated stuff. Instead, they are designed to introduce the concept of coding in a fun and interactive way.

6 Best Free Coding Websites for Kids in 2023

Out of the many coding websites available for kids, I have picked the best three coding websites for kids, which are quite interesting and keep kids and even adults wholly absorbed.

1. Code.org


If you really are interested in teaching your kids to code, then one of the best coding websites for kids is Code.org that offers courses for kids as small as four years. Although it may not be coding these exercises definitely train the brain in developing analytical and logical reasoning from an early age.

The website also offers courses related to computer science and mini-games with famous cartoon characters from Disney. Code.org also contains a project library of a million + games and courses that are arranged grade-wise. Kids also receive a completion certificate after completing a lesson.

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2. Tynker


Tynker and Tynker Junior is a website for grown-up kids as it has artistic skills with JavaScript and Python with free six-hour coding lessons and other activities. It also has more in-depth coding activities, which can be availed after purchasing a subscription. All the lessons are well organized and sorted based on the age of the kids, something which is an important feature of the best coding websites for kids.

Tynker website also has modules for small kids where kids can connect and test the interlocking blocks of code which if correct would display the appropriate result. The well designed and engaging lessons allow the children to create new projects and share them with their friends. Some of the famous themes like Hot Wheels and Dragonsare used to teach kids to code.

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3. Scratch and Scratch Jr

Scratch and Scratch Jr

Another website to teach kids to code is the Scratch and Scratch Jr, which was created by MIT Lifelong Kindergarten Group. The best feature of Scratch is that it can be used online as well as offline if downloaded. Scratch Junior is a different version of Scratch developed for tablets only. All the work done on Scratch is saved on the server and can be recalled and accessed anytime.

Scratch is among the few coding websites for kids that encourages critical thinking and creativity by letting the kids manage the entire development aspects like choosing the background color or background sound.

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Best Coding Apps for Kids in 2023

If you want to use a tablet or smartphone to teach kids to code, then you can always opt for apps instead of websites. Here are a few apps that make coding easy and fun to learn:

1. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues—Mystery Coding Game

Nancy Drew is a popular fictional character, and we all must have a read a novel or two sometime in our life. The app now uses the teenage detective girl theme to attract kids to drag and drop codes in shape of blocks in their appropriate places. This app does educate about the basic coding required for STEM development.

The game is designed as a mystery story in six chapters, which intrigues the kids to keep on accepting the challenges and at the same time, stay entertained. Although, the main protagonist of the game is a girl, but that does not mean that boys cannot play. Nancy Drew facilitates Algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition and problem-solving in kids, making it one of the best coding apps for kids.

Nancy Drew

Download: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues For Android

Download: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues  For iPhone

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2. Algorithm City: Coding Game

Algorithm City

I saved the best for the last as Algorithm City allows its users to choose a prime character in the form of animal-shaped like a cube. Kids can choose from the likes of Angry bird, Penguin, Ladybug, chicken rabbit and many others and navigate them along the path of collecting gold. Along the path, this app teaches the kids to code as it introduces the basic concepts of loops, functions and sequence. There are 51 levels which are categorized into Educational, Easy, Normal and Hard chapters.

The user interface is easy to use, and controls used in playing the game are simple. Kids can learn the main idea of procedural programming with smooth progression towards the problematic levels. It is one of the most recommended coding apps for kids and can teach your kids to code.

Download: Algorithm City: Coding Game (Android)

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3. Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

One of the best coding apps for kids is to think and learn. It is a free app, which offers kids a hands-on programming opportunity, and is designed for kids to solve the puzzles on their own. It makes the kids familiar with simple and entry-level coding and programming concepts. You can also order a physical toy to make the experience more fruitful.

However, the standalone app is also a complete package of planning, sequencing, problem-solving and counting activities. It is compatible for children above 5 years of age and will work on all Android smartphones.

Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

Note: This app has been discontinued for both Android and iPhone.

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Your thoughts on Best Free Coding Websites for Kids in 2022

The term Coding and Programming have a sense of complexity in their meaning,- but in reality, it is not rocket science and can be done provided the kids are trained for it from the very beginning. The younger your kid, the better the chances are to pick up programming logics and concepts. By inculcating coding into fun apps and websites, it is a huge opportunity for kids to learn programming in a fun and controlled environment.

Do share your thoughts on should we teach kids to code in the comments section below and subscribe to our Facebook posts and YouTube Channel for incredible and new articles related to technology.

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