5 Best Programming Languages for Raspberry Pi In 2023

Raspberry Pi is one of the most flexible of all computers. Maybe not in hardware, but its operativity sets it in a class of its own. Raspberry Pi has bridged the gap of computers and programming as it has brought the computer to everyone’s reach. Hence, there has been a coding boom from programming enthusiasts of all ages. It allows them to use multiple programming languages on a single platform. For this end, we have compiled a list of the best Raspberry Pi programming languages. This list only features the most commonly used languages.

Note: If one can compile a language on ARMv6 chip it will be compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Best Programming Languages for Raspberry Pi In 2023

1. Python:

python Raspberry pi programming lanuage

The Pi in ‘Raspberry Pi’ stands for ‘Python’. It has earned the spot-on top of our list as one of the most famous programming languages used for coding. After all, it has been in continuous use since the last 2 decades. Perfect for newbies in this field, Python has easy to read syntax. It is now heavily used in modern applications (IoT enabled), desktop and online applications. To know more about it, visit here.

2. C:

C- Raspberry pi programming lanuage

One of the most widely used computing languages in the world is C. It is extensively used to create complete operating systems down to even creating simple programming languages. Raspberry Pi runs on the operating system named Linux. In fact, that too was written in C. Hence, it is easily compatible with all Linux and Unix systems including Raspberry Pi. To know more about this computing language, visit here.

3. Java/BlueJ:

java-Raspberry pi programming lanuage

When initially launched, Java was hailed as the first language that allowed programmers to write codes for any platform or operating system. . Irrespective of that platform being a Windows machines or an Unix box. One could run the program without rewriting the code. Once the code is compiled, it can run anywhere. Java runs on Raspberry Pi but it cannot be developed on it. Hence, in 2013, BlueJ was released.  Once installed, it enables programing using Java on Raspberry Pi. To know more about this style of coding, visit here.

4. PERL:

PERL-Raspberry pi programming lanuage

High-level programming language PERL is the crème de la crème in the field of programming languages. Its use on Raspberry Pi comes handy while building automation processes or  analyzeand debug its output. Perl has a better library and ecosystem. It comes default with the Raspberry Pi. By simple meta-analysis of the quality of preexisting libraries one can update to better versions of PERL as the default ones tend to be either incomplete or of low quality. To know more about PERL, visit here.

5. Scratch:

scratch- Raspberry pi programming lanuage

Right at the tail end of our list of the best programming languages for Raspberry Pi, comes Scratch. This coding language comes with the Raspberry Pi kit. It is a visual programming tool. With it, one can create animations and games. Its latest version allows the coder to control the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output) pins. To know more about Scratch, visit here.

There you have it folks. The top 5 Raspberry Pi Programming languages for coders of different type of skill sets. Do drop us a line if you want to see any other feature of Raspberry Pi covered. Comment in the section below. Happy coding.

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