10 Best Book Design Software Of 2021


Book design software are those that can be used by writers and authors to create a book online. Many such applications can be used by novices and experts alike. This article focuses on both paid and free book design software to make book covers and internal designs and save your book in a digital format.

List Of Best Book Design Software

List of Contents

  • 1.  Adobe InDesign
  • 2. QuarkXPress
  • 3. Affinity Publisher
  • 4. Adobe FrameMaker
  • 5. FlipHTML5
  • 6. Blurb BookWright
  • 7. Shutterstock Editor
  • 8. Lulu
  • 9. Adobe Spark
  • 10. Scribus

1.  Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign
Image Credit: Adobe

To begin the list of best book design software, we would first highlight Adobe InDesign which is a multipurpose tool. It can produce remarkable page layouts and can be used by beginners and professionals. This software helps users to create interactive documents and can design the cover as well as internal pages. It allows the user to control the page size, typography aspects, and export options.


  • Suitable for creating EBooks
  • Can be integrated with other Adobe applications
  • Customized fonts and layouts

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2. QuarkXPress

Image Credits: Quark

The next one on the list is QuarkXPress which has been considered as an Adobe InDesign alternative by many experts. This application features “Flex Layouts” which can help design your book without having to learn about HTML and CSS coding. When the user changes the size or shape of the layout, all the text within the pages is automatically changed. This feature was designed to check how your book would appear on different-sized screens.


  • Provides different typography features
  • A choice between Various palette and styles
  • Customer support is available

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3. Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher
Image Credits: Affinity

Another popular book design software is Affinity Publisher which is used by thousands of people across the globe not only to design books but also to design newspapers, magazines, and other printed media. This application has a simple User Interface but is laden with many features to accomplish user’s needs. Some of these features are image frames, text wrapping. Inserting tables, grids, etc. users can also integrate other applications of Affinity Suite and perform editing and creating vector art.


  • Helps with publishing books
  • One time low-cost purchase without a subscription
  • Can manage large scale documents
  • Includes paid fonts.

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4. Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker
Image Courtesy: Adobe

If you are looking for the best book design software which is suited for long and complex files, then your search ends with Adobe FrameMaker. This application is used by people who create non-fiction books and technical documents. Different publishing options can be optimized and the final creation can be in the form of PDF, responsive HTML 5, or Kindle extensions. It allows users to automate settings for headers and footers as well as shift content from one paragraph to another.


  • Facilitates quick transfer of content from MS Word
  • Allows users to use rich media to create engaging content
  • Easily create a Table of content and indexes

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5. FlipHTML5

Image Credits: FlipHTML5

Another book design software for creating flip books is FlipHTML5 which has many book templates to choose from. The application contains online editing tools which enable users to add videos, text, links, audio, hot spots, and different elements. It also facilitates an online hosting service that allows you to host and share your books for free.


  • Multimedia elements can be added.
  • Free hosting service
  • Supports multiple devices and platforms.

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6. Blurb BookWright

Blurb BookWright
Image Credits: Blurb

Having reached halfway through the list of best book design software, we have Blurb BookWright which can create EBooks for free. It contains a text formatting tool and allows users to edit templates as well. Users can create a printed as well as an electronic version from one file. It is one of the best applications for beginners and supports plug-ins as well.


  • Provides Unique ISBNs for every book
  • The alignment process is simple
  • Advanced color management

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7. Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Moving forward, we have Shutterstock Editor which assists the users to assemble the book and its cover design. There are many templates to choose from and are quite easy to use. This application is hosted by Shutterstock which is a popular Stock Photos library. Although it does not contain a lot of exclusive features, it is ideal to design covers for your EBook.


  • Simple to use
  • Online access
  • Adaptive workflow

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8. Lulu

Image Credits: Lulu

Lulu is book design software that suits mostly independent authors as it allows them to put their book out for sale with very little investment. The text style and layout can be altered as per the user’s discretion. It allows users to publish the eBook or print it for distributional purposes.


  • Easy to use and simple interface.
  • A lot of customization factors to choose from.
  • Many predefined themes exist within the app.

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9. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Image: Adobe Spark

Coming towards the end of the list, we have a free book design software which is Adobe Spark. This software has many templates that can be customized as per the user’s discretion. It also possesses an incredible collection of fonts as well as images, colors, layouts, and many tools to adjust your book design.


  • Amazing typography designs
  • Offers tutorials for beginners.
  • Multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Online web apps.

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10. Scribus

Image Courtesy: Scribus

The final one on the list of best book design software is Scribus which is an open-source code application for Linux users. The application was developed a decade ago and helps users to assemble magazines, books, posters, etc. This application delivers professional results like that of a paid software. It also has certain features that support working with scripts and set other customizations if needed.


  • Advanced color management
  • Print documents or create PDFs
  • Consumes less storage space.

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Your Choice on BEST BOOK DESIGN SOFTWARE of 2021

This concludes the list of the best book design software available on the software market today. The choice is yours to make and it depends on certain factors, like ease to use, cost, predefined templates, customizations, etc. We suggest using Adobe Indesign or Affinity Publisher for your work as these apps offer a wide range of features. Follow us on social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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