7 Best Modern Home Interior Design Software

Buying a new home or already done with the civil construction of your new house? You certainly are looking for a cool interior design software that can settle all your worries of walls, ceiling, furniture, paint, artifacts, etc. in a short span of time. When it comes to interiors, I am sure everyone has  various thoughts running in their mind, and a home interior design software is indeed the best way to bring them alive on screen.

From drafting basics to rendering the drawings in detail, your ideas can become a reality when any of the best interior design software leads your way ahead. Software like these are especially helpful for architects and designers, but nowadays, its simplicity has allowed newbies to try their hands on. Isn’t that cool? Well, let’s begin with some of the most amazing modern interior design software.

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Best Modern Home Interior Design Software

1. Sketchup Pro

USP: Extremely simple to use

sketchup pro - Modern Home Interior Design

Customize your own space in the most appealingmanner with Sketchup Pro. Being an Architect myself, I highly recommend this interior design software because of work ease, 3D modeling style, quick selection of elements, and a finished essence of space.

Along with them, one can paste their plans, elevations, and sections in Sketchup Pro to add a variety of textures, colors or edit them with highly precise measurement. A viewer gets a vibrant idea of how his project would look like from all the angles. Its in-built library arranges several furniture, trees, human figures, and whatnot. Moreover, you can even import any element from other sources as well. Finally, you are free to export your drawing in PDF, images and CAD files, as and when required.

Price: Starts from $119 per year

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2. Foyr

USP: Browse and drop inspiration from presets.

Foyr - Modern home design

Known for its quick response and converting 2D ideas into 3D forms, Foyr is another awesome software for interior design. You do not need to model everything from basics here as the impressive catalogue already possesses more than 50,000 3D models with products categorized according to style, color, theme, etc.

While you can upload a floor plan at one end, a new floor plan could be designed independently on this interior design software. From here, you are free to build your walls, ceilings, and get a realistic output at the end. Interestingly, Foyr is ready to make things simpler for you with auto-lightning and smart docking with its AI-powered design tools.

Price: Start from $49 per month

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3. Autodesk 3ds Max

USP: Expert rendering

Autodesk 3ds Max

Now, this is the best interior design software when you want to feel the reality while feeling like being right there. I wouldn’t say that newbies would go swiftly over this as the expertise over this software does take time. Yet the professionals use it for creating stunning designs, providing a detailed environment, adding objects, and new characters.

For an impeccable virtual designing experience, you can always rely on 3Ds Max; however, it is compatible only with Windows computers.

Price: Starts from $1189 per year

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4. Revit

USP: A complete building modeling software

Modern home design software

From the house of Autodesk, Revit is a building modeling software for not only architects and designers but also for various civil engineers of the world. But when it comes to model out the interior of a home, office, or other spaces, it is efficient to make 3D visualizations.

Revit is capable of connecting teams on the cloud for creating the highest quality of collaboration. One can share their work over this platform rather than connecting over emails or other platforms. We would say that this interior design software is again most compatible with Windows but can be taken down on Mac using Parallels.

Price: $1390 per year

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5. DreamPlan

USP: Intuitive and easy design software

DreamPlan - best home design software

Let’s make your designing simpler than ever as DreamPlan is here to take care of it. While home and floor plans can be switched between 2D and 3D view modes, you can place landscape data within these drawings. Room and interior designing get a boost when small details can be placed with in-built cabinets, appliances, furniture, etc.

Price: Starts from $16.97

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6. Substance by Adobe

USP: Perfect for extremely detailed objects

Substance by Adobe - Modern home design software

See this picture above, you would understand the details Substance can bring you. Not only in the field of architecture, but Substance is also used by gaming, film, and automobile designers. The most exciting part of Substance is real-time architecture visualization and presenting projects, seamlessly including AR and VR.

3D material library, new textures, and unique but powerful tools let you unleash the stunning visual reality while using this one of a kind interior design software.

Price: Starts from $19.90 per month

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7. Sweet Home 3D

USP: Simple & free interior design app

Sweet Home 3D

This software for interior design is capable of letting you compute how a room or floor would look like while you draw walls, doors, windows, and finally, place furniture in there. You are free to change the colors, size, thickness, and texture of various elements. Interestingly, you can view all the changes simultaneously in the plan and 3D view at the same time.

Finally, print or export PDFs, graphic images, videos, and 3D files in standard file formats! Once these files are exported, they can be printed on hard copies and shown to the clients.

Price: Free

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What To Do With The Final Output?

Interestingly, when the drawings are finally on the paper or a hard copy format, they can be circulated on a coffee table with your family or friends. They are free to sketch their recommendations one by one. Once the suggestions are liked by you, you can edit them again and make a final project good to go! Yes, it might not be so easy to finalize what has to be built but thanks to the interior design software and technology for making things easier for us.

Are you ready? Well, you should be! It’s time to draw out the challenges, solve them all and finally get an output worth the praise!

What Are The Features Of A Good Interior Design Software ?

  1. A cool interior design software must be simple to use and self-navigable. The user must be comfortable with the software as soon as he starts working on it.
  2. It must have features like importing the plans or elevations from other software and must be able to export the files in other known formats. The formats must be easily mailed, shared or printed without a glitch of software.
  3. If a software has in-built library or presets for inspiration, this interior design software is good to go for.
  4. The software must provide realistic results to the user so that a client or other party can understand the final output in advance.
  5. Details are very important for a modern interior design software. A good interior design software shall be able to detail out the requirements a user may need. For example, details on wardrobe handles or gaps between wardrobes.

There are many interior design software available in the market but we are focusing on most relevant based on user perspective, ease of work, accuracy and detailed description one can provide in a design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best free interior design software?

Sketchup (Web) is undoubtedly the best free interior design software for trying out new designs. While its simplicity is one thing to note for, the response and final output are quite amazing to look at. Apart from Sketchup, one can use Sweet Home 3D and other online interior design software for free.

Q2. Is Sketchup good for interior design?

Yes, Sketchup is a full pack software for interior design as it is very simple to use, consists of all the necessary designing tools, and can import/export file in various formats.

Q3. Is there a free interior design software?

Yes, there are free interior design software available. You can use Sketchup free version and Sweet Home 3D to fulfill all your design needs.


As you can see the list of best modern home interior design software, you can pick the right one based on the preference. If you wish to seek our suggestion, we highly recommend Sketchup Pro for beginners as well as experts. Moreover, the simpler version of Sketchup is also highly efficient to deliver the interior design results as required. For those seeking the simple alternatives, Dreamplan and Foyr are highly recommended.

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