20 Gadgets For Professional Photographers- Part 1

Every photography enthusiast likes to click perfect pictures that grasp the essence of the moment. Most of us think that only DSLR cameras are competent enough to achieve such results, but did you know you could turn your camera into DSLR? Seems impossible, but yes it’s true!

Techno geeks are working on some uniquely awesome gadgets to ease your life more. In the list of these unique gadgets we also have a huge range of gadgets that would let you click professional pictures from your mobile phones.

Let’s have a look at some of these gadgets to enhance the picture quality of the pictures taken from your smartphones.

1. Olloclip Active Lens –


Image Source: iphoneinformer.com

Olloclip is an attachable lens set which has been manufactured by leading lens manufacturers for the iPhone camera. This 4-in-1 Lens set enhances the field of view of iPhone’s built-in-camera. It comes equipped with four versatile lenses

  1. Fisheye
  2. Wide-Angle
  3. 10x Macro
  4. 15x Macro

The first two lenses are ideal for clicking panoramic landscapes or snapping a group selfie. The Macro lenses are used to photograph crisp close-ups and get detail-oriented pictures. These lenses have a compact and lightweight design which are compatible with both the front and rear-facing cameras. Not just this, it even works well with all the unique photo and video apps.

2. iOgrapher –


Image Source: cdn3.bigcommerce.com 

The leading manufacturer of mobile photography gadgets iOgrapher has given a wide range of filmmaking cases for all types of mobile devices. These cases transform your smartphones into stable, mounted cameras giving it a professional look and shake free videos as well. It also protects your mobile devices in any shooting environment. You can also attach microphones and lights to this case.

These cases are built from polycarbonate giving it a tough and durable form. They can be even attached to any standard tripod, monopod or portable dolly stand for stable and continuous imagery.

3. HTC RE –


Image Source: pocketnow.com

This mobile camera was introduced by HTC in 2014. HTC RE camera lets you focus on the moment and not juggle with the camera. The key features of HTC RE camera are as follows:

  1. It has a 146 Degree ultra-wide-angle capture.
  2. Aperture is f/2.8 with 16 MP 1/ (2.3)” CMOS sensor and scratch-resistant lens.
  3. Configurable time lapse and slow-motion footage.
  4. MicroSD card slot.
  5. Built-in speaker.
  6. HTC Re App works on Android and iOS.

The camera has been designed in a form of a tube with a bend on one end. It does not have a power button instead includes a grip sensor holding with which the camera gets turned on. The large silver button on top of the device lets you capture video and photos.

4. Shuttr –


Image Source: i2.expansys.com

Do you all find it difficult to get that perfect selfie and go on clicking around 10 shots before the perfect one? Shuttr is the best gadget for selfie lovers. This mobile photography gadget has been introduced by Muku Labbs, which is a Bluetooth controlled device with a connection access up to 30 feet away.

It is a tiny Bluetooth remote shutter release for iOS and Android devices. The added advantage is that it can also work as a PowerPoint remote, just by pairing up with your computer.

5. Iblazr2 –


Image Source: c1.iggcdn.com

We feel it is the best mobile photography gadget to give you professional pictures from your smartphones. It is the most versatile and wireless LED Flash light compatible with both iOS and Android. The second generation of the iBlazr flash series is truly amazing and advanced light source which comes in handy while taking photos with mobiles, tablets or DSLR cameras, lighting analogue photography, brightening nighttime video calls, or simply functioning as a powerful flashlight.

It is the only flash light which even works with native camera apps on your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. The flashlight is connected to your smartphone using the Bluetooth and by just tapping the device twice it will flash a powerful 300 LUX on 1m flash synchronically with your camera’s shutter.

6. Holga Lens –


Image Source: mywebroom.com

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit is an iPhone case that comes with 9 different lenses in a rotating disc that takes basic camera filters and puts them onto the back of your phone. Holga invented the device to cast a little magic to the photography done with smartphones.

It is very simple to install and the case just slips onto your smartphone like a back cover. You can access 9 different and crazy special effects filters without any software or app installed. Holga manufactured Holga Lenses for some Android Devices, some iPhones and also for some DSLR cameras.

7. Hitcase –


Image Source: cdn.shopify.com

Hitcase organization started with just a simple idea of giving an extra protection to the iPhones of the people who loves getting involved in all sports activities. Hitcase with its wide range of smartphone cases gives you that freedom to go on any adventures.

Some of the range of cases available are

  1. Shield
  2. Shield Link
  3. CRIO
  4. PRO
  5. SNAP

These cases are available for all the variety of iPhone devices we have in the market now. Every case gives you a different kind of feature like protection, mounting it on magnetic  mounts, working with magnetic lenses, getting creative pictures, and much more.

8. Grip Tight Mount –


Image Source: www.vphoto.com

The mounts always make it easy to click clear pictures and shoot smooth videos with your cameras. We can get the same benefit if we have the mounts for our smartphones, the results will get better with the phone’s camera.

Grip Tight Mount takes your phone photography to the next level as this grip tight mount which is compatible with gorilla pods and other tripods. The mount is foldable and super compact and best of all it doesn’t require a special case or mounting mechanism to attach it to tripod.

This mount can work with all types of phones, cases and accessories, since it has a clamp style design which doesn’t get in the way of your case, cell lenses, filter kits or flash.

9. RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount –


Image Source: i.ebayimg.com

The RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount is a simple, versatile and extremely secure phone holder. These mounts are made from solid aluminum and finished with hard anodizing for precision, exceptional strength and rust/scratch resistance.

A hard-shell EVA case with scratch-resistant interior and internal mesh pocket holds the mount and more. The mount assures that your phone doesn’t fall off again while you are clicking some great still photos. The mount can hold any smartphone between 2.1” and 3.1” wide in place.

10. Photojojo’s Magnetic Phone Lens Series –


Image Source: files.photojojo.com

The people who were once inseparable from the camera, now take more pictures from the mobile, which although have an improved camera lens but cannot compete with professional lenses. These Photojojo Phone Lens Series are non-model-specific lens, unlike the clip-on lens accessories. Every lens is crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. Photojojo’s magnetic lens series consists of Fisheye, Super Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, Macro and polarizing lenses. It is compatible with almost every phone or tablet with a camera lens and will even work with a lot of cases.

The list is not over yet! There are many more gadgets that will make your phone as good as a DSLR. In the next article we will share the names and features of some of them. Till then let us know if you happened to use any of them and what were the results!

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