10 Best Apple Watch Games You Should Play

Apple Watch games are fantastic; believe me when I say that these dinky games are a terrific way to kill the hours. I understand you use the Apple Watch for various purposes, including activity tracking, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, reshuffling music when listening via AirPods, checking notifications, time management, making calls or responding to them, and so on. Nevertheless, one feature of the Apple Watch that distinguishes it from other devices is its capacity to let you use multiple applications so that users may have them on the Watch, however, on a tiny screen.

Did you know that you can play games on your Apple Watch? If you have never looked at your Apple Watch as a piece of entertainment, let us enlighten you. So, here are the best Apple Watch games without much ado.

List Of 10 Best Apple Watch Games-

1. Ping Pong Watch Retro Game-


Ping Pong is a traditional game that we have all enjoyed at some point in our lives. You may be concerned about how the game will seem on the tiny Apple Watch. Although, believe me on this, Pong’s smaller version looks terrific, and the performance is highly seamless due to the Apple Watch’s newer, more prominent display. This best game for Apple Watch is available for free and has a paid version. You can download this fun game for Apple Watch through the Apple Watch App Store.

Price– Free, $1.99

Version- 8.1


  • Easy control via Digital Crown.
  • Comes with different levels of difficulty.
  • Has an optional color customizer with alternative app icons.
  • Comes with a theme selector in the customizer.

Download it here 

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2. Snappy Word-


You can also check out this one of the global letter puzzle games for the Apple Watch. Snappy Word is a game in which you must guess words inside a restricted number of characters, which is the famous Worlde. So, load up on brain food and expand your vocabulary. Furthermore, it includes an easy-to-use interface, so all you’d need is a thumb tap to play over 400 challenging levels.

Price– Free, Offers in-app purchases.

Version- 2022.2


  • Has 400 challenging levels.
  • Includes a four-letter game mode.
  • Helps you develop your vocabulary and train your brain!

Download it here

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3. Rules! –


Rules! is one of the fun games to play on an Apple Watch that lets your brain develop via exciting challenges if you’re seeking the finest puzzle games for the Apple Watch. To clear stages in the game, you must essentially follow the instructions. However, the regulations from prior levels apply to future levels too. Therefore, to clear out other levels, you must keep records of all the principles you’ve learned on previous levels. Nonetheless, this game quickly becomes challenging.

Price: $2.99


  • Comes with the ultimate multi-touch interface.
  • Has mode for assisting with color perception.
  • Comes with a slew of unexpected new game mechanics.

Download it here

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4. Dare the Monkeys: Go Bananas-


Are you looking for the best Apple Watch games? Here’s your answer. Your hero in the game is a monkey. Merely jumping will have you through the game in no time. This game is addictive and offers the impression that you are gaming Mario. If you enjoy games with mediocre visuals and a straightforward gameplay format, this would be your game.

Price: Free,  Offers in-app purchases

Version- v1.2.22


  • Simple and fun game to play.
  • Allows you to use the Digital Crown to Jump.
  • Great graphics & super-easy controls.

Download it here

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5. Octopuz-


Another fodder for thought! Octopuz is just an arcade game that will keep your mind busy and push you to come up with fresh and inventive ways of playing it. There are many degrees of complexity, and the game may help you enhance your visual perception, memory, spatial thinking, and dexterity. This Apple Watch game would be a great inclusion to your library. Experiment with it! If you are looking for fun games to get on the Apple Watch, here you are.

Price- Free, Offers in-app purchases

Version- 2.1


  • Helps you enhance your memory skills, visual perception skills, spatial reasoning skills, and Dexterity skills.
  • Keeps your brain sharp.
  • Intuitive interface and good graphics.

Download it here

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6. Chess – Play & Learn


The throne game! That’s what I prefer to term it. Chess is not a simple game to learn. To play chess, you must have an excellent connection with your rook. Observe your subsequent move’s regulations and preparation methods because this could last an hour. This is maybe the finest Apple Watch game for the nerd in you; explore it.

Price: Free, $29.99

Version- 4.0.2 (3)


  • Sixty-five thousand puzzles are available.
  • 1000s of interactive videos with tips.
  • Play chess in real-time with your friends.

Download it here

7. Infinity Loop-


Are you looking for fun games for Apple Watch? Look no further. Another game that you may enjoy on the Apple Watch is Infinity Loop. It’s a basic jigsaw puzzle in which you rotate pieces in this relaxing game. You must ensure that you’re establishing an infinite loop to grasp the point. Conquer the scoring ladder and dare your mates to achieve the same. Try and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Price– Free,  Offers in-app purchases.

Version- 2.3


  • Serves as a unique challenge every time you play a game.
  • Lets you create your ∞ loop with the puzzle creator.
  • Top players are featured and receive gifts.

Download it here

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8. Tiny Armies-


Wrist-based conquering was never more enjoyable. Tiny Armies is a fast-paced game in which you must swipe to maneuver your forces and conquer your opponent’s area. Lakes, mountains, & woods serve as barriers, and gaming occurs in short bursts, making it ideal again for Apple Watch. You may play individually, with buddies, or with anybody worldwide through iMessage.

Price- $0.99

Version- 3.1.1


  • Single or multiplayer game.
  • A lightweight application that is easy to play.
  • Great for short play sessions with small levels.

Download it here

9.Elevate Dash-


Elevate is a terrific software, or can I say game; to be frank, that’s both. It is not only accessible for Apple Watch; the application is also compatible with iPhones and is widely regarded as the most excellent cognitive therapy app accessible. The user interface is sleek and user-friendly. Being a brain training game, don’t think it will be boring, as each game is competitive and exciting. Elevate Dash provides multiple mini-games, making it the best game to play on an Apple Watch’s tiny screen.

Price: Free, $39.99

Version- 5.60.0


  • 4 Additional mini-games are available.
  • Checking the performance is easy.
  • Keep track of the workout calendar.

Download it here

10. Pocket Bandit-


Pocket Bandit is among my favorite paid games to play on Apple Watch because of its excellent playability. The intelligent usage of Watch’s taptic engines and Digital Crown to run through the heist makes it more fun. When getting into banks in the game to make money, jewelry, and other valuables, players would have to avoid anti-theft devices. If you already have finished one heist, there are 99 more to explore, and this Apple Watch game is fun to play.

Price– $0.99

Version- 1.3


  • Fast, engaging, and challenging gameplay!
  • There are almost 100 treasures to be discovered.
  • Visually prominent and beautiful graphics.

Download here

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So there you have it: a list of the best Apple Watch games you can play on your wristwatch. Among all the abovementioned Infinity loop, Chess and Elevate are my favorites. I attempted to compile a list of games that would be simple to enjoy on a tiny screen. However, many such games can sometimes be played on the iPhone, so switching to iPhone and playing it on a larger screen would’ve been simple.

We hope this article will help you find the games to play on your Apple Watch. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1. Can you play games on Apple Watches?

On an Apple Watch, there are a plethora of free games to choose from. Some applications, like other applications, may feature a one-time price or in-app payments. It is easy to locate great games there in the App Store. It has a lot of unique possibilities, such as free Apple games for the Watch.

Q2. What fun games can you get on an Apple Watch?

A few of the best fun games on the Apple Watch are Pocket Bandits, Ping Pong Watch Retro Game, Rules, Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas, Chess, Octopuz, Infinity Loop, Tiny Armies, Snappy Word, etc.

Q.3. Can you get TikTok on Apple Watch?

There are two major popular applications for the Apple Watch, enabling users to operate TikTok on just that tiny display. DouWatch is available for $2.29.

Q. 4. What free games can you get on an Apple Watch?

You can play many free games on your Apple Watch— Chess, Octopuz, Infinity Loop, Dare the Monkeys, Go Bananas, etc.

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