What to Expect from Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor

Apple recently launched Watch Series 4 and Watch OS 5 with an all-new heart rate monitor. This new heart rate monitor is one of the main selling points of these newly launched Apple watch models. With heart rate monitor your smartwatch can sense low heart rate detection, offer you details on heart rate rhythm while allowing you to live a healthier life!

watch series 4 from apple

The latest Apple Watch models bring a whole new range of useful features which can make our workout sessions even better.

So, if you’re eager to wrap this latest Apple Watch Series 4 on your wrist here’s all that you can expect from your smartwatch and Apple watch heart rate monitor features.

How Does Heart Rate Monitor Work on Apple Watch

led indicator in apple watch 4

The concept of heart rate monitor stays pretty much same on all smartwatches. Apple watch also works on Photoplethysmography, where a device is able to detect the amount of blood flowing through the wrist. The green and infrared LED lights on the back of the watch detect the motion of blood and presents us with the most accurate BPM (Beats per minute) data.

1. Monitor your Heart Rate

how to monitor heart rate in apple watch series 4

To instantly monitor your heart rate on your new Apple watch all you have to do is simply ask Siri, “What’s my heart rate”. Your current heart rate stats will be displayed on the screen in a jiffy. Alternatively, you can also use the Heart Rate app to view more detailed analytics. For more graphical data, you can also use the Health app on your iPhone.

2. Afib and EKG

Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) detection and Electrocardiogram (EKG) happens to be one of the prime highlights of Apple watch series 4. However, the watch models lack this feature as of now but Apple has assured us that they’ll soon be rolling out these features in the upcoming software update so that you can make the most of your smartwatch.

3. High or Low Heart Rate Alerts

heart rate alerts in apple watch series 4

One of the most important fitness reasons which will make you buy Watch series 4 Apple watch is low heart beat detection. As soon as your watch will detect a low heartbeat, it’ll instantly notify you t bring it to your attention so that you can visit a physician at priority. Open the watch app on your iOS device and select “Heart Rate” option. Here you can select the high or low thresholds value so that watch can send you alerts accordingly.

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4. Resting Heart Rate

resting heart rate feature in aplpe watch

Resting heart rate is another important heart rate monitor feature on Apple Watch. With the help of the resting heart rate, you can keep an eye on how much healthier you’re getting, and spikes can indicate tiredness, stress or a need to take things easy. It happens to be one of the key measurements of your health, and you can actually keep the right track of this data with the help of your Apple watch.

Is the Heart Rate Monitor Data Accurate?

Out of all wrist wearables smartwatches available in the market, Apple Watch does a pretty good job of offering us the right and accurate analytics. To ensure detailed and accurate results, make sure that the Apple watch is tied properly to your wrist (not too tight, nor too loose). Leave plenty of room on your wrist to breathe and enough for the optical sensors to work!

So folks here were a quick guide on how Apple watch heart rate monitor works does and what all features new watch series 4 has got for us in store. How excited are you to get this smart wearable home? We’d love to hear from you!

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