What Is “i” Icon On Apple Watch | Your Guide To The Status Icons & Symbols On Apple Watch

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you’ve got a powerful gadget on your wrist. But to truly harness its power, you’ll need to get familiar with the icons it uses. Unlike the iPhone’s larger screen, the Apple Watch opts for icons and symbols instead of text to convey its features. This saves space and makes navigation easier. You need to know what these icons mean to make sure you get all of the watch’s coolest features. So, let’s begin by exploring one of the most important icons: the (i) icon.

What Is the ‘i’ icon on the Apple Watch

On an Apple Watch, the “i” icon signifies the “Information” or “Details.” Tapping on the symbol opens up more details or configuration options related to the active screen or feature. Users often use the “i” shortcut to access functionalities like “Find My Apple Watch” or “Pair/Unpair Watch”.

'i' icon on the Apple Watch

Use the ‘i’ Icon to Get Information & More

On your Apple Watch, the (i) icon can be found in several locations, each providing different functionalities. Tapping the (i) in the notification area gives you more information about incoming messages, calendar events, and other alerts. Tapping the (i) in app settings opens up options to configure the app-related settings. Additionally, tapping on the (i) simplifies the process of managing your Bluetooth devices, giving you easy access to manage connections, rename devices, and customize audio settings.

Furthermore, you can find and access system-related data, such as software updates specific watch settings, and more in the “Settings” app, by tapping the (i) symbol.

How To Use The i Icon On Apple Watch For Pairing A Watch Manually?

You can manually pair your Apple Watch and iPhone by tapping on “i” here.

STEP 1 – On your iPhone, tap the “Pair Apple Watch Manually” option as indicated below.

STEP 2 – You can tap the “i” icon on your watch.

STEP 3 – Your Apple Watch’s name will be displayed to you, and it will also appear on your iPhone.

STEP 4 – Tap on this name & enter the six-digit code that appears on your watch.


You can then proceed with configuring your watch using your Apple ID or restoring it from a backup if you have one.

How To Use The i Icon To Unpair Your Watch?

By accessing the “i” icon within the Watch App on your iPhone you can access additional information, find your lost watch, and even unpair the Apple Watch.

STEP 1 – Launch the iPhone Watch app.

STEP 2 – Select “My Watch” from the tab.

STEP 3 – Press the “All Watches” button in the upper-left corner.

STEP 4 – A list of paired watches with the “i” symbol next to each will appear.

STEP 5 – To display information such as your watchOS version, model, serial number, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi identifiers, and Secure Element identification, tap the “i” symbol.


STEP 6 – The choices to “Find My Apple Watch” and “Unpair Apple Watch” are located beneath the information.


Bottom Line

Overall, familiarity with the “i” icon empowers users to navigate their Apple Watch efficiently and make the most of its features. Beyond the information display, the circled “i” also plays a crucial role in manually pairing and unpairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Additional Information:

Alongside the “i” icon on the Apple Watch, some of the most essential icons and symbols include:

1. Theatre Mode (two theatre masks): Activating this mode keeps your watch screen dark until you tap it or press a button.

2. Walkie-Talkie (a small walkie-talkie icon): This icon enables instant communication with other Apple Watch users, similar to using a walkie-talkie.

3. Low Power Mode (a yellow circle icon): When activated, this feature conserves energy by placing your Apple Watch into Low Power Mode when the battery is low.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Where Is the “i” Icon on an Apple Watch?

The “i” icon appears in various places on your Apple Watch, including:

  • Settings: Typically on the right side of the watch face or in the bottom-right corner.
  • Wallet App: When you tap on a card in your wallet app and scroll down, you’ll reveal the “Card Information” button.
  • Pairing Process: Especially during manual pairing or re-pairing with your iPhone.

2. How Do I Manually Pair My Apple Watch?

  • Turn on your Watch.
  • A dynamic pattern will appear on the screen.
  • Scan this pattern using your iPhone’s camera. This will enable the automatic pairing.
  • If it fails, tap the “i” icon next to the pattern.
  • Now, on your iPhone, select “Pair Manually”, then tap the “i” button” on your watch.
  • At this step, you have to enter the displayed numbers from your watch into your iPhone to complete the manual pairing process.

3. Why Is My Apple Watch Not Pairing?

There can be multiple reasons why your Apple Watch is failing to pair with your iPhone:

  • Both the devices are not in proximity to each other.
  • Your watch is already paired with another iOS device.
  • You need to erase all the contents & settings of Apple Watch.
  • You’ve forgotten your watch’s passcode.
  • Your smartwatch needs a reset.


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