What Is The (I) Icon On Apple Watch? A Guide To All The Apple Watch Icons And Symbols.

If you have purchased one of the fantastic gadgets in the world -The Apple Watch, then you probably must learn about all the Apple Watch icons to know why you have the best smartwatch. As the screen of the Apple Watch is smaller than that of the iPhone, Apple has decided to allocate icons and symbols to denote the features and functions of the Watch instead of text which would take more space. Unless a user learns about the icons on Apple Watch, he/she would not be able to utilize the true potential of the Watch. Let us start with the (i) icon on the Apple watch.

The (i) Icon On Apple Watch Denotes Information

The letter I in lower case or (i), is found in the Watch App of your iPhone. To view this icon, just tap on the Watch’s name, and you will see it. If you tap on this icon, it will provide extra information about your Apple Watch and display additional functions like ‘Find My Apple Watch’ in case you misplace it and an option to Unpair the Watch from your iPhone.

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The (i) Icon On Apple Watch Pairing Screen

i icon on apple watch

When you pair the Apple Watch to an iPhone for the first time, the same (i) is visible on your iPhone which lets you perform a manual setup of the Apple Watch and iPhone. Tap on the icon, and then match the name shown on both the devices and enter the passcode that appears on your Apple Watch in the iPhone. Also Read: How To Find Your Lost Apple Watch?

The (i) Icon On Apple Watch Does Not Appear

apple watch icons

If the (i) icon on Apple Watch is not visible, then it means that the iPhone is paired with the Apple watch and in this case, there is no need for the icon to display. But, if the device is not paired, then a simple restart of the Apple Watch will fix the issue.

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What Do the Other Apple Watch Icons Look Like and Mean?

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the must-have gadgets with its astonishing features. However, all the functions and features of the Apple Watch are denoted by an icon or symbol. There are many icons in the Watch OS 6, including the most annoying Red Dot icon, which stands for notifications and is almost always present on the watch face. To use the Apple Watch the way it was intended to, it is essential to learn about all the different types of icons, and what they denote in your Watch.

S.N. Icon Icon Name Icon Details
1 Charging Charging The Apple Watch is Charging
2 Low battery Low Battery The Battery is low.
3 Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane mode is On, and Wireless is Off
4 Do not Disturb Do Not Disturb No calls or alerts will ring or light up. Only Alarms will.
5 Theater Mode Theater Mode Silent Mode and Screen remains dark
6 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Connected to a Wi-Fi Network
7 LTE LTE Connected to a cellular network
8 iPhone Disconnected iPhone Disconnected


The Watch is not connected to your iPhone
9 No Cellular Network No Cellular Network Lost connection to a cellular network
10 Water Lock Water Lock Water Lock is on during swimming or water sports.
11 Notification Notification You have received a notification.
12 AirPlay AirPlay Tap the Audio Out Button to switch between devices.
13 Location Indicator Location Indicator Location service is turned on.
14 Lock Lock The Apple Watch is locked
15 Workout Workout Denotes that the user is working out.
16 Walkie Talkie Walkie Talkie Send one-line voice messages instantly to your friends
17 Now Playing Now Playing An Audio File is being played.
18 Navigation Navigation Navigation Services are ON
19 Pairing Pairing Used for pairing watch and iPhone.
20 Mic Mic Audio recording is going on in the background.
21 Apple Maps Apple Maps Apple Maps is currently on.
22 Ping Ping Helps to find the paired iPhone.

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Do You Know About All The Apple Watch Icons Including The (i) Icon On Apple Watch?

The list above covers all the Apple watch icons that might appear on your Apple watch face. It is important to identify each icon and understand the signs and symbols that the Watch is trying to display. You may not be able to remember all the icons on Apple Watch in one go which is why I recommend you to bookmark this page for further use.

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