How To Use LTE Apple Watch With An Android Smartphone?

Do you know Apple Watch and your Android smartphone can sync and work together? Normally, users think that Apple Watch only works with iPhone models. Well, this is just a myth! You can also try to connect both the devices to see how it works!

Is There A Way To Pair Apple Watch With Android Smartphone?

Way To Pair Apple Watch With Android Smartphone
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Usually, if you think of a way to connect an Android device and Apple Watch via Bluetooth, then there isn’t!

However, there is a workaround which can make both the devices work in a sync.

You can communicate with Apple Watch without Bluetooth if it comes with LTE connectivity.

Apple watch helps you stay connected, send and receive calls and messages, without Bluetooth connection. As the devices have LTE which uses carrier’s network to make sure they don’t get disconnected when you are out and leave your iPhone at home. This is what helps us to connect Apple Watch to Android smartphone and make it work

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Which Features Work When We Connect an Android Smartphone To Apple Watch?

Apple Watch and apps on it can stay updated using a cellular connection. Some of the things and apps will not work when we connect an Android phone and Apple Watch. For example, iMessage will not work on Android as Android can send messages in form of SMS.

If you don’t have access to iPhone, you can’t keep the device and its software updated. Anytime you want to install an app on your Apple Watch, you need to have an iPhone to do that.

What Are The Requirements?

You need a couple of things to make Apple Watch work with Android smartphone:

  • Apple Watch(Unlocked) with LTE
  • Android Smartphone (Unlocked)
  • iPhone 6 or later (Unlocked)
  • SIM card removal tool.

If you don’t know that your Apple devices that you have is unlocked or not, you need to contact Apple or your carrier for information. If you want to know the same for Android device, you need to contact your carrier. Also, you need to have a cellular network that supports usage of Apple Watch.

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How to Connect Apple Watch and Android Smartphone?

You need to make sure that your Apple Watch is configured correctly with an iPhone device. As you need to connect your iPhone with Apple Watch first and connect it is with LTE network.

As Apple Watch is ready, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to turn off your Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch.
  • Now, use SIM card tool to remove SIM card from your iPhone.
  • Use SIM card tool to put your iPhone SIM card to Android smartphone and switch it on.
  • As you turn on an Android phone and it gets connected to your cell carrier’s network, turn on Apple Watch as well.
  • You can see that your Android device is connected to your carrier and your Apple Watch is also connected to it.

Now you can start receiving calls and other activities on your Apple Watch, regardless of Android being the primary device.

How Is This Possible?

These two devices are not compatible but can’t communicate. However, if you set LTE on Apple Watch, you no longer need iPhone to make the Watch function. Although there would be functionality issues which could not be avoided and also if the LTE is enabled it will drain the battery faster.

So, in this way you can connect Android smartphone and Apple Watch. Try it and get the notifications of your Android smartphone on your Apple Watch.

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