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Akshay Peter

Akshay Luke Peters is a writer and blogger for WeTheGeek. He likes to write about off-beat topics and technological awareness. He is also part musician who likes to explore the future of technology in entertainment and popular media.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds: A Few Tips for Getting Started

Samsung and Apple—the rivalry between these two clans have been going on for a while. Be it about the devices they launch or latest technologies they roll out, it always appears with a vibe of face-off! A few years back Apple introduced A...


How To Delete Saved Passwords On Chrome Browser

In today’s digital era your password is one of the most important assets that you always carry within your mind. If you’re skeptical about sharing your password with anyone, you may be surprised to know that your browser is already awar...


Tips To Score Chicken Dinner In PUBG Zombie Mode

Now that the new update for PUBG has brought zombies to the match, Tencent seems to provide you with all the sorts of challenges on your mobile. The official name for this mode is ‘Zombie: Survive Till Dawn’, which is launched as a time...


Identity Theft Statistics That May Surprise You

With information technology getting omnipresent, identity theft has also emerged as an epidemic. In fact, identity is considered to be a gold amid all the cyber criminals. If you’re skeptical about revealing your identity, the identity th...


U.S. To Completely Boycott Chinese Devices for 5G

With their smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei literally ruling the smartphone market, China surely looks like it will be at the forefront when 5G tech hits the market. However, the United States Trump led government might so...


Apple’s Competitor To Netflix Will Debut In April

Although Netflix is currently the reigning champion when it comes to subscription-based video streaming services, Apple too is preparing their own challenger. According to a report by CNBC, Apple Inc. is in the last stages of development on...


Xiaomi The Worst Smartphone Radiation Offender! Report Says

According to a recent report published by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, several popular models of smartphones are shown to emit abnormal levels of radiation. This includes the hot selling models by Xiaomi, OnePlus, Goo...


AR Technology In Google Maps Rolling Out Soon

Although Google Maps has singlehandedly revolutionized the GPS market and killed any demand for dedicated GPS devices, it’s being prepared for yet another upgrade. As per the announcements made last year May, Google has already started ro...


6 Useful Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Flickr

Released back in 2004, Flickr is a well-known image hosting service which features more than ten billion photos and videos for your inspiration. Flickr is like that gigantic catalog where we can find all sorts of pictures and keep them orga...