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How To Connect The Nikon D3400 To Your iPhone

Pictures are life and they become more meaningful when they are taken with a dedicated camera. No matter how advanced smartphone cameras have become, DSLRs still seem to be irreplaceable. Now that you’ve got myriads of options, Nikon stil...


10 Best Projector Apps For Android

Projectors are one of the best ways to showcase your performance and ideas to a wider range of population in the most formal way. With time, projectors have also upgraded to make your life simpler and successful. With the best projector app...


Pixels Strike Back: Best Retro Game Consoles To Buy in 2023!

“The new Castlevania Lords of Shadow looks awesome as hell, but can your character moonwalk through the entire game?”  ~ Anonymous Video Game Fan Video games today have transcended the laws of entertainment, with incredible visual e...


What Is RSS Feed & How To Use It

Reading is a healthy habit that not only gives you ample of knowledge but also helps your interpersonal skills. Now that with internet you have the option to save paper and go green, it also causes headaches, especially when you try to find...


How To Get Android Notifications On Windows 10?

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world, holding a large number of users. Now that smartphones powered by Android are getting better, you’re now able get Android notifications on Windows 10. This way, if you’re wo...


Did You Know About The Google Drive’s New Tricks?

Ever since interne reached to common population, Google left no stone unturned to rule this realm. Believe it or not, Google is the most used search engine around the world with the maximum user base compared to its so called “rivals”. ...


What Data Does Android Automatically Back Up?

Android is unanimously one of the biggest smartphone platforms that has the biggest user base over the world. The reason behind this success lies beneath the fact that Android provides more ownership of smartphones than any other operating ...


How To Run Two Snapchat Accounts On One Android?

Text conversations have become old school, and this is the time when you chat with photos and videos. Snapchat, one of the biggest snap based social media platforms that have over a hundred million users using it every day, understood the c...


How To Troubleshoot Continuity On iPhone, iPad And Mac

Apple is known for its out of the box inventions and researches that are aimed to ease the life of users. One such feature to facilitate its users is Continuity and Handoff, which went beyond expectation in customer satisfaction. Continuity...