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Akshay Luke Peters is a writer and blogger for WeTheGeek. He likes to write about off-beat topics and technological awareness. He is also part musician who likes to explore the future of technology in entertainment and popular media.

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Instagram is definitely an undisputed top photo sharing platform that lets you share your moments with your friends. However, there comes a time when you prioritize other things over sharing photos on Instagram. But considering social media...


How to install the final version of MacOS Mojave

Mac is unarguably a leading operating system, which’s got its market coverage surged robustly in recent years. One of the major factors that drove MacOS success is the belief that it doesn’t catch viruses and delivers better results at ...


How to Enable Favicons In Safari On Mojave

With new Mac OS Mojave, Apple dedicatedly put efforts to improve a lot of its features for good. From the completely new Finder to the new screenshot tool, significant improvements can be seen on the all new Mac Mojave. However, one of the ...


What’s Better: Smartphone Apps Or GPS Devices?

This is the era of technology that not only helps you build your career but also help you find the way to any destination. With the blessings of technology, GPS is there to never let you get lost anywhere. Also, you’re powered enough to m...


How To Recognize Spam And Phishing Emails

Emails are lifeline of any internet profile that is used for any formal communication. An email from your email address is recognized as an authorized email that is perceived to have valid and clutter-free information and attachments. Howev...


Google Chrome: New Features Unearthed

With Chrome 69, Google proudly celebrated the 10th anniversary of the world’s most used web browser. Where the new slick design is conspicuous enough, there’re a lot of new adds that you've missed. One of such feature is that you can no...


How To Quickly Defrag A Mac

Mac is a decorated device that has no near competitor due to its quality performance and service. You can see a major surge in the number of Mac users in recent years, leaving other popular platforms lagging behind. One of the best features...


10 Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

Photos have become an integral part of life, which got powered by dedicated cameras in your smartphones. Now that you don’t have to buy expensive cameras and then carry them with you, smartphones have made it easier to not just click pict...


How To Enable/Disable Mac Firewall

The popularity of Mac machines has been increasing due to its impenetrable security, which lacks in other leading operating systems. Ever since the Mac machines were developed, they became popular due to the fact that they can’t catch any...