Upscale Your Business With WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business beta version was launched in the year 2017 and has been popular ever since. According to developers and users, it has been developed and designed for small entrepreneurs, who find it difficult to connect to customers. WhatsApp Business has been made handy and intuitive to facilitate small scale business owners in getting connected with customers easily. The app is available for download on Google Play Store and you can install it on the same smartphone on which you have WhatsApp Messenger.

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Who is it Going to Benefit?

WhatsApp Business has been designed and developed with the intent to help small scale business owners. Today, where small businesses generally don’t have adequate funds for inventories, paying hefty amount for customer service is near to impossible. Here, WhatsApp Business offers them a platform to communicate with customers. One of the best things about the app is that it doesn’t require any physical verification to have your account setup.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a startup, WhatsApp Business is probably the best thing that can help you connect to your customer and grow eventually. You’re also provided the facility to register the business with a landline number and see the message statistics. If you use the app properly, you may also use it for multiple purposes to move your business forward. Informing your customers about an ongoing discount, setting up auto-reply, providing them with offers or even customizing offers for customers, you can do it all with the app.

Does it Help Promote Your Business?

Although, WhatsApp Business isn’t a marketing app but you can still use it to send promotional messages. If you’re running a discount at your business and want your customers to know about it, send them messages. A WhatsApp Business account is a verified and authentic way to communicate with your customers. It also provides them the reason to believe you as you’re a registered business enterprise with a tech giant. However, make sure that you don’t abuse the features by spamming or sending irrelevant messages.

How is it Different from WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Business is slightly different than its Messaging app as it is developed considering small-scale business users. Although, you can use both the apps on a single smartphone, WhatsApp Messenger cannot be registered with a landline. WhatsApp Business also provides you with the statistics of messages sent and received that help you keep an eye on the business growth. If you think that you could send promotional messages to your customers using WhatsApp Messenger, you may, but you may not get the same response as a verified business account would.

What are the Features Offered by the App?

We’re going to shed some light on the features of WhatsApp Business that may help you with your business:

  1. Register a Landline Number: One of the best features WhatsApp Business provides is that you can register your account with a landline number. As you own a business, chances are high that you would prefer landline over a cellular connection. With WhatsApp Business, you can register it with the fixed line and get the OTP over call to confirm the registration.
  2. Auto replies: Now that you’ve taken the first step towards making your business digital, you can set up auto replies for all the incoming messages. WhatsApp Business lets you schedule the messages based on specific days and hours of the day. So, when you’re not around, let your customers know without you actually having to do it personally.
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  3. Statistics: The growth of a business lies beneath the digits and WhatsApp Business is there to show you the growth chart. With this app, you can check and keep an eye at the messages sent and received. If you’re using the app to take orders, it is one of the easiest ways to determine the total sale and profit.
  4. Green Tick Verification: WhatsApp Business provides you with an elite verification sign of a green tick that proves your authenticity. Once your number is verified, the customer can see the green tick in front of your business profile name. The green tick works better at the customer satisfaction end, where authentication increases their trust.
  5. Multitasking: If you are not looking towards registering a landline number and have only one mobile number, you can get it on your smartphone with it. When you are already using WhatsApp Messenger registered on your mobile, you can still register WhatsApp Business with the same number. Note that you’re free to use both the apps on your phone without any problem.

Overall, WhatsApp Business has been developed to help small scale business owners, where they can connect with their customers. With a little budget and expensive labor, it is hard to appoint a dedicated worker that can take care of the customer satisfaction. With WhatsApp Business, you’re able to look after your customers on your own and setup auto reply and features like these.

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