11 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Internet is one of the best blessings of technology that has been helping the human race to get overall developed. From airplanes to a critical surgery, Internet has got our back for ages now. Now that it has every information available at an arm’s length, this is one of the most popular ways to make some extra cash.

When you look around, you would see that everything that you wish to explore is available right there by someone. Well, they’re sharing their expertise through various ways against some revenue. From YouTube to Google, every platform is there to help you earn online.

make money online
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How to make money online?

Now that you know the way to earn online, there are various methods to help you in this journey. Today, we are going to discuss 11 best way to make money online:

1. Online Surveys:

Online surveys have been one of the most popular earning methods for students. There are many organizations which pays you to get your opinion about their products. When you fill surveys, it helps them make their future decisions. There are a few companies which pay near to $5 for a survey.

Online Surveys
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2. Data Entry:

Data entry jobs are one of the most convenient ways to earn online. There are various websites which offer freelance jobs for data entry. However, it is found that most of the organizations are taking advantage of job seekers in the name of data entry. It is important that you don’t fall for any trap and get your job from a legit organization.

Data Entry
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3. Affiliate Marketing:

If you’re getting a good traffic on your blogs or website, this is perhaps the best way to get some more money to your pocket. With just a few clicks and copy-pasting of codes, you may have your website promoting companies and products and you get your share.

Affiliate Marketing
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4. Take advantage of ‘Disney Vault’:

If you’re aware of the Disney Vault, you’d know that Disney restricts the supply of a few home release classics. These series are locked down for a good 8 to 10 years before it is released for a short time. You may buy these articles at the normal price and make profit when they go off sale for another decade. One of such example is the Beauty and the Beast, which 3D Blu Ray was available for just $34.99 and in a few years, it was on sale on Amazon for approx. $100.


5. Searching the web:

How’d you feel if you get rewarded in cash for doing what you usually do! Well, this is how you make money online without putting any added efforts. The revolutionary idea is of Qmee.com that rewards you for searching contents on Google, Bing etc. You just have to get an add-on installed on your browser and when you conduct a search, it would show you a few sponsored results too. But, every result brings your cash reward, which can be transferred to your account without any minimum balance condition.

Searching the web
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6. Online market trading:

Have a taste for market? Well, if you do, there’s bigger opportunity than you’ve ever imagined. With help of internet, you may buy and sell shares, debentures and other securities. One of the easiest ways to earn in less time is to go for day trading. Just open your online account with any broker and start trading.

Online market trading
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7. Review apps and websites for cash:

There are millions of apps on Play Store and iTunes that have billions of reviews. Well, you may not want to review any app or website for free after knowing that you can get paid for the same. A website named usertesting.com pays every day to people for reviewing different websites. Although, it takes around 20 minutes to complete a review, it leaves you $10 for the same.

Review apps and websites for cash
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8. Freelance:

If you’re a skilled person in streams like development, writing etc., you may get good cash at the comfort of your home. Websites like Gigs and Fivrr offer you a platform to join the community and work as a freelance.

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9. Sell Photos:

Everyone takes photos these days but many of you are really good at it. If you think that the sceneries captured by you are unique and people would love it, there are myriads of websites that can pay you for your art.

Sell Photos
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10. Buy & Sell Domain Names:

If you want to try your luck with technology, this is probably the best thing you can do. A domain is just a name of a website, which you can buy from any domain provider like GoDaddy, 123reg etc. Later, these domain names can fetch you a hefty amount if it is attracted enough. The best example is VacationRentals.com, which was sold for a whopping $35 million in 2007.

Buy and Sell Domain Names
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11. Blockchain technology:

How can you forget about a technology that has made millions of millionaires. Well, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are worth giving a hit. However, it is recommended that you invest a little amount and learn the basics of the market. You must also know that it is highly volatile market, which can go from 1M to 0 in the blink of an eye. So, play safe.

Blockchain technology

How to get money in the bank when you earn online?

When you earn money from your online sources like blogs, websites etc., the money gets credited to your bank account on a predetermined interval. The pay-cycle may vary from platform to platform as many prefer to pay every week and some prefer paying every month. There are a few websites which offer other ways to pay you for your services like food coupons, shopping vouchers, shares, Bitcoins etc. Before you decide to go with a specific way to earn online, make sure to select your preferred method to get paid, if offered.

Overall, it is not hard to make money online when you’re aware of the available tools and have skills to deploy. Now that you know 11 best ways to earn online, it is time to get started. If you wish to share some more ways, do let us know in the comments below.

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