How To Connect XBox 360 Game Controller To Android

Video games are not new, what’s new is how you play them these days. Technology has made games as real as this world. Gone are the days when you used to entertain yourself playing Pacman and Mario. This is the era of PUBG and Clash of Clans, that not only require your time but also a sound mind with analytical abilities.

Now that Android phones have become powerful enough to accommodate heavy duty games, a big chunk of people are getting diverted from desk gaming to mobile gaming. But, the fun to control the games through a console was always missing. But, not anymore. Today, we’re going to tell you how to connect game controller to Android and enjoy your favorite game on the go.

 XBox 360 Game Controller

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How to connect Xbox 360 console to Android?

Before you try to connect a gaming console to your Android smartphone, make sure that you’ve below two devices handy with you, i.e.:

A ‘Wired’ Xbox 360 Gaming Console: We’re going to take a wired gaming console due to the fact that they are more robust and go well with smartphones and Android with maximum success rate. Also, it is easier to connect a wired device to your smartphones.

‘Wired’ Xbox 360 Gaming

An OTG Cable: An OTG or On The Go cable is a connecting cable that would be used to connect two devices, which are your smartphone and Xbox gaming console for instance. You may buy an OTG cable either through Amazon or any other platform in a reasonable price. Make sure you’re taking an OTG cable with a male micro USB connector on one end and a female full-size USB port on the other.

OTG Cable


Once you’re ready with the required hardware, it is now the time to perform the magic. You may be surprised to know that you just have to connect ports to ports and you’re all set to go. You can follow the below step to connect game controller to Android:

  1. You’re required to put in the male micro USB connector of the OTG cable to your Android’s charging port.
  2. Now that you’re using a wired gaming console that has a USB connector, you can connect it to the other end of the OTG cable.
  3. If you’re not using a very old Android smartphone, it should work on a plug & play basis.
  4. In case, you’re facing difficulty connecting, you may take help of the app named DeskDock.

How to connect a wireless gaming console to Android?

If you don’t have a wired gaming console, you may still enjoy your smartphone games with it. The wireless gaming consoles work on Bluetooth and connecting them to your Android is as same as connecting any other Bluetooth device to it. You may simply switch on the Bluetooth of your Android and get the pairing done in order to connect. You may now use your wireless controller on your Android.

wireless gaming console

Overall, dedicated gaming consoles add more fun and accuracy to your game. Also, you’re more likely to win games when you’re using consoles. One of the best things about Android smartphones is that it doesn’t require a lot of tech expertise even when you try to connect a device that doesn’t belong to it. If you’re well equipped with adequate resources, you can easily connect game controller to Android. In case, you’re going to play PUBG in its new Sanhok map, you may know it better before getting your head around it. If you wish to share any heck related to Xbox and Android, do let us know in the comments below.

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