How To Connect The Nikon D3400 To Your iPhone

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Pictures are life and they become more meaningful when they are taken with a dedicated camera. No matter how advanced smartphone cameras have become, DSLRs still seem to be irreplaceable. Now that you’ve got myriads of options, Nikon still remains one of the best cameras that serves both personal and business needs. Although, all the Nikon cameras are good. However, Nikon D3400 is one of the most popular device that people love to buy.

Once you’re ready with your D3400, it is time to connect it to your iPhone so that you can view your images directly from your DSLR on your iPhone. Today, we’re going to talk on how to connect Nikon D3400 to your iPhone with Snapbridge.

Connect Nikon D3400 To iPhone

What is Snapbridge?

Snapbridge is a smartphone application that is designed by Nikon to help you sync your images and videos with your smartphone. The tool lets you experience constant, automatic contact between your camera and phone or tablet. With Snapbridge, you’re also able to wirelessly control your camera like taking a image with the help of your iPhone. However, this needs your camera to have Wi-Fi feature. In the absence of Wi-Fi, the Snapbridge app uses Bluetooth to transfer images and videos to your device.


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How to connect Nikon D3400 to your iPhone?

You may follow the below steps to connect your camera to your iPhone:

1. Turn your Nikon D3400 camera and get to the Settings.

2. Scroll down to see ‘Connect to smart device’ option from the list of options and ensure that the ‘Wifi and Bluetooth’ settings are turned on to enable Snapbridge.

Nikon D3400

3. On the next screen, the device would ask you for a password protection. You may either go for a password protection and set one or you may choose to go without a password. Once done, you may tap on Start and Okay.

4. Download and install Snapbridge application from the App Store on your iPhone.

5. Upon launching the Snapbridge app, you would be able to see your camera name if the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features are turned on and all the steps are followed correctly. If you can’t see the camera name, ensure that you’ve followed all the above steps carefully.

6. As soon as you see the camera name, tap on it to select.

7. Then, you would be asked to pair the devices. Once you’ve paired both the devices

8. Carefully, the camera would be able to wirelessly transmit media to your iPhone.

Nikon camera D3400

9. Once the camera and the iPhone are connected, you would be shown a code to confirm that your camera is connected to your iPhone and not a random in-field device.

Overall, connecting your Nikon camera to your iPhone is no brainer. It not only saves a lot of times and efforts but also helps you scrutinize the snaps. With the Snapbridge app installed on your iPhone, it helps you transfer your images automatically. This way, you wouldn’t need to connect your camera to a computer first and then transfer the images to your phone or the iCloud. Now that you know how to connect the Nikon camera to iPhone, its time swipe through the Gallery.

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