How To See Instagram Stories Anonymously?


While talking about social media, Instagram comes first to our head for its due popularity and user base. This is an era where you don’t want to express your mood in writing, you’ve got to show it; and, Instagram provides you a platform for it. Gone are the days when people used to chat over social media accounts. This is the time when pictures speak louder than words. This is why you’ve got the Stories section. But, to view Instagram stores privately, there’s another way around.

When you see a person’s story, the person would know it. However, if you wish to view Instagram stories without them knowing, there are different ways and tools, which you may not find useful. So, we’ve got a simple trick using which you can see Instagram stories anonymously.

view instagram stories anonymously

How To See Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

To see your friend’s Instagram story without being listed in the viewers, you may follow the below steps:

  1. To view Instagram stories privately, you must first launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and go to the home screen to check the feed.
  2. There, you would see all the live stories to watch.
  3. Now, locate a story that is towards the right of the story that you wish to see anonymously. To demonstrate, we’re going to view the story of the ‘red circled’ person because we’ve got to see the Instagram story of the other person in its left (blue rectangle) without them knowing.
    see Instagram stories without them knowing
  4. Now, when you’re viewing the story of the person in the right, you need to tap on the screen to pause, and slightly slide it in the left enough to take a glimpse of the left person’s story. Here, we’re watching a red encircled story and tapped to pause. Then, we slightly slid the screen towards the right (>) to take a short look at the blue rectangle person’s story, without revealing our viewership.
    see Instagram stories without them knowing-4
  5. Make sure that you don’t let the complete story load on your mobile as it would notify the person about your viewership at his/her story line.

Alternatively, you can view the Instagram story of others after turning off your internet connection on the phone. This action must be taken once you are sure of the story being loaded for your Instagram application on the phone.

So just launch the application and let it load all of the Instagram stories. Watch the stories and stop right before the one you want to view anonymously. Now quickly turn on the Airplane mode on your device and now continue watching the Instagram story anonymously. So, it will keep you from appearing in the Story viewers list of others.

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How To View Instagram Stories Privately With a Tool?

If the above steps sound a bit complex or don’t work for you, you can still see Instagram stories anonymously with the help of the ‘BlindStory’ app. Unfortunately, the tool is only available for Android. However, iOS users can download and use ‘Profile+ Unfollowers Analysi‪s‬’ app and follow the same steps:

  1. Download the application on your device.

Android users download the BlindStory app from the link below-

View Instagram Stories Privately

Download here for Android 

iPhone users download the Profile+ Unfollowers Analysi‪s‬ app from the link below-

How To View Instagram Stories Privately

Download here for iOS

2. Login to your account with credentials.

3. Now, you can go to the search bar and enter the name of the profile. Here you will be provided with the post, stories from the account to view.

This way, you can later watch the video/image story content of your friends without them knowing.

Note: These applications might not be able to show you the stories from the private accounts on Instagram.

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Now that you know how to see Instagram stories anonymously, it is time to sneak at their stories without getting listed. Although, there are more proclaimed ways to view Instagram stories privately; however, the steps below are tried and tested, giving you an opportunity to see Instagram stories without them knowing and without the need of experimenting. Now, if you wish to download the Instagram stories, read this blog post.

If you wish to share some tips and tricks related to Instagram, do let us know in the comments below.

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