Android Warning: Popular Applications You Should Uninstall Right Now!

Certain Android apps would lure you with their seemingly superb features & functionalities, but they are the primary cause of common smartphone issues. These malicious apps work to harm your phone, steal your private data & eventually degrade your experience.

So, you have to be aware of these applications & if they are found to have no use, uninstall them immediately. No second thoughts needed!

Wondering which & how to delete apps on Android? Well, we are at your rescue to help you get rid of applications that consume lots of space, floats adware & invade your privacy.

  1. Android Apps That Track You

Admit or not, we all have stalkers in our lives, who follow us no matter where we go. These are applications that have access to our GPS Location & other data. If an individual would be doing such activity, you probably have tagged them as creepy or reach out to cops. So, why would you let an app follow you?

The worst offenders are cleaning applications like Clean Master & Battery Doctor. As users we think, these applications are helping us to clean our device & optimize its performance. But what we don’t know is, they are working to collect our private information, keep a tab on our screen activities and then send it to Advertisers to make  a buck.

Alternative Worth Trying: Before downloading any cleaning Android application on your smartphone, it’s important that you research about the specific app, have a look at its privacy policy & check its reviews. Choose a reliable name, like Smart Phone Cleaner that works to not only clean junk files, manage apps or optimize the battery but also protects your device against malicious stuff and helps to improve overall device performance. You can check out the millions of user reviews before trusting the product!

smart phone cleaner


  1. Android Apps That Depress You

Several pieces of research have revealed how social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat affects mental health. No matter what you do the entire day, it’s highly likely that social media has to be involved. Despite their popularity & addiction, there’s a remarkable lack of clear data about how these apps affect us personally. Our social relationships, behavior & overall mental health.

A recent survey found that 38% of wasted time at work is caused due to heavy social media usage. This percentage may increase if social media addiction continues.

Alternative Worth Trying: Breaking social media addiction is the need of the hour. You can take charge of your life goals rather than being stuck in the virtual world using an app like Social Fever. The app works amazingly well to keep track of time you spent with & without your smartphone. You can even set an alarm to keep a tab on your time spent on these social media platforms.

social fever


  1. Android Apps That Pretend To Protect Your Privacy, But Don’t

Today, almost everybody is concerned about protecting their data & privacy online. And, people paying for ‘Free VPN Apps’ that claims to protect their browsing history, have been found actually routing their history and data to anonymous companies in China. Some Android apps are even caught selling users data to advertisers & data mining companies.

Popular security application like Onavo Protect, that claims to keep your browsing history from ISPs, actually, tracks & routes your online activity to companies, that can access & use them for their good. Such Android applications should be uninstalled from your device right away!

Alternative Worth Trying: Rely on trusted antivirus solutions that provide real-time protection & don’t ask for a lot of permissions to run properly. Here’s a complete roundup to the most popular & reliable security apps for Android, you can install for ultimate protection!

Android Apps That Pretend To Protect Your Privacy

  1. Android Apps That Waste Your Time

Google’s time management reports show just how much time you waste in any given app. Though, every Android application proffers its own unique set of features & functionalities but wasting too much time on them, is surely not worth it.

Popular Android games like Candy Crush, Pokémon Go, Fortnite are highly addictive & holds the potential to turn everyone into a disposable commodity. Ask yourself, do these applications deserves so much time, or would you rather spend the precious time nurturing yourself or your existing connections?

Alternative Worth Trying: Don’t struggle to accomplish anything because you are not skilled enough in the art of time management. Rocket your productivity & use apps for time tracking, task automation, personal scheduling & much more.

Android Apps That Waste Your Time

  1. Android Apps Brought Down By Google

There are certain applications & tools discovered & disclosed by Sophos that are installed in more than 1.3 Million devices. But are nothing more than bombarding users with ads, throwing malicious links & making devices run slowly?

Here’s the complete list of Android applications exposed by Sophos; you can even notice the poor reviews under each app.
Android Apps Brought Down By Google

PART 2: Can’t Uninstall An Android App? Well, This Could Be The Problem!

Uninstalling Android apps is usually a straightforward process, but if you encounter apps that refuses to get deleted from your device, then it boils down to one of these two scenarios:

Reason 1 – The App Set As Administrator

Certain applications require device administration permissions to work properly. So, chances are during the installation process, you might have granted the app ‘Administrator Privileges’. Due to which, these apps have become capable of performing privileged tasks on their own.

And, unfortunately, Android OS doesn’t allow direct uninstallation of apps having Admin Privileges. Therefore, it’s requested to carefully check the permissions you allow to apps before running them on your device.

Quick Solution: To get rid of such apps, you need to deactivate it as a Device Administrator first. The setting can be found under System Security. Uncheck the permission for a particular app & then you can uninstall it the usual way!

The App Set As Administrator

Reason 2- The App Is Bloatware

Bloatware is a common issue faced by millions of users worldwide. These apps come pre-loaded with your devices & in most of the cases, they can’t be uninstalled. At best, nearly all these pre-installed applications do nothing but take precious space on your smartphone. At worst, these apps hampers productivity & efficiency while working.

PART 3: How Can I Uninstall Bloatware On My Android?

If you are not a fan of popular pre-installed apps such as Google Play Music, Google Duo, you can remove them from your phone easily. Don’t worry, you don’t have to root your device,to get rid of such apps; there’s a trick:

STEP 1- Go to your Android device Settings > Manage Applications.

STEP 2- Locate the System/Pre-Installed application you want to get rid of.

STEP 3- Luckily, if you find the ‘Uninstall’ button, tap on it to delete an app on Android right away. But if you don’t see the uninstall option, you might have a Disable button. It means the app might not get removed from your device, but you can simply disable it from showing on your home screen.
The App Is Bloatware

PART 4: Different Ways To Delete Apps On Android

If you want to uninstall these unwanted applications on your Android to recover space or boost device speed, there are several methods to do so. Here’s a complete list of ways to delete multiple applications & the best uninstaller apps for Android.

PART 5: Bottom Line

It’ll take all just one minute or so to check your phone & make sure you don’t have any of the aforementioned malicious apps on your device. Google has already removed these applications from Play Store; however, you have to uninstall them manually.

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