KevDroid Malware: Steals Your Private Data & Records Phone Calls

Most of the Android apps are safe and secure. But, there are chances that you might download the app, which is unsafe and not secure.

It is through apps like these attackers try to inject malware in your Android devices. They prompt you to download some random antivirus app or any other software and when it is done malware is injected in your device.

Android malware was recently released in user’s devices by the same method.

Malware name KevDroid was released. It is a remote administration tool (RAT) that is created to steal the personal information from the respective Android devices.

KevDroid on the other hand is also capable of recording phone calls from your device.

How does KevDroid Malware Works?

The security researchers at Cisco Talos have recently discovered Android trojan KevDroid.

This malware is distributed through the fake anti-virus app called ‘Naver Defender’. After you install this fake application, it makes it easier for actors to get into your phone.

KevDroid has two variants of malware. Both the variants are used for stealing the data and recording the calls. It uses open source library that is available on GitHub. Open source library here is used for recording the incoming and outgoing calls from the affected Android device.

One of the variants also allows actors to get the root access of the device.

And, all the stolen data is now sent to the hacker’s command and control server. This server is hosted on PubNub by using an HTTP POST request.

In a statement from one of the fellow members of the Cisco Talos they stated,

“If an adversary were successful in obtaining some of the information KevDroid is capable of collecting, it could result in a multitude of issues for the victim, resulting in the leakage of data, which could lead to a number of things, such as the kidnapping of a loved one, blackmail by using images or information deemed secret, credential harvesting, multi-factor token access (SMS MFA), banking/financial implications and access to privileged information, perhaps via emails/texts.”

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What Could Be Done to Keep Your Smartphone Safe & Secure?

There are lot of things that could be done to prevent your smartphone from getting infected from malware KevDroid.

Read the steps given below, for just to be on the preventive side.

1. Do not install 3rd party applications and don’t install application from 3rd party stores as well.

2. Install Google Play Protect on your device.

3. Verify all the apps before installing. You can enable ‘verify apps’ from the settings.

4. Do not allow applications from ‘unknown sources’.

5. Download and install anti-virus and protection software from some legitimate app store.

6. Keep backing up your phone time to time.

7. Try using the encryption methods by using applications to protect your personal information present of your smartphone.

8. Never install any software from the pop ups that are shown on your screen.

9. Keep updating all the applications and system to stay away from the hackers.

10. Keep changing your social email passwords and protect your phone by a pin so that no one can access it in your absence.

Just to be on the safe side, use the above given steps. As we know, nobody’s data is safe today. One day or the another it could be possible that someone might use your identity in doing something unethical and against the law.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. Give us your feedback in the comments box below.

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