Adobe Photoshop Tips And Tricks For Photographers

Adobe Photoshop is the cradle that holds in it arms the entire photography industry. With its help, many have made a mark for themselves on various social media portals. Few, on the other hand, scoff as they believe that no photographer worth his/her salt should restore to using editing tools. While both sides of the opinions are justified, we believe that a little extra help never hurts anyone. When one takes a photograph of a pet, a landscape, or captures classic portraits, editing tools like Adobe Photoshop help in capturing the essence behind the photograph. hence, mentioned below are a few tip and tricks for photographers with Adobe Photoshop.

1. How To Edit On Dual Screens:

edit on dual screen photoshop

  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Window > Arrange > New window for .
  • Scale the window sizes according to one’s preference.
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2. Spot Healing Brush:

how to use spot healing brush in photoshop

  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Go to toolbar > Spot Healing Brush Tool.
  • Select area for healing or removing spots.
  • Apply brush.
  • Repeat till the desired effect is achieved.
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3. Tips And Tricks For Auto Editing:

tips and tricks for auto editing photoshop

  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Upload Image > Auto Tone + Auto Contrast + Auto Color
  • Repeat till desired tone is achieved.
  • Using these 3 tools results in a high-end image quality.
  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Open Image > Adjustment > Curve
  • By simply tweaking the curve the desired tone can be achieved.
  • This trick also helps adjust the shadow play and gives the user flexibility to adjust contrast to their liking.


  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Open Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation
  • Tweaking of the color saturation results in an overall in a well-toned image.

4. Multiple Filters and Gaussian Effect:

multiple filter in photoshop

  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Open image > Filters > Choose any filter and apply.
  • Apply Ctrl + F a number of times
  • Apply Ctrl + Shift + F > change the filter to Gaussian > Apply
  • Applying the Gaussian effect, fades the filter.

5. How To Create A Circle Panorama:


  • Go to Adobe Photoshop > Open an image (preferably a single long panoramic image)
  • Go to image > Image Size > Copy the height in to the width section (make sure ‘keep proportions’ are unchecked) > Apply
  • Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical.
  • Go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates (make sure ‘rectangular to polar’ is checked) > Apply
  • Adjust ‘zoom’ (ensure that the image displays the entire landscape) > Apply
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There you have it folks! The above are a few tips and tricks that shall help photographers achieve the perfect image. We hope the blog helps you create world class images. Do drop us your views in the comments section below.

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