21 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins To Save Your Time

When we talk about Adobe Photoshop it’s all about the right colors and intensity used to design and create an image. And when it comes to graphic design and image editing in particular then there are chances that the designer might be using some of the plugins to enhance and manipulate the picture for better image quality and clarity.

Why Photoshop Extensions/Plugins Are Used?

Adobe Photoshop plugins are used to add effects and special features, to make the process of graphic designing more simple and easy, to make images look more enhanced and impressive and many other useful features to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, photo editor, graphic designer or any other designer, a professional or just a beginner, all the Adobe Photoshop extensions are easy to use for any type of project.

Let us take an example here:

Suppose you want to make your picture look more enhanced and want to give it a cartoon effect. For this all you have to do is, download and install ToonIt on your system, and add the cartoon effects. You just did all the effective work within few clicks. That’s how simple and easy it is. The photoshop plugins are very time saving, cost effective and easy to use.

For Adobe Photoshop there are many number of plugins to expand its vulnerability. And, with different-different features each one outstands the other plug-in. So, just to help you out in decision making for the best Adobe Photoshop plug-in, we will be talking about the best 21 Adobe Photoshop plug-ins to save your time with each having different features.

Best Plugins On Adobe Photoshop In 2018

1. Exposure X3

 1. Exposure X3
Source: gfx-hub

This photoshop plugin is the advanced and complete photo editor and photo manager developed by Alien Skin Software. It is mostly used by the editors to alter the pictures into art by using focus effects of Bokeh. It has many features as this is the best organizing and performance tool for Photoshop. With Exposure X3 you can add descriptive keywords to photos, and when printing you can add watermark to photos. It supports RAW, TIFF, JPEG, DNG file types. This Photoshop extension has several presets also to organize and provide mesmerizing look to pictures.

2. ParticleShop

Source: painterartist

To enhance your images and to give them a dynamic look, ParticleShop is the best photoshop extension powered by Painter and developed by Corel. It has Speckle brushes and Particle brushes to make your pictures and designs look more enhanced and artistic.

3. Geographic Imager

Geographic Imager
Source: avenza

 For importing, editing, manipulating and exporting geospatial images such as satellite images of activities occurring on Earth’s surface, this is the best plugin for geological photographers developed by Avenza. This Adobe Photoshop plugin has several features like pixel editing, image adjustments, filters, etc. It is almost like a mapping software to enhance and work with geospatial images.

4. Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion
Source: extensis

This photoshop plugin is the professional font manager to provide the best way to view, use and manage fonts developed by Extensis. With this you can find and enable fonts when needed and can also save your fonts easily. It also comes with cloud backup TypeSync, so that you never lose your fonts again.

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5. Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro
Source: hdrsoft

With Photomatix Pro produce HDR images, which can also be adjusted to the look you want. It comes with more than 40 built-in presets to render your images. Also, it has brushing tool and advanced ghost removal tool as well. This photoshop extension is basically for real estate photography developed by HDRsoft.

6. Portrait Pro

Portrait Pro
Source: portraitprofessional

 To enhance the facial beauty quickly and smoothly, PortraitPro is the best photoshop plugin to use. With it you can fix and remove wrinkles and blemishes. It comes with more tools to reshape aspects of the face like makeup tools to remove sweat and dirt & lightning controls to change the light effect on the face.

7. B&W Effects

B&W Effects
Source: topazlabs

It is an Adobe Photoshop plugin to help you convert your images into monochrome images and helps you to add texture to your photos developed by Topaz Labs. This B&W conversion engines is the best to use for converting colored images into black and white pictures. It also has a feature for tonal contrast so that you can set the contrast of your choice.

8. Noiseware

Source: imagenomic

 This plugin is used to decrease and remove noises from digital pictures developed by Imagenomic. It also has feature to eliminate noise from low light photos and also removes tinted pixels and spots.

9. Flood 2

Flood 2
Source: flamingpear

With this photoshop extension you can easily submerge and make your pictures watery. Developed by Flaming Pear Software this software has features where you can add waves and ripple to enhance your images with the watery reflection.

10. Power Matte

Power Matte
Source: digitalfilmtools

This is an image matting plugin for Adobe Photoshop developed by Digital Film Tools. It uses extraction method where white matter areas are extracted and black areas are not. Once the process is done, the picture seems more composed and natural.

 11. LensDoc

lens doc


This is the best photoshop plugin for photographers developed by Andromeda. As it is used to correct the image distortions that were taken in zoom and wide angles. It also uses lens correction to remove the distortions like perspective and pin-cushioning.

12. Primatte Chromakey

Primatte Chromakey
Source: digitalanarchy

This Photoshop extension is used for Greenscreen removal developed by Digital Anarchy. With easier interface and with just click and drag function, it helps your mask look amazing. It also has a Backdrop feature for adding often difficult details and to add a custom backdrop as well.

 13. ToonIt!

Source: digitalanarchy

To give your pictures a cartoon effect, ToonIt is the Photoshop plugin developed by Digital Anarchy. In this process to convert your picture, giving it a cartoon effects and to provide you precise shading and lining, it uses Toonamation technology.

 14. Luminar 2018

luminar 2018
Source: skylum

One more photo editor that can be used as an Photoshop plugin developed by SkyLum. This plugin is recommended for photographers. It is a complete photo editing tool that can edit, enhance and organize basically used for raw pictures. It features around 45 intelligent filters and 67 smart presets for quick editing and saving your time.

15. virtualPhotographer

Source: optikvervelabs

With this Photoshop plugin, give your images a more sophisticated look in just a few clicks developed by OptikVerve Labs. With this Photoshop tool you can adjust film grains, B/W effect, adjust focus, and many other features. It is the most quick and effective way to give your imagers a stylized look.

16. On1 Resize

This plugin is used to enlarge pictures without disturbing the image quality developed by On1. The image with this extension is capable of enlarging an image by 1000 percent. It uses commanding algorithms for detailed enhancement and better clarity. On1 Resize is image compression tool as well.

17. PageCurl 2

PageCurl 2
Source: avbros

This is the most cost-effective tool for Adobe Photoshop extension to create page turn and put fold effects into the image developed by AV Bros. This tool is more suitable for graphic designers. It also works with arbitrary-shaped images such as non-rectangular, with full or partial transparent areas, etc.

18. Renamy 4.0

Renamy 4.0
Source: klaia

Give you image a name is much important and necessary first. This Photoshop plugin is used for editing ad renaming layers in just one click developed by Klaia. It has an Autocomplete function, which uses influential advanced mechanism of matching and adding textual substrings for the same purpose.

19. Shutterstock

Source: creativebloq

Shutterstock provides the Photoshop extension for designers to directly access the huge collection of pictures of all types without leaving the application. With more streamlined and structured interface, you just have click the image to for selecting and inserting in the picture you are working on. There are both licensed and royalty free images to use for designing.

20. Fluid Mask 3

 Fluid Mask 3
Source: vertustech

It is an extension and a tool to create clean, accurate and precise masks developed by Vertus. This is the best photoshop plugin for photographers and graphic designers. Fluid Mask with its simplified interface and process makes it easy for designer to create masks of their choice and color quickly.

21. Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns
Source: creativebloq

This photoshop plugin is used for giving tileable textured pattern to your images developed by Source. Subtle Patterns comes with a library of high quality patterns. You just have to click the pattern thumbnail to apply the texture as a layer to your image. It’s a great time save tool for Photoshop.

This was all folks! This is the list of 21 best Adobe Photoshop plugins to enhance and create much better-looking images quickly.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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