Common Problems Of Photoshop And Their Solutions

Photoshop is one of the most used image editing software worldwide. The tool is also considered to be Adobe’s pride and gem due to its popularity and success. From turning impossible to possible, Photoshop has been the first choice of any professional graphic designer. Another reason for its success is the tools, techniques and the library that hands great power to a designer. However, like every software, there are problems that users face while using Photoshop.

Common Problems Of Photoshop And Their Solutions

Thus, in this blog we are going to talk about the most common Photoshop problems. We will also look into how to fix Photoshop issues that you encounter most often:

1. Third Guidelines Rule

It is observed that most of the designers do not work with grid lines on Photoshop despite the fact that they can be helpful on graphical work (free form). However, you’re allowed to change it through a rulemaking that you can access with a simple keyboard macro. Just press Ctrl + K on your keyboard that opens Preference window and select Guides, Grids & Slides option.

Third Guidelines Rule
Source: Muo

Once you’re there, make changes  in the Grid section – Gridline Every to 100 and Percent, and Subdivisions to 3. Click on OK and you’re done.

2. Change Measurement to Pixels

Photoshop uses inches as a unit of measurement by default, which is frustrating when you are working for a web design and not a print. However, you can change this default setting by clicking on Edit and take the mouse pointer on Preferences that lets other options appear on screen. From there, select Units & Rulers… option. Once the Preference window opens, change the Rulers setting to Pixels using the drop-down menu and fix Photoshop issue.

Change Measurement to Pixels
Source: muo

3. Image Rotation

If you have been rotating your image through the Image adjustment page, you may probably want to put a stop to this bad habit as it rotates the whole art board. You may rather use the Transform tool to rotate, skew or move your image. To rotate, place your image and select it. Then, press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. This would bring a box around the image. Just right click on the image and select your desired option.

Image Rotation
Source: muo

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4. Bird’s Eye View

When you’re new to Photoshop, it is likely that you would spend a lot of time on the software. There are a lot of Photoshop problems that you can observe while working on the small details of your project that includes continuous zoom in and out after every change. If you’re not using the hand tool and you have zoomed in at a specific spot but wish to zoom in at a different spot on the same canvas, you can simply press and hold H, click and drag the cursor and place the magnifying square on any other place of your artwork

Overall, you can enjoy more by working on Photoshop once you know how to fix Photoshop issues. Although, there are not as many Photoshop problems that you may come across. However, by implementing the above-mentioned fixes, you can enhance your experience by working on one of the best designing software in the world. If you know some more tips and tricks for Photoshop, do let us know in the comments section below.

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