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How to Rectify the PNP-DETECTED FATAL ERROR in Windows 10

The error, PNP-DETECTED-FATAL-ERROR, is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error, producing several issues in your computer, like slowing it down, making it inoperable or inaccessible, or forcing it to crash. A PNP Detected Fatal Error could be...


Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. SE Vs. Ultra: Which One Should You Go For?

In the recent most awaited event by Apple, the Far Out, the tech giant announced some of the most prominent devices that the world was waiting for. Apple is one of the few brands that can garner the attention of the masses before they have ...


Are Your Passwords Safe in Chrome? Know Here!

Like every browser, Chrome allows you to save and auto-fill passwords when needed. It saves you from the hassle of remembering passwords. However, this feature's convenience is unbeatable; the chances of your passwords leaking and being com...


How to Fix “Purple Screen of Death” on Windows PC

Many organizations worldwide use the VMware app to carry out their work. All types of businesses and works use this app by installing it on the server and then sharing the PC resources with the virtual machines built on it. However, some us...


All You Wanted To Know About CosmicStrand: A Malware In Your Firmware

Kaspersky Researchers have discovered CosmicStrand rootkit in modified Unified Extensible Firmware Interface or UEFI. This firmware malware loads up on your PC when it starts and then initiates the OS boot process. This is something that lo...


How to Screenshot the Active Window on Windows 10

Taking a screenshot is one of the easiest things to do when you want to capture a screen; all you need to do is press Windows and Print Screen keys on the keyboard, and voila!  Once the screenshot is captured, it goes to the Windows defaul...


How to Reset the TCP/IP Stack on Windows 10/11

Are you facing an error connecting to the internet connection on your computer? Do you wish to reset TCP/IP stack? One of the many issues people have noticed when installing Windows 11 is the inability to connect to the internet. While ther...