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The development of technology makes it possible to access a remote computer from anywhere over the internet. Thus, employees can complete job tasks from home; IT assistants can troubleshoot technical issues on a remote computer without physical appearances; and team members can facilitate collaboration when they are located in different places; users can access resources only available on a remote computer.

If you are looking for an easy solution to resolve this issue for your organization or personal use, check out AnyViewer. This detailed review will help you understand the features and benefits of the remote desktop application. It will quickly give access to the important work files and applications on a remote desktop from anywhere. AnyViewer makes the task secure by providing an end-to-end encryption using 256-Bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm.

Can I Remote Desktop to Windows PC Without Configuring Router?

When users access a remote PC from an outside network using Windows built-in feature Remote Desktop, they need to perform port forwarding or set up VPN. The whole process involves router and firewall configuration, completely tough for users who are not tech-savvy. Thus, many users may have the question – Can I remote into Windows computer without configuring router and firewall?

The Best Windows Remote Desktop Access That You Can’t Miss

For users who don’t realize much about computer knowledge, it’s highly recommended to switch best third-party remote access software for windows 10 – AnyViewer. It requires no extra setup work to access Windows-based computers from a different network with a Windows, iOS or Android device and has many other highlights:

  • Secure: End-to-end ECC (a strong algorithm) encryption ensure data safety for both ends and Lock interface feature prevents AnyViewer settings being modified when users let others use their computers for a while. It uses a industry level security code technologies for access settings and ensures safety of your device and data transfers.
  • Easy: Users can download and install AnyViewer quickly. After that, they can complete remote access without any obstacles with the user-friendly interface and nice how-to tutorials of AnyViewer.
  • Flexible: As an overall remote desktop app for remote access and remote support, AnyViewer enables users to access an unattended computer with one-click or security code or start instant session by sending a remote-control request.

Then, See What AnyViewer Can Do for You:

  • Unattended remote access: Set up security code or assign both devices to the account, then users can access an unattended computer. It makes it simpler to get control from a client computer when no one is around to grant access to remote usage.
  • Send a remote-control request: To offer one-time technical assistance, users can send a remote-control request and wait for access authorization.
  • Control multiple computers simultaneously: AnyViewer supports users to control two or multiple PCs at the same time, and can switch tabs to view the session window. This makes it a very efficient tool to have control over multiple computers and resolve issues quickly.
  • File transfer: AnyViewer empowers users to transfer files between two remote Windows computers directly over the internet without running a remote session or in a remote session. It does not require you to give full control of your PC but only enables file sharing.
  • Chat in session: Once remote connection is built between two PCs, users on two ends can communicate with others conveniently by inputting words in the Chat box. It helps in building a better communication channel between the client and support team.
  • Multiple-monitor switch: It’s available to show all monitors or only the specified one on the remote session window when users are controlling a remote computer with multiple monitors.
  • Access in privacy mode: To access user PCs, especially when PCs are placed in open places. It allows users to access their systems in privacy mode, make the screen black and disable mouse & keyboard.
  • Manage remote computer power: Users can shut down, reboot or lock remote computers from a local device from My Devices interface or in remote session.
  • Provides shortcuts – AnyViewer offers shortcuts to its users to quickly lock screen, switch between screens, launch Task Manager, run Command Prompt, disable mouse and keyboard, turn the screen of client’s screen black and many more.
  • Change resolution: AnyViewer enables users to choose different resolutions based on the network speed and PC configuration.
  • Adaptive: AnyViewer can automatically enlarge or shrink the screen to fit the current window size after users click Adaptive icon in remote sessions.
  • Hide wallpaper: Users can hide/unhide wallpaper of the remote computer in remote sessions based on the network condition. It helps in making the support team work in a distraction free environment.
  • Run essential apps on remote computers: Users can access important apps on the remote computer easily.

How-To: Get Remote Access to a Windows-Based Computer With One-Click

First of all, the Windows-based computer that is going to be accessed should download and fire up AnyViewer. Then, users need to create an AnyViewer account and log into the account on the computer.


Then, users need to log into the same account on their local device. Go to Device interface, locate the remote computer, click it and click One-click control. Users can see the screen of the remote computer immediately and use it without physical presence.

Verdict –

AnyViewer is an excellent solution for those who are constantly looking for remote access to the devices on the workfront. It can also be great for personal computers while providing assistance to other users and to access important files and applications remotely.

The easy file transfer, unattended remote access, chat option, quick setup and shortcuts makes it a perfect choice for enhanced productivity. The secure remote access with the latest encryption model used by AnyViewer makes it suitable for organizations looking to transfer confidential data between computers. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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