Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. SE Vs. Ultra: Which One Should You Go For?

In the recent most awaited event by Apple, the Far Out, the tech giant announced some of the most prominent devices that the world was waiting for. Apple is one of the few brands that can garner the attention of the masses before they have even launched a product, and the same happened this year when they crushed the market with their top-notch smartphones, earbuds, and of course, watches.

In this post, we will focus solely on the lineup of watches the brand has recently introduced to the market. If you are in the market looking for a smartwatch, this post can be a game changer for you. We will compare all three new releases, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and the talk of the town, the Apple Watch Ultra.

Let’s begin with a quick comparison of basic specifications without further ado among these three. Check it out!

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Series 8 vs. SE: A Quick Glance at Key Differences

S. No   Feature Perimeter Ultra   Series 8     SE  
1 Sizes Available 49 mm. 41 mm. & 45 mm. 40 mm. & 44mm.
2 Display Always On Retina Display at 2000 Nits Peak Brightness Always On Retina Display at 1000 Nits Peak Brightness Retina Display at 1000 Nits Peak Brightness.
3 IP Rating/ Certifications IP6X Dust Resistance Certified, MIL-STD 810H IP6X Dust Resistance Certified None
4 Water Resistance Up to 100m. Swim proof & 40 m. Recreational Diving Resistant. 50m. Swim proof 50m. Swim proof
5 Battery Capacity Up to 36 Hours Up to 18 Hours Up to 18 Hours
6 Fitness Features & Sensors -Blood oxygen App
-ECG App
-High and Low Heart rate Notifications
-Irregular Rhythm Notifications
Cardio Fitness Notifications
-Blood oxygen App
-ECG App
-High and Low Heart rate Notifications
-Irregular Rhythm Notifications
Cardio Fitness Notifications
-High and Low Heart rate Notifications
-Irregular Rhythm Notifications
Cardio Fitness Notifications
7 Finishes Available Titanium Aluminum, Stainless Steel Aluminum

All these differences can be a little confusing for the buyers as almost everything seems to be available in all models; however, there is a slight change, which is where the decision-making becomes tough. Three things that become crystal clear by looking at the table are –

  1. Apple Watch Ultra is the Pro Max version of the watch with every feature you may or may not require.
  2. Apple Watch Series 8 is hardly an upgrade over the previous generation.
  3. Apple Watch SE is the best value for money when starting with Apple Watches.

With the basic comparison out of the way, let’s take things up a notch and understand exactly which of these is the best option for you by addressing the pros and cons of all three models individually. It will give you a better insight into which of these products are the best for you and how they compare to each other per your use cases and requirements. Let’s begin with the most value-for-money watch from the SE.

To get a deeper classification of the three, let us quickly compare them based on certain criteria. Check the next section to learn more about them.

In-Depth Classification of the Latest Apple Watches? What Makes them Worth Their Prices?

This year, the brand has come up with not one, not two, but three watches, and that too at drastically different price points. While having a range of products to choose from is always good for the buyer, Apple is known to create a line-up that confuses its customers. Be it with the iPhone series every year or the Mac Series; a consumer has to research and go to deep lengths to understand which one is the apt buy for them.

Don’t worry if you are confused, as we will also go in-depth to understand the core differences between the three segments based on multiple criteria. Without further ado, let’s begin. The criteria we will use are – fit & finish, unique features, and technical advancements. Let’s begin!

Fit & Finish


The fit and finish available in the Ultra is for the rugged and advanced users who aim to make the most out of their gadgets in extreme conditions. The Dial is available in titanium, and multiple bands are available in rugged finishes to give you a robust experience.

Successor to the series 7, the series 8 seems more of a classy and comfortable watch when compared to the Ultra. Multiple dial finishes are available, and it comes with a silicon wristband to give customers a premium feel. If you have used an Apple Watch previously, you might be familiar with the feel of having an Apple Watch on your wrist; there is nothing new.

The pocket-friendly release from the brand comes in an aluminum case with a silicon band, similar to what you get in the series 8. As an entry-level watch, it gives you a premium feel on the wrist, and since it is an Apple product, you can expect top-notch material quality.

Unique Features


The Apple Watch Ultra has many tricks under its hat. A redesigned compass, lightweight titanium case, and dual-frequency GPS are some of the amazing futuristic specifications it is offering.

Series 8 is a more controlled and user-friendly watch with all the features you may need. However, it is undoubtedly a notch lower than the ultra but is still enough to get you by the day.

The SE may look to be the cheapest of the launched bunch. However, it still gets almost all the features you may find in series 8. The newest chipset also brings advanced features like fall detection and crash detection to the SE.

Apple Watch SE: Who is it For?


The Apple Watch SE is the least-priced watch that Apple has to offer in its recent line-up of introduced products. It offers a vivid range of features that may seem enough for a regular user. With a battery backup of 18 hours and a solid aluminum case, the watch is a great package that offers a premium finish. It is the entry-level watch in 2022 as it is priced at $299; thus, if you have not used any of the series before and are not looking to spend a lot on a watch, this can be an excellent option for you.

Apple Watch Series 8: Worth the Upgrade?


Next comes series 8, the ultimate successor to the previous Watch series 7. Users using the series 7 and looking for an upgrade should avoid this and wait for the next update as only two major features have been introduced, crash detection and skin temperature sensors.

Upgrading to the 8th can be suitable for you if you are coming from series 4 or 5, as it gives a significant bump in the overall experience. Series 8 can also be suitable for people looking for a long-term investment, as in those who want to use the watch for at least 2-3 years. If  you own series 7, maybe you should hold onto it until next year.

Apple Watch Ultra: Did Apple Go Overboard?


This year, Apple took an extra step towards bringing the watch market by storm with their latest and greatest, the Apple Watch Ultra. With some of the cutting-edge features such as crash detection, fall detection, Wayfinder, temperature sensing, depth gauge, and a better battery with up to 36 hours of standby time (usually) & 60 hours of standby time (on low power settings). While the feature list seems to be futuristic and something fresh, it comes at a much higher price point than any other watch.

It starts at $799, a significant amount considering multiple smartphone devices, some flagships, and other brands available at a similar price.

Spending $800-900 on a watch is a job for enthusiasts who want nothing but the latest and the best. So if you are one of those, the product will not disappoint you.

Final Takeaway

This brings us to the end of our comparison between the Apple Watch Ultra vs. Series 8 vs.SE. Hope this helps you decide and gives you a clearer perspective on which of these is the best option for you. For more detailed comparisons and information on the latest gadgets and cutting-edge technology, ensure you stay connected with us through social media. That’s all for this one; catch you in the next!

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