Is Your Phone Travel Ready? A Guide On How To Use Your Phone Abroad!

Your smartphone literally becomes the best companion before heading to a new holiday destination. From keeping flight layover apps, travel guidance, maps, food, hotel bookings, new language learning apps, your phone becomes last resort in all situations. No more handbooks required, just scroll through the whole page to understand how to use a mobile phone abroad and tick off the checklist that is mentioned below in brief.

We can also tell you this beforehand that every tip varies according to the traveler and their choices of using the phone in a certain manner. Apart from that, let’s explore the adventure your phone can certainly show off!

1. Basic Phone Update & Optimization

We don’t even realize the value of updated apps at home but traveling without them can just create unknown blunders. And no one is sure of getting a strong Wi-Fi system during the whole time! So, isn’t that a smart choice to keep phones updated and boost their performance in advance?

  • For the same, just reach to Settings in iPhone or Android and choose System Update.

In the same manner, you can update all the apps in one go and remove certain bugs from the phone itself. (Selecting Update All from System Apps Updater)

  • Now you can find a favorable restaurant, book an Uber or simply find own hostel for the night when no technical glitches hurt the device. Moreover, it’s best to optimize your Android with Smart Phone Cleaner that extends the battery life, cleans the junk and manages all the apps on one tap.
  • Automate Date and Time Settings as traveling sometimes mess up the phone’s activities in an unusual way. Yes, you can surely update it all manually as well, if automation is certainly not your call.

For this, reach Settings > Additional Settings / System > Date & Time > and toggle on Automatic date & time switch.

Note that this step varies according to the device and model numbers.

date and time setting

2. Use My Phone Abroad For Payments

Use My Phone Abroad For Payments

  • Traveling is more or less about paying money for rent, food, commutation and what not! And it is not necessary that you are cash-ready every now and then. So better load up your phone with necessities like Apple Pay for iPhone users. How to transfer payments using Apple Pay Cash with iMessage is a must-check for more details.
  • Whereas Android users can go for Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and many other apps for direct payments. Through you need to check that your payee is accepting that particular app for accepting money.
  • Download the best currency converter apps for iPhone and Android if you are traveling abroad! Yes, they are necessary as you do not want to stress yourself with calculation every now and then.

3. Use Your Phone Abroad In Case Of Emergency

Though iPhone has an in-built emergency SOS feature, Android users shall keep Call For Help in their phones to tap on the button and send an emergency call to trusted family members on time.

At the same time, it is necessary to set up your medical card in iPhone for any medical emergency!

Moreover, you have an option to select a best emergency apps from Top 5 emergency apps where you can possibly find your perfect option in no time.

4. Secure Your Phone From Being Hacked

When you travel and look for airport, hotel or street Wi-Fi to connect with your family back home, it is not such a reliable source always. Hackers can always peek into your private affair and misuse the important and personal details for own means.

For all such cases, update yourself with free VPN apps for Android or iPhone, whichever you have and browse through them. Why? How VPN service helps your mobile device?

Secure Your Phone From Being Hacked

5. Use Phone Abroad For Language Translation

Simply, Google Translate will do all this work without a need for another thought. You can make another person speak over it and see what they are saying in preferred language. The large library certainly makes it one of the best app to keep in the phone while traveling.

Moreover, you can learn its use in detail right here!

Use Phone Abroad For Language Translation

6. Use Phone Abroad To Stay Connected Back Home

From booking flight tickets, accommodations and sending pictures back home, you need to stay connected on calls and messages with your family members. From choosing the right International data plan to effective SIM cards, you can keep yourself connected easily.

And if you are traveling on a shoestring budget, we would recommend keeping Google Fi in your device that sorts most of your concerns and provides 4G at bargained prices. Happy?

7. Last & Most Important: Buck Up With Entertainment

Now is the time to finally download your favorite stuff from Netflix, Prime or PC and keep them on standby mode when getting bored.

Moreover, set yourself with some amazing music list so that any plane delay will not bother you and time will fly just like that!

Or just keep editing your photos (Android & iPhone) and prepare the gallery for social media once again!

Bon Voyage!

We believe that these tips mentioned above will make your trip memorable and worthy as your best companion is also as excited as you! Surely, you must have got a hint of how to use your phone abroad and take its help in case of any situation. Though if you have already traveled and experienced other requirements on the phone, let us know in the comment section below! Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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