Fix: Your Computer’s Trusted Platform Module has Malfunctioned

Stuck with the “Your Computer’s Trusted Platform Module has Malfunctioned” error on Windows 10? The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a dedicated micro-controller that is designed to secure a system’s hardware using integrated cryptographic keys. So, if it has been malfunctioned or got corrupted due to any reason, some or the other Windows components installed on your device may not function properly.


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If your system’s TPM has malfunctioned, you must immediately perform several troubleshooting steps to get past this issue.

But before we proceed, let’s quickly learn about what is a Trusted Platform Module and how it functions on Windows 10.

What is a Trusted Platform Module?


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Trusted Platform Module (TPM) securely stores your credentials and if it has somehow stopped working or got corrupted, you might not be able to log in or access some of the Windows services. TPM technology offers security-related functions and is designed to carry out cryptographic operations on Windows.

Some of the main roles that TPM takes care of include:

  • Generate, store, limit, and manage credentials and cryptographic keys.
  • Taking strong security measures to authenticate platform integrity.
  • Mitigates phishing attacks.

Apart from this, the Trusted Platform Module also plays a crucial role during the booting process. The Boot Code of Windows is already loaded on the TPM and hence it authenticates whether the correct software is being used to boot your device.

So, yes, TPM is an integral component of Windows OS. If it has somehow malfunctioned, here are a few ways to resolve any issues pertaining to the Trusted Platform Module on Windows.

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What Causes the TPM to Become Malfunctioned/Corrupt


The TPM error is usually encountered on Windows 10 due to interference of the PC Health Checkup application. The PC Health Checkup is used to check whether your device is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

Other possible reasons that may trigger this issue are if the bootloader file has been tempered or if your device is infected with a specific type of virus or malware.

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How to fix “Your Computer’s Trusted Platform Module has Malfunctioned” Error

Here are a few troubleshooting methods that you can use to get past the TPM error on Windows.

1. Clear the TPM Keys

Step 1: Launch the Start menu search box, type “Windows Security” and hit Enter.


Step 2: Switch to the “Device Security” option from the left menu pane.

Step 3: Tap on “Security Processor Details”.


Step 4: Now select “Security Processor Troubleshooting”.


Step 5: Tap on the “Clear TPM” button to clear the TPM keys on Windows 10.


After making the above-mentioned changes, reboot your machine and check if you’re still experiencing any issues.

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2. Manually Enable/Disable the TPM Service

The next workaround to fix the “Your computer’s trusted module has malfunctioned” error is by manually turning on/off the TPM service. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Enter “TPM.msc” in the textbox and hit Enter.


Step 3: Head on to the Action panel and then select the “Turn TPM off” option.


Reboot your device and check if the issue persists.

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3. Disable Hyper-V

Step 1: Open the Control Panel and then select “Programs”.


Step 2: Select “Turn Windows features on or off”.


Step 3: In the list of Windows features, look for the Hyper-V folder.


Step 4: Uncheck this option and tap on OK to save your changes.

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4. Reset Microsoft 365 Activation code

If you are facing the error message which activates the Microsoft applications, you need to revisit this step. 

Step 1: Get Support and Recovery Assistant for your computer from the official Microsoft website.

Step 2: Once you have successfully installed the Support and Recovery Assistant, it will launch on your computer. 

Step 3: Under the Which app are you having problems with, find the application which is showing you the error message and then click on Next. 

Step 4: On the next screen, select the the problem listed. When its a activation code error, select “ I’ve installed a subscription version of Office, but I can’t activate it.

Step 5: Click on Restart. Now you can see that the issue is resolved.

5. Update TPM drivers

Outdated, missing or corrupted drivers can cause the error and therefore, we bring you an easy solution to update your TPM drivers. 

Manually, you can update your drivers using the Device Manager following the steps below –

Step 1: Type device manager on the Search bar in Start and then open the first result.

Step 2: Device Manager, go to Security devices and click on the Trusted Platform Module.

Step 3: Right click on the Trusted Platform Module to view the options and click on Update driver.

Device Manager

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to update TPM drivers.

Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Driver Updater which can quickly update your drivers in fewer steps. Advanced Driver Updater is a trusted driver updating tool which can download and install the latest version of device drivers on your PC.

Step 1: Download and install Advanced Driver Updater from the button down below.

Step 2: Click on Start Scan Now and it will display the results for all the outdated drivers on your computer.

Advanced Driver Manager

Step 3: With the Update All button you can instantly update all the outdated drivers in the list. 

6. Scan your Device for Virus or Malware

Tried the above-listed workarounds and still no luck? Well, there may also be a possibility that your device is infected with a virus or malware due to which the TPM error is being triggered. To make sure that your Windows PC is 100% threat-free, download and install the Systweak Antivirus security tool.


Systweak Antivirus is an advanced security tool that safeguards your device against viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, adware, and other malicious threats. It instantly detects the threats, neutralizes them, and tries to sneak them past from your device. Systweak Antivirus is a comprehensive security solution to safeguard your device from zero-day threats and exploits.


Apart from offering real-time protection against viruses and malware, Systweak Antivirus also improves your device’s speed and performance by removing unwanted startup programs and apps.


Here are a few solutions that you can try for fixing the “Your computer’s trusted platform module has malfunctioned” error on Windows 10. Were you able to get past the TPM error on Windows 10? Which solution worked out the best for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

FAQs –

Q1. How do I fix the Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned?

Mostly, clearing the TPM keys will resolve the issue, but in some cases, we need to disable certain Windows components. 

Q2. What causes TPM malfunction?

Trusted Platform Module drivers can be outdated or corrupted which in turn results in TPM malfunctioning. Other causes include reimaging computer without clearing TPM. 

Q3. How do I fix error 80090016?

Microsoft Office 365 – Error Code 80090016 can be fixed by performing the aforementioned methods. It can range from resetting the activation code to clearing credentials and re-entering them after a quick reboot. 

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