4 Quick Ways To FIX – Your Computer May Be Sending Captcha Automated Queries

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Lately, while using Google Chrome and searching an item using Google search, several Windows users have been found reporting a message, “Your computer may be sending Captcha automated queries while using Google”.

This is a frustrating message, as it stops you from searching for anything online. Also, it interferes with the browsing process. This means you might be kicked out from the browser. If you or anyone you know is bothered by captcha automated query messages, here’s a way to solve it.

To learn the fixes read further.

How to Fix, my computer is sending Captcha automated queries?

No problem on the planet cannot be solved. The same is true for my computer is sending automated queries. To fix the problem easily and stop encountering captcha automated queries message, follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Method 1. Use an alternate browser


brave browser


When encountering a computer that is sending automated queries, the first thing you should do is, try using an alternate browser. There are several browsers in the market, but which one can be trusted? 

If you are looking for our suggestion, then we suggest using Brave browser.

A browser that is 3X faster than Chrome and comes with various built-in security features. Once installed on your Windows machine, you can easily import bookmarks from the browser you are using. 

Moreover, Brave is designed to block data grabbing ads and trackers. Also, it offers a private window with Tor. This means you can hide your browsing history and mask location at the same time. What’s more, you can earn brave rewards too. 

Read More: Chrome vs. Brave Browser: Why Switching To Brave Might Be A Good Option?

After doing so, you can enjoy all the benefits and features that Brave browser brings in for you. 

Features of this privacy-focused browser

1. Loads pages 3X to 6X times faster

2. Easy importing of bookmarks for easy switching

3. Earn rewards in form of BAT for viewing ads

4. Safe browsing and data synchronization 

Method 2. Scan your PC for malware


Systweak Antivirus


Another tested way to resolve the captcha automated queries message is to scan the system for malware infection. Most of the time due to a virus, PUP, or other malicious infections, you might end up encountering this message. To fix it, you must use an updated antivirus. For this, you can check our post on the best antivirus for Windows or can give Systweak Antivirus a try. 

This amazing antivirus software offers real-time protection, malware, and exploit protection. Moreover, it helps clean startup items and comes with an adware blocker that you can install as an extension on your web browser. 

To use this virus cleaner and fix captcha automated queries message, follow the steps below: 

1. Download, install and run Systweak Antivirus 

2. Click the Scan Types and select Deep Scan. This scanning type thoroughly scans each folder and subfolder stored on your system for infections 


Systweak Antivirus


3. Once the threats are detected quarantine them and check if the problem is resolved or not. 

Protect your Windows machine from the latest and old threats at a minimal cost of $39.95 and get Systweak Antivirus. This excellent security tool offers USB stick protection, automatic scheduling, and other protection shields. 

Give it a try today and secure your Windows machine! 

Method 3. Try connecting to a different network


Computer May Be Sending Captcha Automated Queries


Sometimes, the issue captcha automated queries message might occur if there’s an issue with the ISP. In such a case to fix this problem connecting to a different network is recommended. This will help fix the problem. 

Note: Once you connect to a different network make sure you wait for an hour or so to see if the problem is fixed or not. 

However, if the problem still exists, try deleting cookies from Chrome. To learn how to do that, read the last step.

Method 4. Delete Cookies from Chrome

To remove cookies from Chrome, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Google Chrome

2. Click the three dots present at the top right corner. 

3. Select Settings.


Computer May Be Sending Captcha Automated Queries


4. Scroll down and click on Advanced.


Computer May Be Sending Captcha Automated Queries


5. Again, scroll down and look for the Clear Browsing Data option.


Computer Sending Captcha Automated Queries


6. Check the box next to Cookies and other site data > Clear data


Computer Sending Captcha Automated Queries


That’s it. This way, you can remove Cookies from Chrome. Now try using the browser you should no longer face. Computers might be sending automated queries error messages.

We hope using these steps you can resolve captcha automated query messages. In case you have any doubts or questions do leave us your questions in the comments section. 

FAQ: Automated queries in the browser

What is an automated query?

Well, when we are talking about browser and re-captcha, automated query means due to an unusual activity detected from your IP address you must enter Captcha each time you search for anything. To fix it, you can read or guide on Your Computer May Be Sending Captcha Automated Queries

Why is Captcha not working?

If the Captcha you are entering is correct, yet you are facing an error message, it means it is expired. To fix it, refresh the web page you are surfing.

How do I get rid of the fact that I’m not a robot?

To fix I’m not a robot, try clearing cache or cookies. However, if this does not work, try using a VPN service like Systweak VPN.


  • comment_avtar
    Automated captcha problem I always thought it’s due to some changes I made, but now I know Google does it thanks for the information and the solution to fix sending Captcha automated queries.

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mansi Vijay
    Brave browser is truly a great web browsing service I’ve used! Will highly recommend!

    3 years ago

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