How to Stop “Windows Is Downloading Something In The Background”

When you notice your laptop/PC lagging or running slowly, your device might have been downloading something in the background. However, there are various reasons why your machine is running slowly. It could be unwanted files & apps on the computer, high CPU usage, low disk space, etc., affecting your PC’s or laptop’s overall functioning. Follow this article to learn about the issue of What To Do If Windows Is Downloading Something In The Background.

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 Additional Information = While these downloads are in process, your computer requires continuous access to the Internet connection. This slows the overall speed of your PC & your computer has a limited Internet bandwidth. To solve these performance and speed-related issues, you can consider using Bandwidth Limiter Software, which helps you organize the apps to improve overall usage and activity.

How To Check If Something Is Downloading In The Background On Windows 11/10 PC?

As mentioned above, background downloads require an active Internet connection. Sometimes it may get used for various purposes, including the task of updating your computer, software, and so on. To check where all your Network usage is occupied, follow the steps below:

METHOD 1 – Using Resource Monitor

STEP1: Press Windows key R and type “Resmon” to open Windows 10 Resource.

Windows 10 Resource

STEP 2: Next, go to the Network activity tab by clicking the down arrow. This will help you to see the applications or the sites which are responsible for high network usage.

As soon as you find out what all processes are consuming your Internet bandwidth, you can take necessary actions and eliminate the unknown and unwanted ones.

METHOD 2 – Using Task Manager

STEP 1: Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar and choosing Task Manager from the pop-up menu.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Process Tab and click on the Network Column. This activity helps you know the bandwidth.

Process Tab

STEP 3: Go through all the applications and identify the most used bandwidth.

STEP 4: Consider stopping the downloads by selecting the End Task button.

Additionally, keep reading the guide to identify the activity that leads to Windows downloading updates in the background.

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What To Do If Windows 10/11 Is Downloading Updates In The Background? (2022)

Follow the workarounds shared below to stop Windows PC downloading updates in the background.

Solution 1: Take the Help Of the Task Manager

This is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and easiest ways to resolve the problem.

STEP 1: Launch Task Manager.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Processes tab.

STEP 3: To identify the highest network usage application, sort the processes in the highest network usage and click the Network column.

high network usage

STEP 4: “SERVICES: HOST NETWORK SERVICE” will appear on your screen if updates are downloaded in the background.

STEP 5: Expand the process and go to the Delivery Optimization process related to the Windows update. This process activates only while installing the updates.

Delivery Optimization process

STEP 6: If you want to stop or pause the downloading process, you can open the Delivery Optimization again and click on the End task button from the context menu.

Solution 2: Disable Windows Update Method

To stop Windows 10 from downloading, you should disable Windows to update the software in the background. For this, follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Go to your PC’s Windows search box and the Settings app.


STEP 2: Go to the ‘Network and Internet’ module and move your cursor to ‘Manage Known Networks.

'Network and Internet'

STEP 3: Select your WiFi network and then press “Properties.” Next, go to the ‘Set as metered connection’ option.

WiFi network

STEP 4: Go to the Settings app again, click on the Update and Security option, navigate to the Advanced Options section, and ensure that the checkbox for ‘Automatically download updates, over metered data connections’ is placed on the disabled list.

'Automatically download updates

How To Resolve Common PC Issues & Performance Issues On Windows?

We advocate using Advanced System Optimizer to enhance overall speed and performance on your computer. The application comes equipped with various modules that comprehensively optimize your device for optimum efficiency. It even protects your device from potential malware and data loss issues. It even has a Smart PC Care module that will help users to optimize their computers thoroughly, fix registry entries, and clean junk files, driver-related problems, and other redundant data. Hopefully, it will help you resolve disk performance and speed up issues in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) How do I stop Windows 10 from downloading in the background?

Go to Task Bar> Magnifying Icon> Start> Settings> Privacy Icon> Turn off all the Schedule Tasks.

You can also use any of the ways mentioned above.

2) What is my PC downloading in the background?

Your PC may be downloading some updates in the background, which may sometimes slow down your device’s activity. To know what is being downloaded on your device, you can Go to Start> Menu> Settings> Network and Internet> Data Usage. In these steps, you can identify which app has the highest internet bandwidth, which helps to disable the download.

3) What is downloading in the background?

In the background of Windows 11, sometimes updates may be downloaded. Sometimes the apps can also be downloaded in the background.


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