Windows 10 Crashing Every Now And Then? Here’s What To Do

What Is A Windows 10 Crash ?

Is your Windows 10 crashing every now and then? Do your applications stop abruptly, and you have to wait forever to see them functional? We know how hard and at times scary it can be when your PC stops, and you see a scary blue screen.

Well! Before you take any drastic step and seek help from a professional, which is advisable if your computer keeps crashing incessantly. In the blog that follows, we shall try to unearth this situation comprehensively and take a 360° purview. We shall cover topics like the ones mentioned below –

Types Of Windows 10 Crash?

To delve deeper into a Windows 10 crash, you should know what kind of crash you are dealing with. While the blog focuses on general ways to deal with a computer, it can broadly be categorized as.

  • Shutdowns
  • Random rebooting
  • BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)
  • Freezing

Understanding And Dealing With Issues Leading To Windows 10 Crashes

Reasons For Windows 10 Crashing

1. Your PC Has A Hardware Conflict

A hardware conflict can be instrumental for Windows 10 crash. Faulty hardware can cause random shutdowns or freezing. A recently added hardware could be causing issues in your PC. Or, it could be a hardware component such as a driver might be asking for an update. Say, for instance, if you are running a game that demands heavy graphics and you don’t have your driver updated, your PC might crash because of that game.

2. Your PC Is Facing Too Much Heat

Excessive heating could be one of the reasons why your computer keeps crashing. When your laptop or PC doesn’t get the required airflow, it bound to get hot because of which it might cease to function properly and thereby crash.

3. Memory Issues

Simply put, if your PC doesn’t have sufficient physical memory (RAM), your PC might crash frequently. It could also happen that maybe your PC has sufficient space, but there isn’t sufficient space to run the applications and software.

4. A Malware Or Virus Has Made Your PC Its Home

Malware or virus creeps inside your PC without your knowledge and alters your settings. Now, these are certainly not good alterations. These changes can cause your applications, software and other programs to crash abruptly.

How To Deal With Issues Because Of Which PC Keeps Crashing

Now, that you know the kind of issues that can cause Windows 10 crashes, let’s have a look at some of the possible steps you can undertake to resolve these issues –

1. Fix The Hardware Because Of Which PC Is PC Is Crashing

To begin with, if you have installed hardware recently and have started to observe PC crashes subsequently, you might consider uninstalling the hardware from your PC.

You can even try cleaning your computer’s registry, which can help you save your PC from crashing. It is an archive for storing all the configuration settings in your Windows 10 PC. over a period of time, it might get corrupted and can be cleaned. The best way you can clean registry is by using a registry cleaning software like Advanced PC Cleanup, which fixes all the invalid registry entries in your PC and boosts its performance.

Advanced PC Cleanup invalid registry

An outdated or faulty driver can also cause Windows 10 Crash. It is therefore of prime importance to keep the various drivers of your PC updated. Keeping a manual track of all the drivers may sound painful and is actually quite difficult. You can instead choose a driver updater software such as Advanced Driver Updater that saves you from searching for the right drivers. It easily scans, downloads, installs and updates driver in one-click.

Advanced Driver Updater

2. Vent Out Your Computer’s Heat

To begin with, make sure that you position your computer in such a manner that it can circulate air properly. For instance, you should avoid placing the laptop in such a way that the vents get covered.

Second, clean the fans of your PC regularly as they may accumulate dust and other dirt particles. Talking of the fans, when your hard drive and processor generate more heat, your fan starts to make noise. If that’s the case, it’s time to give your PC some rest before you give it another run.

Now, if the fans or vents are not the culprit, you might check your BIOS settings, it could be that you have it all wrong with voltage settings.

3. Check The RAM Usage

RAM Usage

If you find that you have a dearth of memory for your applications, you may open your Task Manager and check which of the programs are consuming more memory. You can also take help of Memory Diagnostic Tool that restarts your computer and checks if memory has any defects.

Apart from Windows’s own memory diagnostic tool, you can also take help from various third-party tools such as Resource Monitor that give you a comprehensive look at your system’s resources and their performance.

4. Nip The Malware Or Virus In The Bud Using An Anti-Malware Or Antivirus

Although Windows has a Windows defender, it is always advisable to install a trusted antivirus in your PC. Now, if the virus has seized your computer’s capability to start an antivirus, you might as well try to boot your computer in safe mode. This mode would disable any viruses or any irrelevant applications, and then you can easily run your antivirus with the utmost ease.

Words Of Wisdom

A blank screen or constant reboot or even an abrupt freeze should not be taken for a PC Crash every time. It could be that your laptop or PC has possibly run out of battery. Yet, should you face a computer crash, here are a few quick steps, you should take apart from the above mentioned steps –

Not every time, should there be a Windows 10 crash, you should take things in your own hands –

  • Call tech support if the problem persists. They are specialised to deal with technical glitches and know what settings to tweak to get the PC up and running
  • In an office or working environment, it is important that you keep your managers, clients and other related to your project informed that your PC has crashed and is non-functional
  • As a matter of prudence, backup of all your essential work – your files, folders, documents, images and everything for that matter.

Hope you now won’t jitter the next time you observe Windows 10 crash. We’ve got tons of interesting content on technology. So, stay tuned and keep reading WeTheGeek Blogs. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


  • comment_avtar
    Camila Saunders
    Thanks for this information. I wanted to know what should I do if my PC keeps hanging a lot. I scanned my PC but I am not able to find the solution.

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Sarang Bhargava
      Hi Camila, Thank you for sharing your feedback to know more about how to keep your PC from crashing you can read this While we would advise you to use the methods given in this blogs. In case if your PC still crashes you should seek help from a technician. Regards

      4 years ago

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