How To Stop Windows 10 From Crashing When Playing Games

Windows latest operating system Windows 10 is a gamer-friendly operating platform, and therefore is gaining popularity. But with Windows latest update game crash has become a severe issue. Many gamers have reported system crash problem while playing games on Windows 10.

Usually, this happens when computer system abilities are stretched, or CPU is overheated. Apart from this, can be other reasons too therefore before you run to an expert for the fix. We suggest you follow tips explained below to resolve the problem of system crash yourself.

After using these tips, we hope you will not need an expert to resolve the problem of computer crash while playing games on Windows 10.

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Why computer freezes while playing games?

As mentioned above if system abilities are stretched, system overheats computer can crash. In addition to this, if incompatible driver is installed, software is not up to date, too many background applications are running computer freezes while playing games.

In particular 3D games tend to stretch system resources as they use processor to 100 percent. When computer system runs at its maximum capacity the probability of computer crash increases. Therefore, while playing games you should avoid doing other work.

It’s not that just the games are responsible for computer crash, some software applications that are intensive specially the designing software also leads to overheating. But as games are more prevalent and computer crash is associated to playing games.

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How can we diagnose overheating problem?

Here by giving an example we help you recognize computer overheating problem:

  • Computer boots normally without any problem and runs smoothly when regular work like working with Word, Excel, Internet browsing etc. is done. But when you play a game suddenly the system crashes in middle of the game.

If any such behavior or something similar is experienced, your computer might be facing overheating problem.

What causes heat in computer?

Unless your computer is too old, it cannot overheat. However, there are several reasons that can cause overheating problem. Here are some causes:

  • If system fan isn’t cleaned regularly it might stop working properly. Also, they have limited lifespan therefore, if you face overheat problem clean the fan and if required replace it.
  • Change in temperature and humidity is also responsible to increase heat index of the system.
  • Dust buildup due to low maintenance and care.

Some or all these factors when combined create overheat situation that the computer is not able to handle.

How overheating leads to system crash?

If certain parameters are fulfilled, electronics like computer run safely. But if they get too cold or hot, computer systems fail to operate. Crashing and rebooting are certain symptoms that indicate towards the problem. If you don’t want a permanent damage you need to pay attention to these symptoms and start working towards fixing them.

How to fix overheating problem that leads to computer crash during playing games?

Overheating problem is not something that cannot be resolved by you. By keeping certain tips in mind explained below you can fix overheating problem that leads to computer crash when you play games.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Increase air flow for this open CPU and clean the dust.
  2. Keep air exhausts of your laptop and desktop unblocked. Especially for the laptops because they are more vulnerable to this problem due to their compact design.
  3. Lower thermostat as this will help your computer to cool down.
  4. Stop using your computer at a hot place, where there is direct sunlight or no air flow.
  5. Check computer fan if it isn’t spinning, you need to replace it. You can try using bigger ones.
  6. Regularly clean computer fan so that no dust, bread crumbs or anything that can block airflow gets accumulated.

If you follow above tips regularly, you can minimize the odds of your computer crashing due to heat issues. This will not only increase lifespan your system it will even save you from all the hassle of getting to an expert and spending money to get the problem fixed.

In addition to the overheating problem there are other reasons responsible for system crash while you play games.

They are as follows:

  • Incompatible Driver
  • Inappropriate Software
  • Unnecessary background applications
  • Too many startup items
  • On board sound device problem
  • Malware
  • Hardware Issue

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To resolve all these common issues, you can follow the steps explained below:

Solution 1 – Install Latest Drivers

Since day one Windows 10 users are facing problems with system driver. So, there’s a possibility that the current graphic card driver isn’t compatible with Windows 10 and is giving you problems while you play games. Therefore, to resolve the problem you need to update the graphic card driver.

To do so, manually head to Device Manager. For this type Device Manager in the search and open it. Now under Device Manager windows look for Display adapter. Unhide the installed driver. Next, right click on it and from the context menu select Update driver to check for updates for the graphics card driver.

install latest drivers

This may take some time, therefore, to make things smooth and easy we recommend you download Advanced Driver Updater tool. It is 100% safe and easy to use, as it will do the task automatically of installing an updated compatible driver.

Now that you have the compatible and updated driver installed try to play games on your Windows 10 machine. Hope the problem will be resolved. However, if you still face the problem then it seems there is some other issue. In that case, check out the following solutions as they might help to resolve the computer crashing problem while playing games.

Solution 2 – Install Suitable Software

Most latest games today require additional software like DirectX and Java. Therefore, if you don’t have these essential software installed make sure you have them installed next time you play the game.

However, if you aren’t sure which programs you’ll need to install you will need to read game requirement to avoid facing system crash while playing games.

Solution 3 – Disable background programs

Games need additional system resources to run properly therefore, you need to free up RAM. If any additional programs run in the background that hog RAM, they need to be disabled to avoid system crash while playing games. To disable background application from taking up system resources follow the steps below:

  1. Open Task Manager by right clicking on Taskbar.
  2. Under Task Manager window click on Startup tab.
    Disable background programs
  3. Here, look for unimportant, resource-heavy applications. Select them one by one and click on Disable (button at the bottom right corner).
  4. Restart your PC to bring changes into effect.

Now try to play the game your problem of system crash while playing game must have been resolved.

Solution 4 – Skip on the onboard sound device

The basic sound driver provided by Windows 10 for onboard sound device rarely conflicts with other devices, especially GPU. Due to which you might face GPU failure. To resolve this problem and other countless PC problems, we suggest you use Advanced System Optimizer.


This software will help you optimize and repair common PC issues, protect your data from spyware, malware attack, hardware failure and much more for to provide maximum performance to your Windows machine.

Fix PC issues now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download Advanced System Optimizer.
  2. Click “Start Smart PC Care” to find Windows problems that could be causing system crash problem while you play game.
  3. Click “Optimize” to fix all issues with Advanced System Optimizer (requires upgrade).
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Solution 5 – Scan for malware

A malware is not capable of causing critical issues that may lead to system crash while playing games. But with crypto mining malware becoming rampant designed to steal your CPU resources, a malware can also lead to system crash while playing game.

To resolve this problem, we suggest you perform a thorough scan using either Windows Defender or any third-party antispyware like Advanced System Protector.

To use Windows Defender, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Windows notification area on the taskbar to open Windows Defender.
  2. Next, select Virus & threat protection > Advanced Scan.
  3. Here, click on Windows Defender Offline scan > Scan now.

You can now run a scan for malware using Windows Defender to protect your system.

Solution 6 – Check system Hardware

Even after checking system driver, software, background application and all software related issues there is a possibility you are still facing computer crash problem while playing game. This may be due to the system hardware specifically that graphics card.

To resolve such a problem, you need to check your computer part and replace them with the right one if anything is wrong.

Special stress is to be paid on HDD and RAM, because if HDD gets corrupted, or RAM gets broken system starts behaving abruptly. Therefore, you need to make sure everything works fine and are able to exclude things that may lead to crash while playing game.

We hope by using these nifty tips you will be able to resolve system crash problem during playing games. Not always, software is responsible for system crash, hardware also plays an important role. Therefore, you should keep a check on both software and hardware.

If there is anything else, you would like us to add please let us know and leave us a feedback in the comments section below. You feedback helps us to know what you would want us to write more about.

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