Top 9 WhatsApp Web Alternatives & Similar Apps in 2023

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it didn’t take long for the platform to do what it does best –  Violate User’s Privacy.  Though, the company has been bringing new updates every now and then, to make sure that it remains at the top of the hill. But not everyone seems to be happy with the messenger app.

Keeping aside the privacy issues, WhatsApp for PC has its own share of bugs and glitches. It just doesn’t work, no matter what you do.  So, if you’ve been put up with common WhatsApp problems & think you deserve better alternatives to WhatsApp Desktop Program, here’s a complete list of options for you.

9 Must-Try Alternatives To WhatsApp Web for  Windows/Mac

Let’s take a look at the most popular WhatsApp on Computer alternatives, that would help you stay in touch with your friends & family quickly & easily!  

WhatsApp For PC Alternatives Availability  License Overall Rating
Signal Web, Android & iPhone Free 5 star
Telegram Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone & More Free 5 star
Viber Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux Free 4 star rating
GroupMe Windows, Android, Xbox One & More. Free 3 stars rating
Voxer Windows, Android & iOS Free/ Pro Version – $3.99/month (Personal Use) 4 star rating
Wire Web, Android & iOS Free Trial/Pro Version – $4.45/month 3 stars rating
Threema Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS $2.25 – $4.00 4 star rating
Spike Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Free 3 stars rating
Hangouts Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone Free 4 star rating

So, whatever concerns you may have with WhatsApp for PC, here’s a list of 10 Best Similar Programs you can try today.

1. Signal


The most frequently recommended messaging app, Signal, tops our list of Best WhatsApp for PC Alternatives. All thanks to its high-level privacy, user-security, support for text/group messages. Capabilities to share media files such as pictures, videos, music & documents & also voice/video calling that makes it a go-to app to chat with your loved ones.

Additionally, Signal is end-to-end encrypted & lets you auto-delete messages after a particular duration. Check out more about this WhatsApp Desktop Alternative right here!



Next on our list of Top 10 WhatsApp Web Desktop alternatives is Telegram messenger. Since the messaging platform is cloud-based, you can access messages from multiple devices, send messages faster than other apps & enjoy unlimited file sharing. Apart from all the standard features to connect with your friends & family, Telegram supports group messages for up to 2,00,000 people in one chat thread.

If you’re a developer, you should note that Telegram API is open-source & completely free to use, so you can build your own tools without any hassle! To know more about Telegram, the most popular WhatsApp For PC Alternative, click here!

3. Viber


With a free & secure connection of over 1Billion users worldwide, Viber is an outstanding messaging client with a wide range of features. You can send texts, photos, videos, make HD-Quality audio/video calls, record voice/video messages, create communities & do a lot more. It works amazingly well, to sync history & transfer calls to Viber for Desktop version.

Unlike WhatsApp for PC, it offers a lot of funny stickers, GIFs & emojis to spice up your chats! Want to know more about Viber? Read here about this WhatsApp Web Desktop alternative!

4. GroupMe


As the name entails, GroupMe is a group messaging service that lets users do cross-platform chat. Designed & developed by Skype, so that you can be sure of high-quality voice & video chats. Apart from it, GroupMe also offers features to send/receive photos, documents & videos. You can also start Direct Messaging to specific users within a group & ‘like’ someone’s messages or send custom emojis.

Unlike WhatsApp Windows/Mac version, GroupMe offers an SMS-based version, hence you’re not required to install a dedicated app to connect with your friends, family or colleagues.

5. Voxer


You might have already read or heard about Voxer, it’s a popular walkie-talkie (PTT- push to talk) messenger platform. However, it makes a great WhatsApp Desktop alternative, as it offers capabilities to send text messages, media files, GIFs & also GPS locations. You can create large groups of up to 500 individuals and send a written copy of audio messages instead of l+istening to them. Amazing, right?

Its free version has all the standard features you’ll need to make basic conversation. However, with Viber Pro, you can enjoy the Walkie-Talkie mode, voice-to-text transcription, unlimited message storage & much more.

6. Wire


Enjoy super-friendly interface & easy-to-connect features with Wire messaging app, another excellent WhatsApp Web Desktop Alternative. Wire comes with a plethora of features, such as end-to-end encryption, video calls, self-destructive messages, easy media file sharing & much more. It also provides multiple device support.

What makes Wire stand out from other services? It’s the capability to make a video call with up to 10 people at the same time.

7. Threema


Packed with outstanding features & tools, Threema is another good WhatsApp Mac/Windows alternative. Ranging from basic functionalities to send text/voice messages, share photos/videos/location etc. Threema offers users to create polls, silently agree/disagree to received messages, hide private chats, create a backup of important chats, change a theme, verify contacts via QR code, pin chats, contact sync (optional) & more.

Like most alternatives to WhatsApp for PC, Threema is quite secure when it comes to data, in fact, the messaging service meets all the requirements to become a GDPR Compliant.

8. Spike


If you’re fond of emails & organized messaging, try using Spike, it’s a great platform to connect with your loved ones & exchange real-time messages via groups. Of course, you can send one-on-one private messages as well, either in texts or voice format. You can also rely on this WhatsApp Desktop Alternative to enjoy high-quality video calls, better file management & prioritizing important tasks with the calendar.

Moreover, you can use Spike without providing a mobile number & it comes with cross-platform compatibility as well.

9. Hangouts


Last but not least, Hangouts by Google can be a perfect WhatsApp for PC replacement. It features all the tools to send messages, do file sharing, video chat & document organization. Google Hangouts has been a fan fave for a quite long time for both business & personal use. Apart from the standard features, it’s quite a sophisticated option for video conferencing, creating a suitable way to connect remotely with team members around the world.

Since it’s a trusted name, you can rely on it for great security of your data, enjoy integration with Gmail, Google Drive & access the service from any device, anytime & anywhere.

Well, that was all folks! These were some of the best & secured WhatsApp for PC alternatives that you can try for instant communication with your friends, family & colleagues. If you’re using some other messaging clients, do not forget to mention them here, in the comment section below!

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