10 Best Walkie Talkie Apps for Android & iOS

Yes! we know this is 2020 and operating the most traditional means of communication, a walkie talkie won’t suit or lifestyle. And no one is expected to carry those heavy & expensive network walkie talkies in this day and age.

However, if you have ever gone on hiking or camping, you know how using a cell network isn’t a reliable means. That’s where the good old walkie talkie shines!

First, of all they are license free & do not have any associated call charges. Second, they are easy-to-use & connects you immediately without any hassle. Third, you can have secured communication, using a push to talk app eliminates the need of signals, as a smart walkie talkie works on its own frequency to connect. So, no more signal problem!

Now your search for best walkie talkie app is over, as this blog covers top 10 walkie talkie apps Android  and iOS apps which can transform your mobile device into a smart walkie talkie.

The Best Walkie Talkie Apps for Android & iOS

There is a plethora of renowned phone walkie talkie apps in the market at the moment. So, we listed the 10 best push to talk apps which are reliable, easy-to-use, and even works with the ancient 2G connection.

1. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Zello (formerly known as LoudTalks) is a pioneer in the world of Best walkie talkie Android & iOS apps. You need to set up an account in order to start with the application, just enter basic details, your photo and your profile get created. Zello supports (PTT) Push-To-Talk protocol, that switches a phone from full-duplex mode to half duplex mode (where one person can speak at one time).

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie


  • Supports live open group communication.
  • You can create live Zello Channel to enjoy public conversations from across the globe.
  • Supports every network & Wi-Fi connection.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch & Android Wear
  • No Ads.
  • Set status: Are you available or busy or offline to connect.
  • Runs in the background, so you do not miss any incoming call.
  • Download for free offers in-app purchases.
  • Cross-platform: Available for Android, iOS & Windows.

Works well even if you haven’t plugged a headset. You can connect with over 1000 people from all over the world at the same time.

Download  Zello PTT Walkie Talkie for Android and iOS  Learn More About Zello Here

2. Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling, Chats, File Sharing

Talkie is another high rated free WIFI walkie talkie app. It’s the best pick for teenagers & kids which lets you chat, talk, share stuff from one smartphone to another. Unlike other apps, Talkie works well without Internet or phone signal. Just create your own wireless network based on a hotspot of your device & ask your friends to get connected to it.

Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling


  • Works well without cellular network & Internet connection.
  • Allows group chat.
  • Allows private chats.
  • You can share files/folders with Wi-Fi speed.
  • Easy to use- Just press button to start the conversation.
  • Lightweight
  • Great Sound quality, even if the network is weak.
  • Highly compatible- Works well with Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, GPRS & EDGE.
  • Multilingual App- Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Arabic and counting.

The app is working immensely to provide users with features for better communication. It’s packed with more exciting features if you buy upgradations (in-app purchases). Do download this WIFI walkie talkie app now.

Download Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling, Chats, File Sharing for Android

3. Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Another telephone alternative, Two Way: Walkie Talkie app which converts your phone into an actual walkie talkie set incurs some other unique features as well. The app mimics similar to traditional walkie talkie and allows you to connect with numerous people instantaneously. Use the map to choose channel number or location of person you want to talk with. (The person has to be on the same channel to start a conversation).

Two Way Walkie Talkie


  • Requires no signing up & app claims not to store any personal information.
  • Simple & intuitive interface.
  • Very light on system resources so minimal battery drainage.
  • As no signup, no username, no passwords are required, there’s also no privacy. All channels are public.
  • Requires Android 4.0 & above OS to run.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Download for free, offers in-app purchases.
  • Cross Platform: Available for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac OS.

Pocketed with amazing features, Two Way should have been included in your list of push to talk apps. Click the links below to download this WIFI walkie talkie app.

Download Two Way: Walkie Talkie for Android and iOS

4. Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer, one of the best push to talk apps that works anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. This powerful phone walkie talkie app lets you make voice calls & messages with just a click and updates you in real-time who has read or heard your message (just like WhatsApp). What’s more? The platform saves your live or recorded audio calls, in case you want to listen conversations later.

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger


  • Allows you to share voice notes, videos, images, GIFs & location.
  • Supports voice-to-text transcription, means have a written copy of voice messages, instead of listening.
  • No fee or embedded charges.
  • Has end-to-end encryption, means more privacy.
  • You can create a group of up to 500 persons.
  • Ideal app for Businesses.
  • Unlimited message storage.
  • Supports Bluetooth headset, wired headset.
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone & Web.

An all-in-one phone walkie talkie app that enables seamless communication anytime & anywhere.

Download Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger for Android and iOS

5. HeyTell

This WIFI walkie talkie app starts working with simple installation. No registration required to make the most out of all its features. HeyTell is damn easy to use. Just download the app from Google play store or App store > Launch the application > Select a contact to whom you want to get connected > Push the button > Start the conversation with your friends & family.



  • Free, Simple UI, & Fast.
  • Uses less data as compare to other platforms.
  • Highly compatible- Works well with Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, 2G, 1X, GPRS & EDGE.
  • The app has push notification feature, so that you never miss a voice message.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch.
  • Great Audio quality.
  • Supports ‘Export Messages’ feature, means you can share your recorded items on Facebook, Email, Twitter and more.
  • Supports blocking contacts.
  • High Privacy, not anyone can connect with you until you accept the invitation.
  • Cross Platform: Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone & other devices.

Experience the fun of voice chatting like never before. To download the application, follow the links below for both operating systems.

Download HeyTell for Android and iOS

6. TiKL

Best for people who hate texting & love talking through voice messages. TiKL is another best walkie talkie app for communicating with people nearby. The app uses your data connection to work and has more than 30 million users worldwide. Just open the app > Go to Contacts button > Hit the contact name/names to connect > Click Done > Hold the centre button to speak & release the button to listen.



  • Easy & Fast. Also send confirmation alerts once your message is delivered.
  • You can create a list of ‘Favorites’ whom you contact frequently.
  • You can send invitations to your friends & family to be on TiKL so that you can use the app at its best.
  • Requires Android 1.5 & higher to run.
  • Change notification sounds.
  • Doesn’t work if your Wi-Fi goes on sleep.
  • TiKL claims not to store any of your personal information.
  • Works across all carriers and Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and others.
  • Supports Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, EDGE & GPRS.

Time to bring back the traditional means of communication in trend with TiKL- the best walkie talkie app for Android & iOS!

Download TiKL for  iOS

7. Dingtone

Just tired of typing? Why not try using Dingtone, the best option as a WIFI walkie talkie app that connects you through people with instant voice messages. Like other platforms mentioned here Dingtone accumulates all the features, what makes it stand out of the market is it also proffers unlimited free calling, unlimited free texting & international calling. You can even set up call blocking, call recording & call forwarding according to your convenience. It’s just a lot more than a walkie talkie app.



  • One-stop solution for free calls, SMS & voice messages.
  • Simple Push a Button & speak functionality.
  • Proffers one-to-one communication & one-to-many group communication.
  • Ad Free.
  • Ideal app for iPad, iPod & tablet to convert your device into a real walkie talkie set.
  • Enables you to add second line to your device.
  • Make crystal clear calls.
  • High audio quality.
  • HD Voice over 4G/3G and WIFI.
  • Allows group messaging services with over 100 people at once.
  • Download for free, offer in-app purchases for more features.

Packed with push to talk & voicemail functionality for seamless experience.Dingstone a must-have WIFI walkie talkie app.

Download Dingtone for Android and iOS

8. Bluetooth Talkie

It’s a Simple VoIP walkie talkie Bluetooth app that speedily connects you with your loved ones with just a touch of a button. Anyone can download the app from Google Play Store for free and negotiates a one-way communication mode on your phone. The app also features an ability to connect with people even when the connection is lost. Just press the ‘Push To Talk’ button in order to start the conversation & release it when you are finished talking so that another person can do the same.

Bluetooth Talkie


  • Quick Search feature for instant connections.
  • Simple & good-looking interface.
  • Unlike other walkie talkie Bluetooth app, this platform has a powerful ability to connect even if the network is weak.
  • You can alter the use of sounds & vibrations.
  • Supports headsets in order to transfer messages from one device to another.
  • Provides an ability to visualize the input audio stream.
  • Download for free.
  • Ideal app meant for teenagers, as they can connect within limited range. For example: In school, colleges etc.

Undoubtedly a must-have walkie talkie Bluetooth app to turn your Android Smartphone in a traditional walkie talkie set.

Download Bluetooth Talkie for Android

9. Intercom for Android

In our list of phone walkie talkie apps, Intercom for Android had to be included. It is another great utility to enjoy walkie talkie experience i.e. seamless & text-free communication. Works alongside with PTT functionality for making instantaneously connections. The application acts like a simple two-way radio which requires no Internet & utilizes local communications.

Intercom for Android

Explore its other features below:


  • Voice Detection feature, that ignores ambience and transmits only your voice.
  • Listen live or later- your recorded calls & voice messages.
  • Requires No Internet connection, No Registration, No profiles, No Contacts.
  • Works over Bluetooth or hotspot.
  • Allows group calls.
  • Filled with stickers, emoticons & audiocons.
  • Gives users an ability to read & listen previous messages,
  • Optimized for low-bandwidth networks, therefore no more lags.
  • No hidden charges, totally free platform
  • Available for Windows as well.

Best way to convert your phone into walkie talkie for FREE. Download below:

Download Intercom for Android

10. FireChat

Meet another simple yet great walkie talkie Bluetooth & WIFI app which requires your contact list & strong data connections to work. It’s a meaningful app for those who are lazy enough to call friends and just want to leave a voice message. Just keep the Bluetooth & Wi-Fi ‘on’ to get automatically connected with one another. Add more people to FireChat, as bigger the network becomes, faster the communication is made.



  • Even works great without signal & no Internet connection.
  • Best use of the app when in plane, cruise ships, crowded events & campuses.
  • Create chatrooms to build public/private connections.
  • Send file, folder, photos nearby.
  • Devices automatically gets connected within 200 feet of distance, when offline.
  • Auto-connect feature, when network is lost.
  • Create your own FireChat community.
  • Abilities to choose unique usernames.
  • Too light on system resources, therefore less battery consumption.

One of the high rated & free phone walkie talkie app that is definitely worth the install.

Download FireChat for iOS

Wrapping Up: Best Walkie Talkie Apps

Walkie talkie came before the advent of cell phones, they were popular then & they are prevalent now. Whether you are planning an outdoor excursion or attending a crowded live event, you should have these best walkie talkie apps in your pocket.

Let your Smartphone mimic as Walkie Talkie and you enjoy the push to talk communication instantly!

Happy Talking 🙂


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