WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC? Know The Best Fixes!

Everyone’s favorite messaging app has long made its services available for web users. As many already know, WhatsApp Web allows you to use the messaging app from the desktop for making it an even more convenient experience for users. If you’re using WhatsApp Web for a long time, you might realize that both your mobile phone and PC get synced. So, whatever actions you perform on your smartphone gets applied to the desktop version as well & vice versa.

WhatsApp Web is compatible with popular browsers, including, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge Browsers, etc. You are just required to scan the QR code via WhatsApp application on your mobile device & that’s it. Start exchanging texts, photos, videos, audios, and other attachments without any hassles on PC.

However, the Web version is not wholly free from bugs & carries its own set of issues.

WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC

Problem: WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC

At some point, you might fail to reply to the messages, which might be because of connectivity issues between phone or PC. You might receive an error saying that WhatsApp Web is not working or Cannot connect to WhatsApp.

Since most of the users have voiced out concerns about WhatsApp Web not working effectively. We have compiled a few methods to address the concerns.

Why Your WhatsApp Web Is Not Working On PC?

There are several reasons why your WhatsApp Web is not working as it’s expected to be & some of the reasons are given below:

Network Issues

Phone & PC connection issues are the most common reasons for WhatsApp Web not working error. If you’re unable to connect WhatsApp with Web versions, you should check out these connection troubleshooting guides: Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.

Uncleared Browser Cookies & Caches

Several times, outdated caches & cookies can trigger WhatsApp Web not working issue. So, it’s recommended to regularly clear your Browser caches and cookies to make sure everything runs properly.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can head towards its Settings > Advanced Options > Clear Browsing data. Now clear the caches and cookies > restart your browser to see if the problem is still occurring.

Uncleared Browser Cookies & Caches

Issues with certain Wi-Fi Networks

If you’re using WhatsApp Web on managed Wi-Fi networks, you might face issues with WhatsApp Web not working on PC. For such scenarios, try connecting with the Network Administrators and let them bypass traffic to these: web.whatsapp.com, *.web.whatsapp.com & *.whatsapp.net!

Fixes: WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC Issue

Discussed are some of the ways to help you fix WhatsApp Web not working on PC issue.

Update WhatsApp Application on your Phone

Maybe you’re running an outdated WhatsApp version for your Android or iOS. Make sure you have the latest version to connect your smartphone without any errors with PC.  You can head towards Google Play Store or App Store to check for the updated versions of WhatsApp for Android and iPhone.

Update WhatsApp Application on your Phone

Check Internet Options on PC

Well, it’s obvious that you should have an active Internet connection on your mobile. But that’s certainly not enough.

Check for active Internet connections on PC as well.  To test connections: Launch Command Prompt on your Windows > type & execute the following command: “ping.yahoo.com” or any website of your choice.

You’ll get several replies to confirm the active Internet connection. For ex: The Ping Statistics shows Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (which means you’re connected to the Internet)

Check Internet Options on PCc

Turn Airplane Mode On & Off on Mobile Phones

Phone Network issues can be the most common reason why WhatsApp Web is not working. After all, the web version is just an extension of Smartphones. So, try toggling Airplane Mode On & Off, this should probably fix several smartphone’s connectivity issues.

Airplane Mode on iPhone: Go to the iOS Settings App > the first option beneath your name is Airplane Mode > Move the slider to green to activate Airplane mode. After a minute, simply move the slider to off.

Airplane Mode on Android: Launch Settings > Look for the Airplane Mode > tap it to enable!

Airplane Mode on Android

Check for Browser Updates

WhatsApp Web necessarily supports almost all popular Web Browsers, but you need to make sure that you’re running it on the latest version.

Turn Off VPN Software

VPN solutions can undoubtedly generate connectivity issues with WhatsApp Web or any other such client. So, it’s suggested to switch off the VPN Software before using WhatsApp Web on the browsers.

If you’re on Windows 10, try disabling the VPN service by right-clicking on the VPN Software system tray icons and selecting Disconnect option. You can then go through the further instructions to turn off VPN Software successfully.

If the problem ‘WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC” still persists, users can reach out to WhatsApp’s Support Team.

Enjoy Easier Messaging!

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