What Is TikTok Money Calculator & How To Earn From TikTok

The simple answer is YES!

The short-video sharing platform, TikTok has made enormous strides in popularity since its release in 2017. Today, TikTok isn’t just a platform for just content consumption, it has become an important medium for advertisers to come with innovative campaigns to raise brand awareness and earn revenues. The lip-syncing app totally relies on its users, on their ability to create entertaining and engaging videos for their fans.

Now let’s come to the crucial question – How To Make Money On TikTok? Well, interestingly you can make a lot of extra money by working part-time using the lip-syncing app, as it provides a lot of opportunities to earn.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Well, before we discuss some of the best ways to earn money from TikTok, you should follow certain prerequisites.

STEP 1 – Make A Unique TikTok Profile

Your main aim to create a TikTok account is to get as many followers as possible. So, produce content which people welcome and like continuously. Pick those songs and concepts that are trending on the Internet. Surf social media platforms to understand the mood of the audience.  Establish your identity, highlight your interests in the profile section, since it’s what makes the first impression on users. It will help you to stand out from the crowd!

Make A Unique TikTok Profile

STEP 2 – Link YouTube & Instagram With TikTok

Integrating your other social media handles would probably help you to increase your audience base for TikTok videos. To find the linking settings, you can go to TikTok’s Profile tab > Edit Profile > tap Add YouTube/Add Instagram option. This is a great way to divert your audience from one platform to another.

STEP 3 – Use Best Hashtags

Just like Instagram and Twitter, it’s the best practice to use related hashtags for making your content more visible and gain better engagement. Eventually, your main aim is to push your organic search traffic to new heights.

You need to have a huge follower base to start earning revenues, once you obtain a decent sized fan following, the next step is to learn how to earn money from TikTok.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

Best Practices: How To Earn Money From TikTok:

Here the game is simple, the more followers you have, the more power you possess towards visibility and negotiating.

1. Paid Promotions

When you have a large fan following base, advertisers & brands start looking for influencers to promote their products and services. If you have an engaging TikTok account, you can be approached for promotions and other collaborations. The price range will depend on the number of fans and likes you have on your TikTok account.

2. Make Use Of TikTok Money Calculator

TikTok Money Calculators are standalone analytics tools that are not directly connected to TikTok but are designed to calculate approximate earnings from your account. For the purpose you can try using IgFace TikTok Money Calculator, it can help you calculate the accurate engagement rate of your TikTok account & then help you quote your potential value in the market as an influencer.

3. Gifts

Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything. Brands and advertisers just send you gifts with a not mentioning their name. This is certainly a great way to showcase that you appreciate influencer’s work and want to gift them something.

4. Cross-Promote

If you’re facing a hard time getting brand deals, go for cross-promotion. Using your other social media accounts such as Instagram or YouTube for referring your TikTok account for optimal success.

4. Live Streaming

TikTok offers a built-in monetization system that allows users to purchase coins on the app using real money which can further be used to tip followers on the live stream. If you’re familiar with YouTube’s live streaming & Twitch monetization features, understanding TikTok’s monetization system would be no hassle. One live heart-to-heart with your followers can cause some serious cash flow. For users, who already have an established audience with an interest in live-streamed content, this is the perfect monetization option.

Live Streaming

5. Invitations

Once your popularity reaches certain heights, popular clubs, restaurants and public places would begin looking for opportunities to invite you & give their places exposure on your social media account. You’ll often receive special offers or free entries in order to help them grow their popularity.

6. Challenge Activity

TikTok officially announces different types of challenge activities. You can take part in such social media challenges and there’s a probability of winning prizes.

7. Sell Your Own Merchandise

Lastly, go for selling your own merchandise. If you’re quite popular on TikTok, your fans would most likely be interested in buying them.

Use the tips to start monetizing your TikTok audience!

So, these were a few ways to make money on TikTok. I am sure there are several other ways as well, let us know your valuable suggestions in the comment section below. Also, if you come across any TikTok Money Calculator, do not forget to share it with us! Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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    Jack Wood
    Hello Mansi, Thanks for the article. I am new on tiktok so need to learn more about it. Can you also make comparison between social medias such as youtube, instagram and tiktok? Thanks in advance.

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      Krishan Vijay
      Hello Jack, Thank you for your suggestion. We will soon work on a comparison article and share the link. Meanwhile, to get more information on TikTok, YouTube and other platforms you check out our website – wethegeek.com and search for articles related to these social networking sites. We have covered a plethora of topics that will help you understand and use the platforms very well. Thanks!

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      Hello, First you need to be eligible to join the TikTok Creators. Next, you need to join the TikTok creator fund and then you can check your TikTok Money Calculator. Hope it helps.

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