TikTok Pro Account: What is it? How to Get One?

When it comes to listing down reasons for how our smartphone can entertain us, we can think of a variety of applications. And yes, talking of entertainment, TikTok can be the one-stop destination that can amaze you in a handful of ways. For those who are not aware, TikTok is an application available for both iOS and Android platform, where you can create short-duration entertaining videos, mimic your favorite artists from movies or shows to draw you followers’ attention by trying something new every day. You can also use TikTok Pro account to get extended features and analytics tools to track performance engagement.

Believe it or not, but the TikTok fever is all around the place and especially amongst the teenagers. TikTok allows you to be raw, spontaneous and explore this unique side of your personality where you try something out of the box to get yourself entertained. You can create a variety of videos on this app and show off your acting skills with your friends and followers. It can also serve as a great platform where you can also showcase your dancing, singing and acting skills at the same time and share your incredible talent with others. Also, to get inspirations you can also watch a million videos uploaded by a global community of creators and get yourself entertained on the go.

Why Do We Love TikTok?

Why Do We Love TikTok
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TikTok is a platform where we can take our creativity to a whole new level. You can not just create short videos, but also edit these videos, add emojis and stickers to add a creative impression to your skills. TikTok app was launched in 2012 and since then it has only got better and attracted a huge number of active users with each passing day. On TikTok, you can experience a variety of genres of entertainment ranging from dancing, vlog, sports, fitness, animals, movies and almost anything that comes to your mind.

What is A TikTok Pro Account?

So, we are all aware of what TikTok is all about, right? But have you heard of a TikTok Pro account? What is a TikTok Pro account and why would you need one? Well, in this post we will answer all your questions. TikTok Pro is an extended version of TikTok which unlocks a number of analytics tools and features that can help you in tracking performance engagement. If you’re using TikTok just for fun then it’s okay. But if you’re using TikTok with a prime objective to increase your followers then TikTok Pro account can help you immensely.

What is A TikTok Pro Account
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TikTok Pro is more of an analytics tool where you can get a better understanding of what your followers are looking for, what interests them most and so on. Once you switch to the TikTok Pro account, you will also be able to track down your number of views on a weekly and monthly basis to understand the traffic source in depth.

How to Get TikTok Pro Account?

Wondering how to get TikTok Pro account? Well, switching to the TikTok Pro account is pretty simple! Here’s what you need to do.

  • Launch the TikTok application on your device.
  • Head on to your profile page, and select the “Privacy and Settings” tab.
  • Tap on “Manage my account”.
How to Get TikTok Pro Account
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  • Now select the “Switch to Pro account” option and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

So, fellas, as soon as you switch to the TikTok Pro account, you will now see a new “Analytics” button in the options. Make the most of this feature to analyze how to attract audience attention, to track the number of views and followers, all under one umbrella.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

What are you waiting for creative experts? Switch to Pro account and take your TikTok journey to the next level!


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