How To Download TikTok Videos On Android And iPhone

If you follow the trend, it is evident you have come across the app TikTok. This is the most popular video streaming application which is used by people for posting video content. Most of which are funny, dramatic, and entertaining video clippings made over the phone. This user-based content creation platform which you will find addictive once you start using the app. TikTok has been downloaded over 800 billion times as per a survey. It is also seen that almost half of the users are mostly between the age group of 16-24. With so much content which is created every day from millions of users, forms a need to save TikTok videos on our phone. Stumbled upon a video and want to save it on your device? Well, we will help you with that.

In this article, we will talk about how to download TikTok videos on your smartphones. Although the share option is made available on the app so one can easily show it to others via social media apps. You can share TikTok videos to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messages and many more.

Steps To Download TikTok Videos On Phone (Android & iPhone)

First let’s start with a solution to save TikTok videos from the owner’s profile.  This is a method which works perfectly for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to learn how to download TikTok videos from your own profile on TikTok, use the method given below:

Step 1: Launch the app on your phone. Go to your profile. You must be logged in to find the account which has some video content on it. If not, first log in to your TikTok account.

TikTok Home page

Step 2: Tap on the video which you want to select to download.

TikTok videos

Note: You can only download one video at a time from this method.

Step 3: To get options, tap on three-dot option on the right side.

TikTok video

Step 4: A tab opens from the bottom of the screen and you can easily locate the ‘Save video’ option. Tap on it to download the video on your smartphone.

save TikTok video

Another method to download the TikTok videos on Android devices is at the time when you upload them on the app.

There is another method for the Android device users, but iPhone users are limited to use the above method.

How To Download TikTok Videos On Android Phone

Follow these steps to save TikTok video on Android while you upload it.

  1. Once you create a video and click on the post, and you will see it complete the upload. Right after this action is performed, a tab appears on the top. This will include all the major social media platforms to share your new TikTok post. You can scroll towards the end to locate ‘Other’.  Tap on it and several other options will appear on your phone.

download TikTok videos

2. This section will have Copy as an option, tap on it.

Donwload TikTok videos Android

3. Now, this takes you to the internal storage of the phone, and you need to select a folder to save TikTok video on your phone.

Internal Storage

These two methods are applied for the time when you want to save your own created videos. Let’s begin with what method to apply when you wish for downloading the videos from others TikTok account. One way is to use third-party apps as TikTok does not provide with an in-built method.

Steps To Download Other’s TikTok Videos On Phone

Remember, you will not be able to save a TikTok video if the user has limited the downloads.

Some of the user’s videos that you follow can be limited for views and also to a number of downloads.

You need to be logged in you to TikTok account for saving a video from the app.

Launch the app, open the video which you would like to save on your phone. We will advise you to save the videos in a favorites folder for access on later point.

Update the app to the latest version, 13.6.12. You can check this by going to the app information in Google Play Store or AppStore.

Method 1: Download TikTok videos from your favorite folder.

To add any video into your favorite, follow the steps below:

Now you can easily go to any video and follow the same procedure to save on your profile.

  • Launch the app, and go to a video which you would like to add to your favorites folder.
  • Long press on it will show an option of ‘Add to Favorite’.

Whenever you wish to download the favorites video, head to your profile.

  • Go to the video, tap on the ‘three-dot option’ available on the right side.
  • Now select the option ‘Other’.
  • Here, you can see ‘Save’ option, so tap on it. A message appears on the top ‘Video saved’.

Method 2: Download the video directly when you are playing it.

  • Go to the video. tap on the ‘three-dot option’ available on the right side.
  • Now select the option ‘Other’
  • Here, you can see several internal storage options, select one and click on save TikTok video.

Wrapping up:

This is how to download TikTok videos to your Android and iPhone. It will let you save the videos from your account and others account as well. Get TikTok Pro for more features.

Please let us know your views on this article in the comments section. We are listening, so you can post your questions here and tell us about your query.

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