How To Turn Off Delivery Optimization On Windows 11

Delivery Optimization is a peer-to-peer service also known as P2P. It is just one of many features that Windows 11 has to offer.

Delivery Optimization is a helpful feature that will help you download Windows updates faster from other devices on your internet connection subnetwork. While this peer-to-peer service helps reduce bandwidth issues when downloading the update, it can also be annoying if you have data limits.

What Is Delivery Optimization?

Delivery Optimization is a feature in Windows 11 that helps with updates. It downloads updates from other computers on the internet, so it doesn’t slow down your internet connection. It also downloads updates from other computers on your internet connection if you already have the update, so other computers don’t have to get the update.

With Delivery Optimization, users can download updates from other devices on their network, such as family members’ PCs or laptops, rather than solely when connected to the internet.

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Why Should I Turn Off Delivery Optimization On Windows 11?

It’s no secret that this feature speeds up the windows updates process, but it has some drawbacks too. It introduces security issues because it tends to update your computer automatically with updates from unknown sources, but it also contributes to a slowdown in performance overall.

How To Turn Off Delivery Optimization?

Disabling Windows Update Delivery Optimization doesn’t mean your PC will stop downloading updates. It will simply download them from Microsoft’s servers instead of other PCs on your local network or internet. That means your computers will not send or receive updates from each other.

If you are concerned about the privacy or security of your data, then this article will tell you how to turn off Windows Delivery Optimization.

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Follow these easy steps to disable the Delivery Optimization on Windows 11:

Turn Off Delivery Optimization by using in-built Settings App

1. Open the “Settings” app by pressing the ‘Windows’ key with the key ‘I’ on your keyboard.

2. Now click on the “Windows Update” option situated at the bottom of the left side of the window.

Windows Update

3. In the Windows Update window, tap on the “Advanced Options.””

Windows Update window

4. Scroll down and click on the “Delivery Optimization” under the Advanced options panel.

Delivery Optimization

5. Now on the Delivery Optimization page, move the toggle switch from the “On” position to “Off” by clicking on it right next to “Allow Downloads from other PCs.”

Turn Off Delivery Optimization by using Windows Registry

Writer’s Tip: The Windows Registry is a powerful tool, but it is also very dangerous. Only people who know exactly what they are doing should use the Registry Editor. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make your computer slow or can break it completely.

1. Open up the “Run” dialogue box by pressing “Windows” and the key “R.”


2. Type “regedit” to open the “Registry Editor” window and hit “Enter.”

Registry Editor

3. In the Registry Editor window, locate this path from the left sidebar of the window “HKEY_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DoSvc”

Registry Editor window

4. Now on the “DoSvc” page, find the “Start” option and double click on it on the right side of the window.


5. “DWORD” edit window will appear. Change the Value Data to “4” and press “Ok.”

Change the Value Data

6. “Restart” your Windows 11 machine to make the changes.

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1. Is it ok to disable delivery optimization?

Yeah! It is totally fine to disable your delivery optimization. It doesn’t affect your device’s performance or your internet connection speed. You can enable it whenever you want.

2. How do I turn off delivery optimization in Windows 11?

As mentioned above, you can turn off Windows delivery optimization by either Settings app of your device or by the Registry Editor.

3. Should I delete delivery optimization?

 As mentioned above, you can turn off Windows delivery optimization by either the Settings app of your device or the Registry Editor.

To Wrap it UP

So, that’s it for today. With these simple ways, you can quickly turn off Delivery Optimization on Windows 11. Which way are you going to use? Or do you know any other way to disable the Delivery Optimization in Windows 11? Let us know in the comment section down below. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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