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Adopting various special effects techniques in movies, video games and theatres enhances the visual experience of users. They aim to turn an illusion into realistic scenes. Now, your plan to add some sci-effects in your own video is restrained by factors like insufficient funding and lack of equipment. This doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself or drop the idea of adding visual effects to your video. In this blog, we are discussing the list of top VFX apps for Android to help you create your own sci-fi videos on your phone.

Top 5 Bes VFX Apps for Android

List of Contents

  • 1. FxGuru: Special Effects for Mobile Apps
  • 2. Movie Booth FX Free
  • 3. Video FX Music Video Maker
  • 4. Extreme VFX
  • 5. Guns Movie FX

1. FxGuru: Special Effects for Mobile Apps

Undoubtedly, FxGuru is the best VFX app for special effects on mobile applications. From alien invasion to barrel explosion, this app lets you add some of the most amazing and realistic effects to your videos. Its friendly interface allows you to add visual effects in hassle-free manner within minutes. Also, this app lets you save and share your edited videos on social media websites like Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

FxGuru Special Effects for Mobile Apps

You can choose from 17 special effects available in the app and enhance the quality of your video. But not all effects are free. Out of 17, only four effects are free of cost and rest need to be purchased. Four effects are Holiday Bot, Satellite Crash, TNT Barrel and UFO Shuttle. FxGuru has a “Red” layout feature, which assist users in placing the “effects” and ask them to adjust camera angle accordingly.

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2. Movie Booth FX Free

Like FxGuru, Movie Booth FX Free app for Android let you add 18 visual effects for free and is largely categorized in three sections- Action, Sci-fi and Horror. With this app, you can fulfil your fantasy of becoming an action director on your Android Phone. The process is simple and straightforward. Just record a movie, select the scenes where you want to add any special effects and finally add it.

Movie Booth FX Free

Some of the best effects available in this app are Blow up Dynamite, Mad Woman, Flame Thrower, Missile Attack, Sniper and many more. Also, you can share your videos with special effects on social media website or save it to SD card.

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3. Video FX Music Video Maker

If you want to create cartoon or retro style videos and add special effects accordingly, then Video FX Music Video Maker is the best option available. Here the special effects include different forms of music and other genres like Film, Cinematic, Ghost, Cartoon, Thermal, Stroboscope, Neon, Mirror and others. You don’t need any professional camera or great skills to make such video. It is user friendly and even an amateur can play with it.

Video FX Music Video Maker

Just select a song, available effects of your interests and begin recording. You can add effects on real-time basis. It has got more than 50 effects and the ability to share it on social media websites. Now develop animated videos with ease along with stop motion picture.

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4. Extreme VFX

With Extreme VFX, you can add more than one effects to the newly recorded or pre-recorded videos. It has a total of 20 effects available, out of which 4 effects are free. But then the app supports advertisements and requires extra 4.5 MB space for downloading extra support file. Also, it demands Google Play Store 3.9.16 or upper version to get effects. The app is compatible with ARMv6, ARMv5, Intel-x86, ARMv7 and MIPS devices. Has easy process of editing and supports high quality rendering.

Extreme VFX
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5. Guns Movie FX

If you are interested in guns and its bombastic sounds, then this application is for you. You can create videos with realistic sounds coming from your favorite guns. It also has Flash, Smoke and Recoil effects. All you should do is to select a weapon, shoot the video and add the gun effect to it.

Guns Movie FX


You can also download free gun simulator like simple pistol, rocket launcher, flamethrower, machine guns, sniper, shotgun, AK 47 and more. You can share your videos online.

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So, this is the list of most amazing VFX apps for Android. If you have any other special effects app on list, tell us in the comment section below.

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