All You Need To Know About Time Of Flight Camera

A lot of smartphones come with the Time of flight technique. You must be curious about what it really does and how is that helpful to take better pictures. We are going to discuss the terminology and its purpose. The advantages of the photos clicked on Time of flight cameras over other cameras.

Time of flight camera uses the technology of sending infrared light to measure the in-depth information in a photo. It has been seen as the best addition to smartphones. As the number of cameras in a phone keeps increasing with dual cameras for the front as well as rear. The different focal length is providing users with an option to click photos more effectively.

Time of flight sensors is the new hype for the smartphone. You can find it on Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, Oppo Rx17 Pro, Honor view 20. And many forthcoming devices are claiming to have this technique implemented with them.

How Does It Work?

It is similar to what a sonar system does except that the light works as a sound wave to capture the object’s image. The infrared light emitted from the camera reaches the object and returns back. It will determine the time it takes to reach the sensor and thus the depth is calculated. Compared to other technologies, this is cheaper, and it is more accurate and only a single pulse of the laser beam is giving the information.

As the light travels the fastest, the technique works best to fetch the depth length for an object. It then creates a 3D map stru

cture with the help of this information. It helps in taking great pictures to blur the background as it can differentiate between an object and the background. With the reach of 160fps, it is amazing to use for real-time application. Filters which are mostly needed to cause the Bokeh effect and other popular ones.

What is it used for?

Time of flight camera is not a new concept as Microsoft had this used on Kinect. Tof sensor is very easily seen in cameras, drones, phones and industrial robots. Time of flight camera can be of great use with a camera on vehicles and drone to avoid obstacles en-route. As it will create a 3D representation of the object that’s in front of them. It can be used to identify the users on security cameras, which is a very important point.

This technology reached the phones after a while because the processing speed was not as fast as needed to recreate clicked pictures.

Photos Exif Editor is one such tool you need for your system, to edit the metadata of your photos. Metadata includes the information for your images captured on your phones and cameras. It ranges from date, time, location where the image was clicked along with various aspects like focal length, ISO, Sensing method, Subject distance range and exposure. The editing helps you conceal metadata with your image.

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